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  1. All this talk about additional packs with the extra vehicles seems to be mimicking what Kato did with their Eurostar packs. They seem to have the main pack, which included all the different types of moulding and then an additional pack include the same style vehicle but different variations (appears the pack makes up one half set, so two would be required). Surely this would be the ideal option, as it would allow the majority of the cost to be covered by the main pack and then it allows people to tailor the sets to the length they would require, with how many additional packs. It wou
  2. Thanks for the information and pictures. Your picture Steve, will be useful with working out where the points lie with regard to the platform and the other lines. There was me thinking it was just used for parcel traffic, but very interesting to know and could add to some interesting operations at times. Cheers Chris
  3. Thanks for the information there Mike, it has confirmed my suspicion that it was altered. The 1967 layout that you have provided is exactly what I was after, with it detailing the track layout and a bonus of showing the positioning of the signals. Nidge, thanks for posting the link to your photos, some interesting shots of the parcel platform and the relevant buildings. That would be great if you could get more imagines. Thanks for the help Chris
  4. Hi All, I am currently looking at the track layout for Paddington Station before the electrification, around the late 80's/90's period. In particular, I am looking at the parcel platform, 1A, seeing how this is accessed from the mainline and also the short siding, which was later used for loading the motorail vehicles. From the various pictures I have managed to obtain, this part of the station is normally obscured by the train, which is being photographed. However, from what I have managed to find, it seems to be confusing matters. From photos it appears that the track around this a
  5. The plague on the back cab is to commemorate the speed record the loco set as seen in the attached link. http://www.flickr.com/photos/deltic17/7322450946/in/photostream/ To be honest, I think it could of been attached in a better place like under the nameplate, but I guess they were trying to find a place were it wouldn't obstruct the special livery. Like most people have mentioned, I doubt the moulding has been updated, but I am hoping for the upgraded pantograph as fitted to the their Class 87's, which should help with improving the look. Cheers Chris
  6. Very nicely done so far, keep up the good work and it surely will look great once you have finished. For me, it has appears to echo the south (i.e. going up to edinburgh) approach to Doncaster, with the various freight sidings either side of the mainline. Cheers Chris
  7. Many thanks for all the replies and the useful information with regard to the best glue to use. I did have a feeling that the option would be to remove the sides fully and re-stick the sides back on, and hopefully with a bit of care it won't involve in repainting all the vehicles! Regards Chris
  8. Happy New Year to All. A few years ago I managed to obtain myself a completed model of the New Measurement Train using the Hurst Models overlays. However, one problem that is apparent is along the cant rail in places, there are gaps, which seem to be where it wasn’t clamped properly of the glue hasn’t bonded. I am looking at correcting this issue, but I am unsure on the best way to do this. Ideally, I would like to put a drop of glue in the gaps and clamp, but some of the void has been filled with glue already. Would it possible to maybe separate the two down to a certain point and rea
  9. For the Class 442, you may also be interested in obtaining a copy Model Rail #12, where they do cover the modification of the MKIII's into a Class 442, using the parts as listed on Hurst Models Website. Its not a full step by step guide, however it does show the main aspects of the build and it should also give you an idea of what is involved with the project along with any useful tips. What may also be of use to you aswell, is the prototype pictures that have included, which are mainly of the cab, which would also be of use if you decide to go down the scrath build route. Hope This Helps
  10. I managed to adapt a power car into one with the emergency coupling exposed and even made it operational. It was simply a piece of aluminium bar, with two loops at each end, one to allow it to be coupled to a draw hook or tension hook. The other was to act as the pivot, which was another aluminium bar, being horizontally mounted on the chassis and from what I remember, it seemed to worked very well, with it being able to negotiate the 1st radius point work! From the predecessor Rmweb, I have managed to dig out my workbench thread, with it showing at the top and again in more detailed photos a
  11. Its looking good already Simon, I like the idea of not modelling the depot building, should give a nice clear and un-obstructive view of all the detail inside. With the elavated track, I seem to recall quite a while ago, Model Rail showing how to build a Underground Station and they seemed to of used pre-made supports and then attached the rail chairs on top of them. I'll try to dig it out for you and let you know. Another option could be is to get the Plasticard I beam sections and make a jig and cut them all the same length, which will probably take a while! One other thing, will yo
  12. Sounds very interesting Simon and I will be following this one with keen interest. Just a thought, for the dimension, couldn't you get these off Google Maps, used in reference with the pictures and the known lengths for the different classes to get positioning of equipment? I know there was a fotopic site, which appeared to be from a driver and that had some good photos of the depot, including from the outside the doors if I recall correctly. Unfortunately I can't remember the site (not much good when the site is down anyway!) but maybe they will get re-uploaded or saved onto another hosti
  13. Im sure Modfathers post does say SPM, or my eyesight is playing up! After a few days thinking now, I have realised that Long Rock is the depot that most appeals to me due to the compact size and the variety of movements/stock available for such a compact Intercity depot. As mentioned in my first post, I have uploaded a track plan of Long Rock, much scaled down and croped so I can fit it into the space available. I have included the yard, which I believe would incorporate most of the movements around the depot and also part of the shed, which I plan to use as the scenic break. Als
  14. Thanks for all the replies so far and the information regarding Kirkhill. Yes, I do indeed mean HST/Rolling Stock Depot as opposed to Loco Depots. I shall keep a look out for the book "21 Year Progress" which should help me with inspiration and also a good read, along with trying to obtain copies of the track plans. I think my main problem will be with the availbale space and trying to achieve something that looks right along with good operation aspect too. Hopefully once I have decided what features I want, a track plan should spring to mind! Cheers Chris
  15. After having second thoughts with a layout that I have been thinking building, I am currently exploring the options of having an Intercity depot. My biggest problem is that I am having difficulty in finding Intercity depot layouts (I'm not really surprised with their size!) and the only one I am aware of is the excellent Aberdeen Kirkhill on this forum. Are there any others out there or are these a rariety? A depot that I have looked to model is Long Rock at Penzance, due to the unusal feature of a single road shed and the layout of the track work, which would lead to a good operationa
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