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  1. [quote Edit: I see the disappointment, angst, and "well, that was a fat lot of nothing" comments have begun in the OO announcements thread! Chill out guys... Well I'll echo it here. A lot of fuss over nothing. I'm chilled though...and so is the wallet
  2. dave flint

    Dapol 142

    Well, another shameless bump. I seem to recall dapoldave mentioning this was down on the list - but hopefully not dead - but can't find it anywhere. Any news ?
  3. Excellent. May I ask what decoder you used ?
  4. Fwiw Iike the ez command. I don't bother with sound and its useful and ez for my young children to have a go with. I'm told there are issues with decoders with stay alives as the unit pits out a bit more than 16v (which is fine for normal decoders) and the low current output may be limiting. I looked at the cost kf the Bachmann booster ( gutted at not buying an end of range one for 40 quid a few years ago) and was advised to get the tam valley booster instead. I have bought one but not tested or installed it yet.....
  5. My jinty has a tiny TCS M1 in it. Fits fine and is a superb runner. Plug into the socket and feed the chip into a small recess (i think it was the boiler IIRC).
  6. I'm not sure if this is a DCC question or topic - mods please move it it makes sense to do so. I've recently dabbled in wireless control of locos, with JMRI + Elite + Engine Driver on android. It worked very well but I have a couple of locos that were inexplicably dead. No matter I thought, I'l check it out on the prgramming track later on and tweak a few cv's on other locos with JMRI. Sadly, its not been straightforward. The stock tried so far has a mixture of Hornby 8249 chips, Bachmann 36552 and 36553, and even a TCS d2px-uk. The first loco refused to read - trying to read make and model mostly meant getting code 255 for manufacturer not known. It read one Hornby 8249 chip without trouble, but the other 5 or so were uinreadable, the Bachmann decoders were a similar mystery. The most worrying thing happened with the TCS chip. The loco ran fine at first, but after trying to alter some CV's - seemingly successfully as the loco moved - it wouldn't respond at all. I had to reprogramme the address using the elite alone. I've had a lot of problems with the connection timing out as well. Is the elite USB connection a bit "slow" ? I'm wondering itf the problem lies with the software (doubtful, but you never know) or the elite. If so, where do I go from here ? I have an NCE power can so could buy the USB interface for it. Or I could buy a Sprog 2, now £45 quid. Would this be more reliable and faster ? I also have a tam valley booster so could use the sprog to control a layout too if sprog and booster are connected together. And as an aside, I trust the tam valley booster can be used to tame the output of an ez command to ensure any stay alive units don't fry ? Have the experts got any thoughts on this ?
  7. Thanks Ben. I didn't get that issue so I'm sorry to have got it wrong and not given you credit for your (correct) observations. Still smarting at having to use three chips though !
  8. Having been very disappointed by some stay alive fitted decoders in the past I'm tempted by tbe tcs ka1 and ka2. Nigel, you mention the ez commamd as chucking out more than 16v. I have one which my son finds easy to use. now.....I recall a post on here or another forum where someone mmentioned the ka1 was a bit marginal above 16v as well. Is this true or can it be uaed with an ez command - I don't want to fry any.
  9. Sensible names. ...that's easy. Thomas, Henry, Edward, Percy. ....... I shall follow your advice Nigel and populate the roster. Functions only stretch to lights so nothing too hard. I'm well impressed. I especially liked the time when we both selected the same loco. Son increased throttle and I decreased it.....the speed indicTion slid up on my phone unbidden and down on his. I think there is an old netbook knocking about so I may dust I off. Thank again - I love a crafty thing like thks especially a free one.
  10. Folks. Round at grandads house. Weve got three setrack ovals, a laptop, elite,jmri fired up, my galaxy note phone and an asus tablet.all hooked up through his WiFi connection. It works ! Extra outlay nil, fun factor upped exponentially, and the interface is miles better than the elites offering. Its a touch laggy and fell over when 20 month old daughter touched the laptop.....but im very pleased. Sincere thanks to all.
  11. I hope that the 142 also comes weathered with authentic rust in the corners of the window pans. The 142s have aged a lot worse than 144s.
  12. The merseyrail units have their own special form of 3+2 seating. They're devices of torture to sit in, more akin to chairs found in a junior school. Other visible mods done over the years affect the isolating cocks under the secondmans side window. Originally 4 cocks,one altered following the Liverpool ls runaway when the brake res cock got taken off the fleet, and now they're fitted with sanders with additional and altered pipework. They also had a fine mesh grille fitted over the radiator in a light grey colour. Direct acting brakes replaced the woeful cable operated originals. And im intrigued by the mention of a crew s escape hatch.. no one mentioned it in the 7 years i drove them. I suppose that could have been deliberate.....
  13. Thanks all. I shall have a play when i finish nights and 20 month old daughter is firmly locked away.
  14. That looks very much like DCC concepts ones. Most of my stay alives appear to do little, if anything. Running isnt great on anything with a small motor. I've fiddled with various settings and still not found a satisfactory setup. In fact, I prefer the Hornby 8249 in these locos. They are very cheap though at £11 quid. Maybe worth a punt but I've wasted enough money on these previously.
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