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  1. Thanks for the supportive comments. It's 009
  2. One more view that didn't go up properly yesterday
  3. Thanks everyone. It's pretty much complete now. Unless I come back to it in a few days and identify something that doesn't look right. Just waiting for a good day to photo it properly in daylight.
  4. Thanks for the kind comments. A little more progress on the tubs. They still need loads fitting. I have some fine chain to link them together. The horse still needs a rope or somesuch connecting it to the train. I've also fitted some facias to finish the diorama off
  5. Some mine tub building in progress. And the horse is looking more the part. Just playing with some positioning of the final elements. Obviously the mining tubs need finishing.
  6. Thanks everyone. A little more detail done over the weekend. I decided the grass at the front looked too much like a mowed lawn so I've added some longer grass (plumbers hemp) which will be trimmed in due course. I've repainted the chap minding the fire. I decided too that the horse could be serviceable given a repaint and some pulling gear so I've repainted it and begun fashioning some pulling gear. Other little details have been added - an abandoned v tipper body. A pickaxe. The main job left to do now is to make some mine tubs which resemble those in the pic
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I think it agree that less is more in such a small space. So I've ditched the lean too idea and just gone for the bonfire cameo- mainly because I had a spare seated figure drinking a cuppa and a flickering fire unit salvaged from a previous layout. So after some tinkering here is the result.
  8. Today I've been trying to figure out the composition of the rest of the scene. The cardboard will be a lean too store. And I think on the left will be someone burning broken pit props. The horse was handily found in my spares box. At the moment it's just a stand in for something better.
  9. Thanks everyone. Keith, the point is a dummy. I just spliced together the two pieces of track! As I was on a bit of a roll I decided to add some greenery yesterday evening. I'm pleased with how it's shaping up. Next thing to think about is whether to add a storage shed of some kind for extra interest- as well as all the little details.
  10. So, I've made some significant progress this week. The pictures tell most of the story. I've used DAS modelling clay for the ground cover and burying the sleepers. Polyfiller was used for the rock face. Sand has been added to the ground around the track to add some basic texture. The whole thing was sprayed with a coat of matt black and then the rock face was given a dusting with a desert sand spray can. Once that was dry I picked out more detail using acrylics. The caption to the photo says that the upper half of the rockface is limestone while the lower is
  11. I thought I would share a little progress on my cakebox. Ever since I saw this photo of Greetwell ironstone mines in Eric Tonks's book 'Ironstone quarries of the midlands' I have thought I'd like to build a diorama of that photo. So when I heard that the cakebox challenge was happening again- I dug out the book and thought 'I wonder if I can fit that in a cakebox?' The photos below show progress so far. My items of rubbish are a piece of floorboard that happened to be the right width to fit in the cake box as the base and some pieces of polystyrene pa
  12. I have had a project on the go for a while awaiting finishing and since I have finally got around to finishing it just the other day I thought I might share a few pictures of the project on here. Based on the Bachmann Percy chassis and very loosely inspired by the numerous 4wheel fireless locos built by Andrew Barclay.
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