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  1. Really does depend on how much you want to run the old stuff, it'll be a major pain to convert significant quantities of Lima / HD stock. Well ballasted, painted and weathered code 100 can look better than badly done code 75, but the latter is always going to win on a level playing field. Only you know which is the least painful route for you.
  2. According to a letter from David Monk-Steel in August 2016 HM the following had ''significant' amounts of OHLE:- Hither Green, Tonbridge, Paddock Wood, Ashford, Dover, Bricklayers Arms, Angerstein Wharf, Plumstead, Hoo Junction, Rochester, Gillingham, Sittingbourne, Faversham, Snowdon colliery, Shepherdswell, betteshanger colliery.
  3. Popular enough to make a profit? that's the important bit. Presumably Rails reckon on a certain percentage of EoIs not being turned into orders, and have to gauge whether that takes them beyond break even point. I'm glad it's not my money, particularly in the ongoing Covid influenced economic climate.
  4. Apropos of nothing really, but I was re-assembling the pantograph on my Hornby Class 71 this afternoon (thinking why did they bother making it operational) when it occurred to me I don't recall ever seeing a layout with OHLE suitable for this model in over 40 years of reading model railway magazines; does anybody recall seeing / reading about one?
  5. Momentary means the function is only 'on' when you're pressing the button (ideal for a whistle for example) latching means one press to turn on, next press turn off, and so on. Could be useful for lighting or a background noise like a compressor.
  6. Oh gosh you're saying I should start panic buying as much toy train stuff as I can now/ ;-)
  7. I agree completely, it would be unwise to judge success or failure of the 66 as a business venture based on the wailing and gnashing of teeth in this thread, I was really trying to point out that at the end of the day it's about money, not axleboxes falling off.
  8. I'm not saying there aren't problems, just that business is business and if they're not making money on them it's highly unlikely there will be any more.
  9. I'd say that rather depends on whether this first batch has made money or not; like I always say, if enough people wait for the second batch there won't be one.
  10. In the unlikely event I ever get round to building a proper layout, it will be Bere Alston late 1950s, nice mixture of Southern and Western trains, mainline and branch workings. One of the few stations where I'd need to ease rather than tighten the curve through the station to fit it in the garage.
  11. I hope they include that info. (which doesn't sound correct anyway, ESU decoders aren't magic) in the user documentation then. Edit: Yes Heljan locos have a reputation for higher current draw than most other makes, but 300mA doesn't sound at all high anyway and it's not like ESU are the only manufacturers of high(er) current handling chips.
  12. Have you checked the basics e.g. with the blanking plug removed there is no connection between track supply and motor connections, , especially when bogies are pivoted or PCB flexed.
  13. Apologies if it's been posted already in this thread and I've missed it, but a good summary of the Cement works here:- https://www.cementkilns.co.uk/cement_kiln_vectis.html
  14. Oh yes, working in mobile comms I do on occasion see if I can construct a whole sentence of acronyms, I would think most specialised jobs you can do the same. I'll usually throw a FUBAR in somewhere just for good measure.
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