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  1. I'd like to teach myself basic CAD (no laughing at the back please), initially just 2D for basic etching and laser cutting but potentially 3D in the future. I have been recommended Onshape as a free package, any thoughts from those who know more than me about these things (thats pretty much everybody!) Jerry
  2. The Association chassis is very good, I put one under a hybrid Hunslet a few years ago. Jerry
  3. There's no point posing a question then saying you don't want me to answer. My answer would be exactly the same, it doesn't matter who is in the editorial chair, its a journalistic principal. If the decision is taken to print a letter, then its printed, warts and all. The place for editorial comment is in the editorial. Its not the editors job to start re-writing letters just because you happen to disagree with them. Jerry
  4. Its in hand, I have the text, waiting for the pictures which I suspect were waiting for the arrival of the number plates. I hope we get some nice long freights even if it won't fit on the train table! jerry
  5. I would have to respectfully disagree with you here. Articles can be edited for clarity or brevity but letters, whilst they can be trimmed, can not be re-worded. Whether you agree or disagree with what is written (and in this case I strongly disagree), once the decision is made to publish, you cannot alter the words of the author. Letters are the views of the readers, not the editor, and it is up to other readers to respond how they see fit. Jerry - guest editor of MRJ.
  6. Horrible coupling aside, that is astonishingly good. Jerry
  7. Looking really good Jim. Don't know if you saw the programme about Scotland from the air on the BBC tonight but it was fascinating, including an interesting section on Aerofilms. It should be on the iPlayer in the next few days and well worth catching up with. I've not put any of my little 1:144 biplane kits together yet but looking forward to giving them a go. jerry
  8. Just came out to post about this - fascinating stuff. I will re-watch it once its on the iPlayer. jerry
  9. Looking good John. I didn't use the etched roof, it's far too heavy in my opinion. jerry
  10. Please put it here, its not hijacking at all, its all interesting stuff. I shall go and dig issue 229 out later. Jerry
  11. Hi Richard, well spotted, it is indeed an N6 - I wrote the post from memory! Two GW horseboxes will be sufficient so you are welcome to the other N6. The Midland D420 would be great if you have no use for it - it requires a 25' four wheel underframe so perfect! That's interesting about the David Eveleigh GE kit. a GC box would be great for the rake so I shall have to try and track one down. Jerry edited to say would not wouldnt. Predictive text grrrrr.....!
  12. Thanks Bill, would love to take you up on the offer as soon as we are allowed, jerry
  13. Thats enough of an excuse for me! Jerry
  14. Should add that probably the least likely vehicle in the train is the GW one. - I would imagine they would have gone out of their way to find an alternative route - and I have two of the PC etches for the small N9 in my stash ... oh well! Jerry
  15. Its obviously on its way back from a race meeting at York or Doncaster:-) Seriously, I have another couple of Midland boxes, another LNWR and a Cally one waiting to be built so I will be able to put a rake together of all northern owners, keeping the LSWR (there's already a 21' box) and perhaps a Midland one back for tail traffic. The obvious missing ones at the moment are SDJR examples. I do like the Major Fancy pants idea. jerry ps. I really enjoyed the Southwark Bridge videos on the Scalefour virtual show at the weekend.
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