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  1. I don't have a problem with OO - or N gauge come to that, (I've just put an N gauge layout on the cover of MRJ), and I certainly don't want to get involved in gauge wars I was simply trying to point out that its a very broad church hobby. If you don't like what a particular RTR manufacturer makes, don't buy it. We all have to make compromises in our modelling, the big difference is what compromises we choose to make. Stones and glass houses comes to mind....... Jerry
  2. It really does amuse me how some are getting so hot under the collar about the possible release of some generic coaches - I think they look great and I'm sure will sell very well. If you don't like them and want something more accurate then don't buy them and build your own - simple! I wonder how many of those getting terribly excited about 'trainset set coaches' run their trains on a gauge of a little over four foot. Jerry
  3. Must admit I'd completely forgotten about this thread. The Nigel Lawton chassis that was under the wagon is now under a Sentinel - I'll post a picture next week. The railcars have made no further progress but I would like to get back to them some time. Jerry
  4. This was the basis of an MRJ crossword question some years ago. At the time JBS's Ashburton was the only N gauge layout to have featured. His Totnes layout has appeared since so with Blueball now added to the list there has still never never been an N gauge layout not set in Devon to have featured in a full article! There have, however, been a couple of N gauge layouts that have had photo features - Tom E's Ropley and sections of Paul Stephens' S&D layout. Jerry
  5. Here are the pictures that I sent up, I'm not sure what has happened - I will investigate. Jerry
  6. Fabulous work as usual Tim. I could show one of mine which as well as split frame and glued in motor also includes a DCC chip but we may have to find the poor boy a chair cheers Jerry
  7. Very true Chris, I'm enormously grateful to those who buy up lots of 2mm products, even if they do then sit in their gloat boxes! Jerry
  8. Great thread Tim. The making coupling rod sequence would make a great No.1 shop article........ Dave (Chris P), below is the underside of my Midland 1F showing the gear on muff arrangement. It also shows how the brake gear is electrically split by nipping a mm or so out of the center of the cross wires and replacing with a bit of fine electrical sleeve and a spot of cyano. The cigarette paper and cyano insulating pads are also visible under the body. Jerry
  9. pm sent. The Association has sold literally hundreds of wheels over the years yet you only ever get to see a handful of finished locos. Somebody, somewhere, has a stash squirreled away! Jerry
  10. Hi Argos, I have a pair of 9.5mm drivers you can have. Let me have your postal address and I will get them up to you.


    I want to know where all the wheels go. The Association have sold literally hundreds of sets of wheels over the years yet you only ever get to see a handful of locos appearing - somebody, somewhere must have loads!!


    I have a small stash but very few, if any of the common sizes left. In my defense I've built over thirty locos for myself and a similar number for other people. I'm currently waiting for 8mm tender wheels and 9mm drivers for future projects but do have wheels in hand for current projects - and the next few locos waiting to come onto the bench are 4mm anyway! 


    cheers Jerry

    1. Argos


      Hi Jerry,


      Thanks Jerry, my postal address is:


      Angus Higgins

      The Beeches

      Lake Road



      ST13 8RN


      Let me know if there is anyway I can repay the favour!


      8mm tender wheels aren't showing out of stock but as Richard Brummitt was also looking to swap some I guess they must be.


      The nearest I have is 8.5mm in stock for a black 5 kit that I won't get around to build for at least a year.

      Are these any use?





  11. They look great Ian, I'm sure the directors of the colliery will be delighted that coal from their pit is getting down to south Devon. Somerstecoal was certainly used at Exeter gasworks so perfectly feasable it got to Modbury and beyond. Below is the batch of wagons I did when I rebuilt the colliery from Highbury to Foxcote. Jerry
  12. Happy birthday Tony, I didn't realise our birthdays were so close together - Kim's was on the 4th, mine the 8th and eldest son is on the 16th. Those cold February nights have a lot to answer for! cheers Jerry
  13. The Cardiff group are a fine bunch and can justifiably be accused of all sorts of things............ though youth probably isn't one of them! We're there with Foxcote ably assisted by a local from the wonderfully named Splott. Looking forward to a cracking weekend, Jerry and Kim
  14. As advised elsewhere, I have sent the remaining original Cobalts back and paid the difference to upgrade to the Analog IP version. I dealt with a very pleasant and efficient girl on the phone and the new motors should be with me on Friday. I'm at Missenden this weekend but hope to get them fitted next week. I will report on how I get on but, to be fair to DCC concepts, the upgraded replacements already fitted haven't skipped a beat so far. Jerry
  15. Many thanks for your kind words, Kim and I had a really enjoyable day with the 2mm area group. For those interested; The shed scene and other buildings are from my model of Bath which is very slowly being built. Its about twenty plus years and counting so far but its a largely single handed project and my desire to stick to the pre-1930 period means little is available commercially. That said, things like the latest generation Jinty and 4F from Farish are very welcome. They are comparatively quick to detail and convert to 2FS which frees up time for me to tackle prototypes that are unlikely ever to appear RTR. The MR 800 2-4-0 was scratchbuilt by John Greenwood in exchange for some of the buildings on his Wadebridge layout. The MR 483 4-4-0 was also built by John G but to N gauge as a 2P. Ive put a 2mm chassis under it and backdated it to a 483 with new boiler fittings, left to right hand drive and a new tender. The SDJR 0-4-4T was also built by John to N gauge but this only required converting to 2FS and a repaint. The Midland 0-6-0T, 1667, is from a shot down set of etchings (Crafttsman I think) on a scratch built chassis - as are the two unfinished half cab 0-6-0Ts shown. The MR 2F and 3F are heavily modified Union Mills bodies with new tenders and 2FS chassis. One of the 4Fs is built from a Mike Raithby kit, the other is modified Farish. The coaches are from Worsley woks etches with underframes cobbled together from wire and etch waste running on 2mm Association Fox bogies. They still require final detailing and glazing. The other 'in progress' stuff are a Midland 3P being built as an oil burner to suit my early 1920s period and a Crab from a much modified Farish body. The latter will probably have the spare tender from the John Greenwood 2P. Crabs are a favourite of mine and one spent the summer of 1927 on the S&D undergoing trials. They were well liked by the men but the small turntable at Bath meant that it was the late thirties before anything bigger than a 483 4-4-0 was allocated to Bath for passenger work. Many thanks to Tony for taking the pictures although I must remember in future to bring a soft dusting brush with me if anyone wants to point a descent camera at them! More details can be found on my Bath thread, linked below. Jerry
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