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  1. I was recently sent these pictures of CG by a friend. I saw it a couple of times, once with and once without LH. The first was Bristol, I was still at school so 79 or 80, I seem to remember Heckmondwyke was also there. At the time I was on the point of giving up N gauge as my two Farish locos were so poor and my Minitrix ones worked well but didn't look great, I couldn't afford a Peco Jubilee! CG looked and worked beautifully, it inspired me to keep at it. The second, with LH, was in London I think and would have been a couple of years later - 82-83? That visit and a few influential arti
  2. These barking mad antics are way beyond me but I love it, just wonderful. Jerry
  3. Hi Rob, Simon and I have chatted about the possibility of having some sort of Larkrail this year including some exciting new innovations. We are desperately keen to do something but it's impossible to make a definite decision at the moment, we will have to wait and see how things pan out over the next couple of months but it's certainly not been ruled out so keep everything crossed .......:-) jerry
  4. Beautifully neat work as ever Nick, jerry
  5. If you do Hecate as a kit I'd certainly be up for an etch if you could squeeze a 2mm one onto the corner of a sheet - just the thing for coal in the Cam Valley on the Colenals North Somerset Light Railway! Jerry
  6. The passengers look really effective Pete. I bought a bag of several hundred seated figures very cheap from China which are crude but fine inside a coach but they do need a lick of paint - the fashion for pink, lime green and luminous yellow was far less prevalent in 1920s Britain! Jerry
  7. Hi Phil, many thanks for the link. The picture features in a couple of books and is in fact taken in the Midland goods yard at Bath, the end of the Goods offices is on the extreme left and I'm pretty sure it's the roof of the Midland coal stage on the right, the wagon load of pit props is interesting. That said it's a wonderful picture, I'd love to model one of these steam lorries at some point, it would look good on TM or my Bath layout. A quick look round the rest of the site reveals more gems, including a couple of the canal, Mill and Tucking Mill House (one time home of William
  8. None of the pictures I've taken for MRJ are on a DSLR. For a realistic viewpoint their sheer bulk is a distinct disadvantage. jerry
  9. Fantastic news, really looking forward to this. Aylesbury is up there with Buckingham as one of my all time favourite layouts. jerry
  10. Indeed, a good session Kevin. Apologies for dropping off suddenly, my battery died. jerry
  11. Just worked out who this is. Hello dear boy, look forward to catching up when we are allowed out to play again, Jerry
  12. I build professionally but as Paul says there is a waiting list and I don't work for minimum wage! I know there are other builders who visit this thread but I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I'm usually reluctant to take on a commission that's already been started, it can often take a lot longer to build than starting from scratch. Jerry
  13. Its not unreasonable to have one spare operator! Jerry
  14. Youre absolutely right Pete. I recently did thirty odd North Somerset PO wagons. I kept telling myself it might be lots of wagons but it's still only one train! cheers Jerry
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