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  1. Thanks Nigel. It is a really ugly loco, the sort that only its mother could love but I really like them. It was my Monday night project at club for a big chunk of last year and I had lots of good natured comments from (mainly GWR enthusiasts) about its lack of good looks! As you say it is a pretty straightforward loco to build. The tender axle boxes defeated me. I got five pretty good and consistent then lost a couple of the tiny parts that pinged off to the carpet gods and, in the end, I got Steve 'Atso' to kindly print me a set. The other point worth noting is that with the eight wheeled tender, you need to ensure that the tender wheels all have equal sideplay to ensure it will go round 24" curves ok. It is a real shame you have retired from designing kits as yours always go together well. Still, on the upside you might get that layout built now! Jerry
  2. Great minds and all that Laurie - I was also inspired by last weeks ZAG meeting to dig out some pictures of my tie bar. Its been said before but there are probably almost as many tie bar variations as there are active members! I use a moving sleeper - fibreglass for strength. I use it copper side down and pass a couple of pins through holes in the tie bar and through little chairplates. The pin/chairplate is soldered to the closure rails but is obviously free to pivot. A quick wipe with a rat tail file (something a bit less course than the one I grabbed for the photo) to put a little concave curve on the joint to clear flanges and job done. The hole for the operating wire has a washer or bit of etch scrap soldered on the underside for added strength and in practice Ive not had one break yet. They are very easy to make (I have a little jig for drilling the holes) and fit and have proved to be reliable and unobtrusive in operation. Jerry
  3. Hate to be a pedant Phil but that's a pie Im off out for the afternoon now so play nicely for Phil everyone Jerry
  4. Looking good Angus, the viaducts and backscene will frame trains beautifully. I'm a big fan of reclaimed timber - Highbury uses the slats from my Mum's airing cupboard and the ply for Tucking Mill is from an old post war, austerity tall boy. The king of reclaimed timber is John Greenwood, you wont find two bits of timber of the same section under the North Cornwall! Jerry
  5. ps. 14/15 on the spot the difference - that reversed, undecided arrow eluded me. Oddly, the different colour sky was one of the last ones I spotted - doh! Jerry
  6. Brilliant show team, I've still got a handful of videos to watch but very much enjoyed what I have seen. Hornsey is so nostalgic, we used to come up to London around the same period but it was Paddington and Old Oak we didnt bother with as we saw it at home. We were probably in the crowd at the end of platform 10 at KX as Keir and his mates pulled in. His description of bunking Stratford and the long, damp tunnel brought back many memories. I never tire of Buckingham and Tony G is a natural in front of the camera. hopefully the show will stay up for a day or two as we are out tomorrow jerry
  7. This is an important point. For the vast majority of the time the S&D was a local line with a handful of through trains, it was only on summer weekends that the line became frantically busy which acted like a magnet to photographers and enthusiasts. I'm modelling the S&D on a normal weekday, partly because I want to run a lot more freights than ran at weekends but also because I don't think I will live long enough to build sufficient coaches for a summer Saturday! Jerry
  8. Thanks Steve, the train is probably ten or so wagons short but I think a 25 wagon freight is a nice size visually and its all my fiddle yard will take - I could have made the sector plate bigger but I wanted that long scenic run so something had to give! As is well known I can be a bit cavalier with precise details of individual wagons but in 2mm I think capturing the look of the huge variety that could be seen is more important, particularly in my favoured 1920s period with the common user agreement in place. They were Derby built and, according to Mike King's Southern Wagons pictorial they returned to the LMS in 1930. Jerry
  9. They look great Tony - are you going to make these available to southerners? I have Steve Sykes H&B open down here in the memorial train but would be nice to add a van to keep it company. Jerry
  10. For some strange reason Kim doesn't like listening to the football on the radio so, with the season under way again, I'm back down the shed in the evenings - Man U, Brighton tonight. Whilst progress on the marathon wagon build has slowed I've been pottering and getting odd jobs done. Last night I coaled and fitted couplings to a couple of locos that would, in reality, never have come anywhere near Bath - the L&Y beast and, by contrast, the very pretty little SECR C. The Beast is part of my slowly growing collection of pre-group eight-coupled locos which I have for no better reason than I like them. Its built from the excellent Nigel Hunt kit and I'm pleased to report that she walked away with the 25 wagon and brake test train on Bath bank. She runs very well but was initially a bit 'growly' but I filled the acres of empty space in the barn of a tender which was acting as a sound box which has quietened her down considerably. My only excuse for the C is that my Mum was born in Chatham so Ive always had a soft spot for the SECR. Compared with the Beast she is a real feather weight but copes with the Steve Sykes memorial train of 16 scratchbuilt plasticard wagons easily enough. Other than being finescaled (by Keith Armes), all that's been done is the addition of a Kent Coast line disc headcode and etched number plates from 247 developments and some real coal in the tender. Jerry
  11. Thats exquisite Ian, they really are pretty locos. It seems an awfully long time ago I first met you at a show, with Highbury I think, and you said you were thinking of giving 2mm another go. Jerry
  12. Can anyone point me to a picture of this one, particularly on the Cardiff - Pompey service. I statrted my train spotting days in the early 70s in Warminster (see Warminster thread in my signature below) so it would be the obvious candidate for me to do in 2mm. Jerry
  13. Must admit I rarely bother with vac pipes as, unless they are connected up I think they look a bit daft. I rely on the various bits of wire from our non-prototypical couplings to give an impression of something going on there. If I had a fixed rake of vac-fitted stock I think I'd be tempted by the very effective dodge Ian Smith uses on his gorgeous four wheel coaches. Regarding guitar strings, the bottom E, A and D strings are the fat strings and tend to be the wound ones. The G, B and top E strings are the thinner ones and unwound. If you want thin wound strings it might be worth looking at Mandolin strings or similar but I'm not sure you would find anything thin enough. Regarding the late, and much missed Pete Wright. He was one of the nicest and most helpful chaps you could wish to meet. His articles and loco bits book are some of the most useful stuff in the archive. When I started in 2mm in the early 1980s Pete ran what became shop three and I would often ring him for help and advice. Any orders from him had a little note in addressed to 'Jerry in Wiltshire' (we had contrasting accents!), explaining how to use the bits. A lovely man who certainly helped me with my early fumblings in the scale. Jerry
  14. WANTED. Alan Gibson kit for; LMS Standard 2P 4-4-0 SDJR 7F 2-8-0, 1914 series with small boiler and Deeley tender They are to be built to OO gauge so with or without wheels is fine. Would prefer unstarted kits but would consider started so long as it is to a good standard and there are no missing or damaged parts. Happy to pay a fair price. Ive also posted in the wanted section but thought it worth posting here as well. With RTR 2P and 7Fs available I'm rather hoping that someone has these kits stashed away, never to be built and happy to part with them Many thanks, Jerry
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