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  1. Basically echoing what others have said. It was really good to be out exhibiting again and be able to properly meet up with many faces we had not seen for a long time. As usual, Adrian and his team put on a great show and we were royally looked after. After a sticky opening hour (mainly down to rusty operators!) the layout performed very well and we had a great time sending trains between Padstow, Wadebridge and beyond. I took very few snaps other than a couple of SDJR interlopers - my No.45 which somehow took a wrong turn at Templecombe and Gordon Gravett's beautiful model of Radstock. Jerry
  2. What a strange post. You could pay a fee for Gold membership but not bother look at any of the mags - does that work for you! Jerry
  3. We are there with John Greenwood's Wadebridge and Padstow, looking forward to being out and about again, it's been a long time. Cheers Jerry
  4. Thats lovely, I do like the two tone livery on Midland tanks - very attractive. heres my interpretation of the top of the water tower at Bath - I just went with a walkway. I suspect the hut on yours is bigger than my tower! Jerry
  5. New Bond film followed by a curry for wife Kim's birthday last night - you cant buy class!

    No spoilers but classic Bond, great stunts and car chases, humour and pathos and the bad guy has his own island - what's not to like!!




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    2. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      "Nobody does it better."

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      Well, I thought you could at least have treated her to a ticket for a game at Old Trafford ! 

    4. St Enodoc

      St Enodoc

      That's good to hear. It opens on 11/11 down here - I hope...

  6. I wouldn't normally comment on my own issue but I'm really pleased that Moretonhamstead is receiving such a positive response. As others have said, not only is it a stunning piece of modelling but the write up is superb. From an editors point of view it was a dream - Pete did his own photography and I barely had to touch the article, it was already funny, informative and thought provoking and for those of a certain age (myself included) ticked so many boxes in both the hobby and wider culture generally. Needless to say I've already asked him to chronicle any future projects! Jerry
  7. Hi Grahame, I have a tin with all sorts of leftover bits of wagon etches. If you can post a picture of the wagon you are modlling with the sort of bits you want I can probably find something suitable. Jerry
  8. If the chassis etch is an Association one designed by Higgs/Hunt/Jones et el then there should be no problem regarding the spacing of rods and bearing centres. I've erected numerous of them and they have always been spot on. Etching isn't an exact science. The holes can vary slightly in size (though not centres) which is why they tend to be etched under size so they can be reamed to be an exact fit to the bearing. The most likely cause of issues in this case is if bearing holes are reamed over size which results in a sloppy fit and the matching centres being lost. Jerry
  9. Beautiful work as ever John. It's good to see I'm not the only one to use left over bits of wagon etches - a wonderful resource - more fool anyone who just throws them away! Jerry
  10. Great to see you have started a thread on this fantastic project Laurie. Look forward to further updates, Jerry
  11. Its probably not much help to say that Ive never had much of a problem with quartering and have always done it by eye. Nigel and the late Paul Martin organised a workshop (scarily nine years ago!) which I participated in and my method of quartering starts at around 47 minutes. Jerry
  12. That's very kind many thinks, your red Kirtley in particular is a thing of beauty. My self imposed discipline on RMWeb is to rarely leave the 2mm area but this is one of the few threads I follow, great stuff. jerry
  13. I haven’t got many books on the V2s but I suspect there weren’t many that ran on a track gauge of four feet one and a half inches so I think it pays not to get too precious :-) jerry
  14. Thats lovely Mike, I do like a good, rugged eight coupled freight loco Jerry
  15. Would be lovely to have the Slaters or Shedmaster range available to us in 2mm - plenty of Midland stuff between them. Jerry
  16. Interesting discussion about one of my favourite locos. Wrong scale for the thread but here is my recently completed Kirtley in 2mm. Jerry
  17. Brian at Branchlines also carries a stock of both Gibson and Markits Jerry
  18. What I need is a decent spell checker! Jerry
  19. Agree with the others about using tube for boilers. I have some copper tungsten slugs I use if they fit but they are a pig to cut and machine so usually use lead sheet. For the boiler I roll it into a sausage with the aid of big pliers and a hammer - very satisfying! Trim to be a snug fit with a large illegitimate file - don't use descent files. To fix lead the easiest way is to solder it - 145 solder works fine, fills any gaps and the brass/nickel silver doesn't need tinning. I don't bother to turn down the soldering iron for the 145 as the lead is in big lumps. Jerry
  20. What Simon and Nigel have said, coreless every time. I have now gone through all my early locos and replaced any iron core motors with coreless. Im sure Nigel can explain the technicalities but I find they respond much better to the small DCC chips we use. Jerry
  21. None at the moment Adam but John has promised to do me an article on his scratchbuilding techniques. Unfortunately he is much happier with a file and soldering iron in his hands than a pen but I'm hopeful! If you do an etch for a Jubilee I'd be up for one - they were occasional visitors to Bath in my period with freights from Templecombe. Jerry
  22. This one was on my workbench but, other than taking the phone snaps, I had nothing to do with its construction. Some while ago Gordon Gravett, a superb ship modeller alongside all his other talents, said he fancied building the SDJR ship Radstock in 4mm scale and would I like a 2mm one to pose on Padstow/Wadebridge - he did his own custom etches so it was straightforward to do some in both scales. I bit his hand off on John's behalf and the pictures below show the 2mm version. Other than a few custom etches the model is entirely scratchbuilt in plasticard and is simply stunning. Other than lifeboats and a couple of cowl vents (I don't know their proper name) which Tom E has kindly volunteered to 3D print, it is largely finished. Jerry
  23. Just back from a great few days with John and Edna Greenwood down in Wadebridge. John's workbench has been very busy during lockdown with no fewer than three completely scrtachbuilt locos, a major upgrade on a Farish Spamcan and a new chassis for an M7. The Radial, Jubilee and 4-4-0 were stripped ready for painting but John gave me a disc of pictures to sort for a future MRJ article so I've included a couple here. Not a bad output for someone who told me eighteen months ago he was concentrating on finishing the layout and wasn't going to be building any more engines!! Jerry
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