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  1. Following completion of the project to upgrade and expand the yards, it’s made a nice change to progress a few rolling stock projects ... I found this wonderful video on YouTube that has 86401 in NSE livery from 6min 20s hauling a colourful and long 15 coach parcels rake of BG’s and GUV’s. As it’s been my birthday recently ... I’ve recreated a shortened 10 coach version of the rake. I sourced three cheaper GUV’s and repainted into BR Blue (just need to add the transfers) and added Hunt magnetic couplings. A few pics of the rake below ...
  2. Avanti have confirmed ... record missed by 21 seconds. But plenty of money raised for good causes ... And by the looks of things they’re hoping to try again next Thursday!
  3. News from Twitter is that it missed the record by 21 seconds Next week’s attempt likely to have a few less passengers (and fittings) aboard!
  4. The line speed through Preston is 35mile/h ... Carlisle station area is slower at 20mile/h ... the approach to Glasgow Central is also slow, dropping from 30mile/h around the curve at Eglinton Street Tunnel to a 15mile/h crawl into the station.
  5. ... and 390044 has been renamed Royal Scot this morning at Euston before setting off. Tim Dunn is aboard and showed a live feed of the naming on his Twitter feed ... a screenshot below (hope that’s ok to publish!) An impressive factor is that I understand the unit is keeping to the Sectional Appendix line speed profile, therefore no dispensations for any speeding! Some works were carried out last night to remove at least one temporary speed restriction along the route ...
  6. My own opinion on this ... I feel that Hornby are trying to fix/improve several issues in one swoop. Each individual issue is probably not enough to justify the move, but collectively there maybe some logic; - 1) Supply chain issue: Balancing and optimising supply v demand issue (This potentially includes the possibility that Hornby has surprised itself with the volume of pre-orders being received directly on it’s website. Possibly due to the new improved website itself, also newcomers to model railways during the pandemic, also the 2021 range is pretty impressive). So there is the
  7. I don’t envy anyone working in any part of any supply chain at the moment; optimising supply and demand is a continuous challenge and many factors can influence and hinder this balancing act. I saw this interesting BBC business news article yesterday. While it’s related to the U.K. building industry, it highlights a few of the less obvious/less publicised challenges facing the supply chain (in addition to the fluctuating demand caused by the side effects of the Covid crisis). https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57247757 Just one snippet from the article that
  8. It’s classic supply v demand .... In a parallel universe, there is a similar thing occurring where there is a precious commodity while the demand for the services outstrips the supply. I’m thinking about Harry Kane! Spurs currently have his valuable services but he is considering his options. While Spurs haven’t publicly declared the ‘banding’ of options, it’s not rocket science to workout ... Priority 1: Keep Kane at Spurs. This option keeps all the ‘goodies’ in-house Priority 2: Sell the services of Kane to a trusted other party for an agreeab
  9. I’ve just found your video on YouTube and subscribed and commented ... (linked below for others to also view). Top work! Really looking forward to seeing the layout in the flesh once fully built ... I do especially like AC Electrics and the WCML. My own layout uses a combination of Dapol and NBrass kit built masts with Peco wires cut to size (thread and YouTube channel linked in the signature). How did you construct the auto-tensioners? They look very impressive (from the pictures on Facebook).
  10. Thanks Vivian! Following completion of the Yard 2 and 3 project I’ve put together an update video and just loaded to YouTube. It includes a bit more detail of the two drop-down boards, testing a rake over the joints and connecting line between Yards 2 and 3, also a cab-ride tour from/to the main layout via the upgraded yards ... It also includes a teaser of two or three new rakes I have in mind for the future and on pre-order!
  11. Glad that you found this thread and hopefully the fix to add the two jumper wires will work for you as well. It’s six months on from when I first stumbled across the problem and found the solution via this thread ... and I’m pleased to report that the GM500’s fitted with the jumper wires have been 100% reliable so far. I’ve created a new storage yard below my layout and installed 8 turnouts at the ‘B’ end of the yard. I grouped the GM500 relays together upon a spare piece of 2” by 1” in order to wire the several common wires together in comfort away from the layout, bef
  12. I’ve completed the wiring of the B end of Yard 2. This includes 8 point motors (via a diode matrix), gaugemaster relays (frog polarity and LED indicators for the control panel), dropper wires for the track feeds, also the control panel LED’s. The control panel for Yard 2 is below ... each LED is bi-colour and now automatically change to show the current route set, indicated by showing green. The toggle switches are for the isolating sections (as my layout is currently traditional DC analogue). The modification patch can be seen to cover up the original plan to have an additional si
  13. 43102 heads the 1B23 Leeds to London away from Langley Mill yesterday morning ... the purple 43274 was at the back ... I couldn’t resist one last MML journey aboard a HST! So this morning I caught 1B23 to Leicester. The same set as yesterday, with 43102 rolling into Langley Mill ... With 43274 leading from Nottingham on its way to London, about to depart Leicester ...
  14. I’ve completed the construction of two boards that connects Fiddle Yards 2 and 3 to form a reverse loop to/from the ramp up to the main layout. Both of these boards lower to allow easier access around the shed and layout. As an added challenge, both boards have turnouts upon them! I’ve carried out some testing and very pleased with the reliability so far. A few pictures below ... This picture shows Yard 2 to the left with the curve around to Yard 3 to the right. Each side of the flip board has heavy duty alignment barrel bolts that maintain horizontal and vertical position, while an ad
  15. I’m pleased to say I had no problems connecting the iPad to both the HM6000 and the sound bar at the same time.
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