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  1. Stages 2 and 3 of the winter project are progressing well so far; to create a new storage ‘Yard 3’ and to create new shelving underneath. With the track plan finalised on lining paper, first step of construction was to install new battens to the wall (to support the yard 3 baseboard and two shelves). The baseboard and two shelves were then constructed (shelves to be installed last after the wiring is completed) The track plan was then transferred onto the baseboard ... then electrofrog points prepared The track was then installe
  2. I have a WCML based layout (links in the signature to my thread and a few clips loaded recently on YouTube) ... and already installed basic OLE using a mix of NBrass and Dapol masts with PECO wires. I know it’s not perfectly prototypical but being primarily a layout ‘just for me’ in my shed and not for exhibitions etc, then I’m pretty content with some compromises and pleased with the results so far. However, it’s on the medium to longer term to-do list to add further details ... so the option 3 Tensioner portals would be very tempting and the booster transformer structures would a
  3. Many thanks! The link line between the two levels (between Yard 1 and 2) is approx 11 or 12m long and approx 225mm difference in height between the two levels (gradient approx 1 in 50 or 2%). During the planning of the current project to create Yard 3, I did consider creating a new link line between the levels and considered the option of a helix, however I’ve settled for a return loop between Yard 2 and 3 and using the existing link line. Charlie of Chadwick on YouTube has recently created a helix for his layout that’s worth a watch if you’re considering a helix. The m
  4. Hi All, Stage 1 of the winter project to relay the junction to Yard 2, create a new Yard 3 and new shelving has been completed. Very pleased with the results so far ... Following the previous update, I joined the connecting tracks together and laid the remaining points to Yard 2 and completed the wiring to the point motors. I’ve used the standard PECO PL10’s fitted to the surface using PL12 adaptor bases. I’ve chosen this method due to it being a fiddle/storage yard, ease of access as well. I’ve also used the useful Gaugemaster GM50
  5. I had the same challenge last night in the shed when setting up a diode matrix using a decent CDU, decent wire thicknesses, Peco PL10s with Gaugemaster GM500 relays to switch frog polarity and LED’s for a future control panel ... and after approx 2 hours spent fault finding and testing and turning the air blue ... I gave up, searched RMWeb and found this thread ... am glad I did! Yes ... it seems one PL10 works ok with a GM500, but add another and the PL10’s suck the current away from the GM500’s before enough ‘oomph’ has reached the relay ... the resistors on the GM500 act as a bl
  6. Stage 1 continued ... The first board was ‘lifted’ today and screwed into position ... plenty of time taken with use of G Clamps and two levels to make sure the boards were level and joints all smooth, as this board will link Yard’s 2 and 3 to the incline line. The Mark 2 carriage was used to test the geometry and clearances, also shows a decent amount of headroom to the boards and wiring above. Still quite a few more tasks to progress before Stage 1 is complete, including laying the link lines to Yard 2, lots of wires to join up and control panel to upgrade. I’ll
  7. Hope everyone is safe and well ... The current Covid restrictions combined with some spare annual leave has allowed me to commence quite a major upgrade project to the layout that has been on the to do list for a while. It’s split into five stages; - Stage 1: Relay the lower storage yard (Yard 2) entrance junction: replacing the small radius points with medium radius, also replacing the baseboard. A larger baseboard to be installed, including additional points that will form an entrance junction to a new Yard 3. - Stage 2: Build new baseboards and 8 storage
  8. The PTA wagons look superb .... and although my WCML layout is meant to be based somewhere around Stafford - Crewe - Warrington type area, I’ve used a bit of modellers licence and moved Hardendale quarry south by a few miles! So a bit of an impulse purchase to buy a couple of box sets, but so glad I have as the wagons are great ... really well detailed, lovely smooth runners and anything behind a pair of AC electric loco’s looks good in my opinion! So I’m now able to recreate the 1986 scene in the Accurascale formation guide of lime heading north to Ravenscraig from Hardendale behind
  9. Thanks Wolf, glad you enjoyed! Those 87’s annotated as Lima bodies upon Hornby chassis are all the ‘Limby’ style chassis. I’ve found them to be reliable, smooth, extra pickups already fitted and quite powerful. I was lucky enough to purchase quite a few of them when prices were reasonable. I can remember buying a few of those Limby 87’s brand new for as little as £35 at some shows. The only downside with the Limby chassis (besides lack of lighting) is when hauling a full length rake, some can struggle/slip on a gradient. ps 87027 was a fine beast
  10. Many thanks Muddy ... and yes, I’ve been a subscriber to Minsterley on YouTube for some time, also follow his RMWeb thread ... Lovely layout and so many details and interesting videos. I’ve spent some time in recent days having a running session of the DP fleet and created a longer video ... just loaded! Thanks David. Meanwhile I’ve been plotting a new mini project for the next few weeks ... an additional storage yard under the layout, along with new shelving underneath. Some detailed planning to do and there’s a couple of different
  11. Following completion of some recent projects to the layout in recent months, I’ve had a break to progress a rolling stock project that’s been on the to-do list for a while. I have a rake of 20 x Hornby original/railroad wagons and while I added ‘real coal’ a few years ago, they have retained the original large D couplings and buffers. A few years ago, I watched Everard Junction’s excellent and inspirational YouTube video showing an upgrade project (linked below) and I’ve been meaning to progress upgrading my rake. With the recent release of the Hunt Cou
  12. Could it be because of the carriage weights and the effect upon brake force? Having been fortunate enough to have been aboard the NMT a couple of times, the conference coach is pretty much an empty shell with a table and a few chairs; therefore lighter so the brakes are going to be more effective. The other usual NMT carriages have a significant amount of equipment aboard therefore likely to be heavier and more demanding upon the braking force.
  13. Correct, and the train path is provisionally booked in Realtime Trains ... https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/R05261/2020-10-27/detailed
  14. I have progressed adding some details to the previously bare Davidson Parkway platforms. Signs, seats, litter bins, kiosks and some people ... A relatively new addition to the fleet is Bachmann’s 47612 Titan in InterCity Executive livery ... I have also found a video editor app and had a play to compile a clip of a running session ...
  15. Another first for me ... Davidson Parkway has an 11 page feature within this months Model Rail magazine! (Issue 278). It’s the first time I’ve ever had anything published ... During the visit last year, Chris Nevard also took a few video clips and he’s created a brief video clip on the YouTube Model Rail channel:
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