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  1. Many thanks and good luck with your project! I’ve found the corner boards really help, as they’ve allowed me to create sweeping curves with a larger radius, easier access to carry out work and creates different viewing angles - the kids enjoy these especially. Just make sure to make them large enough and to use a decent glue if attaching any scenic items (I’ve decapitated a couple of the cricketers by accident over time!) Thanks again! The portals are brass kits by NBrass Loco’s https://www.nbrasslocos.co.uk/oocat.html. The kits are straightforward to solder together (especially if pre-bent using the bending formers) and can be easily modified to suit your layout. I’ve then attached simple registration arms using brass wire and wound some wire around to represent the insulators. Hope this helps.
  2. This year seems to be going so fast, can’t believe it’s June already! A few more purchases to report; two of the excellent new Bachmann Class 90s and I couldn’t resist the Bachmann NSE Class 47. Here they are during running in ... Despite another busy few months with work, I’ve made a bit more progress with a few projects. I’ve installed some more cable trunking and cabinets and commenced some weathering to blend in: Another project has been to install a CCTV camera and monitor towards the buffers of the terminal to assist me locate the uncoupling ramps from the control panel by using a rear-review reversing camera kit purchased from Amazon. I’ve used a couple of small labels just to clarify the location of the uncoupling ramps for the far two tracks! The Bachmann loco staff figures clarify on the platforms show the location for the near tracks. A simple on-off switch for the camera has been installed to the left of the monitor. Current project is installing a roadworks cameo including wiring Layout4U’s flashing cones and traffic lights:
  3. Is that an April 1st article in true DfT/.gov fashion been published late?! A few ideas from me though ... - Refurbish for use on HS2 to solve their rolling stock dilemma - Create a Vic Berry style stack of Pacers ready for November 5th - Convert into busses - Convert into ‘Pacervan-Bungling-lows’ and donate to each MP to use as a place of residence to save the taxpayer some expenses (That’ll teach them!) Joking aside ... why are the DfT doing this publicity stunt, when there are many other rolling stock fleets of much better quality about to head to scrap? (Class 313/314 etc)
  4. Run the lot! I’ve been a follower of your layout thread for quite a while and given many likes but this is my first message! Superb layout and stock ... I’m planning to attend DEMU next weekend, so looking forward to seeing Parrot Hall in-the-flesh.
  5. I’ve collected my two Class 90s and very impressed so far. Just commenced running-in. Impressive accessory bag as well including plenty of etched plates I understand from Shawplan. A thunderbird Class 47 on standby in case Bachmann have been extra prototypical with the Class 90 ‘Skoda’!
  6. A certain shop in Sheffield has each of the first three flavours of Class 90s showing in stock, and they sent an email with an invoice for two of them .... and it’s my birthday on Tuesday!
  7. I had a lovely chat with Bachmann at the Derby exhibition this morning. They confirmed that the first releases of the Class 90 are in the country and are just waiting for the decoders to become available, expected within the next 10 days or so, not long now to wait!
  8. Bachmann have released an article with more information about the forthcoming Class 90 and decoder ... http://news.Bachmann.co.uk/2019/04/class-90-decoder-36-569/ I’m hoping they arrive in time for my birthday at the end of May!
  9. Thanks Gazwire! It’s on the to-do list to purchase and try a proper airbrush and learn a new skill, I haven’t been brave enough yet, also concentrated in recent years progressing my layout. I really wanted an IC Exec 87 with the new chassis, so I took the following steps: Step 1: Decent quality masking tape to mask the yellow areas. I used a Railmatch aerosol 1202 and gave two coats. Both came out quite thick/blobby, possibly because the can is at least two years old, or the temperature was quite cool. Step 2: I wasn’t happy with the result, so I purchased Deluxe materials strip magic and carefully removed the layers of the yellow areas and took back to the bare plastic. I then used IPA alcohol to neutralise the strip magic. Step 3: I brush coated two thin coats of matt white paint of the yellow cab areas to neutralise the dark plastic. Step 4: I brush coated five thin coats of Railmatch 202 warning panel yellow enamel. Step 5: Removed masking tape with fingers crossed! Was pleasantly surprised, with only a small amount of touching up required of the yellow cab areas. Step 6: Mask and paint the Railmatch 201 executive dark grey areas. Step 7: Mask and paint the Railmatch 200 executive light grey areas. Step 8: Paint chassis and bogies matt black (mainly to cover the white pipes), with buffer beam given three thin coats of red. Step 9: Apply transfers. The biggest tip I’ve learnt over time is if brush painting, purchase a decent set of brushes with a range of widths, really can achieve a decent quality finish especially if thin coats are built up. I know it’s not as good as finish as from airbrushing, but I’m pleased with how it’s turned out. ps. I agree and remember those 87 hauled trips along the WCML, also the sounds of the rheostatic breaking and heat released and smells of the brake pads when full service braking was whacked on!
  10. Hi all, a few different little projects progressed in recent weeks .... I purchased another Intercity Swallow Hornby Class 87 and have repainted to backdate it to be 87030 Black Douglas in her 1993 condition: I still wasn’t happy with the running properties of the Bachmann Mark 1 NSE stock. Further investigation showed they were not very free running, even on a downhill gradient. I used a track tuner but they were still stiff, but further browsing led me to the Knowle Wagon Works thread and brass bearing tool. I’ve used to insert Romford plain brass bearing and they’ve made a huge difference, resulting in much improved running, so I can thoroughly recommend this tool. Another project ... during the winter evenings I’ve bought and put together a few Scalemodelscenery kits, including steel coils for the rake of Bachmann BAA wagons. I’m looking forward to adding a few of the recently announced Cavalex BBA’s to the rake. I’ve also installed more cable troughs and relay boxes around the layout, also completed fitting interior lighting to two rakes of stock - still many more projects to progress!
  11. I couldn’t resist .... and recently purchased a another Intercity Swallow Class 87, but have backdated the livery a few years - I’m not the best artist in the world but I’m pleased with how it’s turned out so far. This backdates Black Douglas to her 1993 condition as shown in several pictures I found online including: Flickr 87030 Black Douglas, Manchester Pic 1993 I used Railmatch warning panel yellow, executive dark grey and executive light grey, finished off with Railtec transfers. I’ve not varnished or weathered her yet. I’m a bit tempted to buy and repaint another, with the executive dark grey wrapped round the front being a favourite, although if I do, I bet Hornby will announce for 2020!
  12. A question/suggestion from me regarding the ‘black dot’ function of jumping to the last unread post of each topic ... Can the size of either the dot/hyperlink be increased or spaced out from the other links? I’m finding that when using my 9.7inch IPad, I’m often accidentally clicking a forum members name/hyperlink instead and jumping to their profile page (some must now think I’m stalking them!). The probability of clicking the wrong link is greatly increased when using the forum when riding a bouncy MK4 carriage along the ECML! Using the black dot function is a great way to navigate and is probably my most common method of jumping to read a topic page, so it does seem a bit of a shame that it seems to be the smallest sized button/link when compared to the bigger sized buttons/areas that are adjacent. Also, I confess that it took me about two or three years of using the ‘old’ forum format before I discovered the handy functionality of the black button! So a suggestion is for a small and simple key/legend to be included on the forum homepage to explain the functionality of the black dots - especially to help any new users or those that haven’t yet discovered that shortcut. There’s plenty of spare space on the homepage for a simple legend to be included. Overall, great work with the forum and getting the transition to the latest software up and running.
  13. Thanks Mike - don’t know how I didn’t see post 42 .. oops! Sidings and existing rake of BAAs measured, pre-order now submitted.
  14. A quick question: what length will the BBA wagons be over couplings? I just need to double check the length of the sidings on my layout before I place my pre-order. Many thanks in advance of the info.
  15. Meanwhile, sales of Railmatch RM200 Executive Light Grey appear to be going well; only 4 currently in stock at Hattons .... https://www.hattons.co.uk/349673/Railmatch_Paints_RM200_Intercity_Executive_light_grey_15ml_bottle/StockDetail.aspx
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