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  1. Just wanted to share my own experience. 3 weeks ago I ordered my Anycubic i3 Mega from Aliexpress for only €240 (215 pounds sterling) and within a week it arrived. Installing the thing didn't take much more than an hour before i started printing the test owl! While I have 10 years of experience 3D printing on industrial level, I did not have any knowledge on desktop printing. So the first "real" prints had some issues caused by various reasons, one of them a setting in in Cura where by default it does not avoid support structures when travelling, causing my model to get knocked off the build plate. Anyway, for those wondering, I bought this printer so I can build my own 1:45 scale dutch VIRM. (60.8cm per car!)
  2. It sounds like the Manufacturing Speed has been changed to Priority Manufacturing. Instead of the cheaper Economy Speed. As for the currency, this changes on the first of the month. So the currency exchange rate is changed tomorrow (1st of May)
  3. Some more pictures First of all a pictures with a 1:87 steamlocomotive, to show how small this stuff actually is!
  4. I definitely agree here! As you might have seen, I started building a dutch layout in T gauge (1:450). Practically nothing exists for this scale, so I'm pretty much 3D printing everything needed to make it look dutch. Sure you can do it by hand in the phsyical world.... but I'm doing it by hand in the digital world and have a 3D printed turn it into something physical
  5. So i checked your account, you're referring to the model "M P V3-1 30" This was previously ordered for $95 USD the price has now moved to $225 USD. Your model contains 30 loose parts which our production team needs to manually handle 1 by 1 (plan them in a printer tray, clean them, sort them, put them in a bag). For this reason the per part pricing has been changed to $7.50 which will add up to the $225 USD for your model. Maybe you could consider to sprue the model to save on costs as it will bring down the number of parts. I wrote a best practice guide on this subject here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Im_cmlhBmQXC0ffl18Z18aOpI5gs_wCy2WcFL9_Re_c/edit?usp=sharing (scroll down to Using sprues efficiently)
  6. If the price is exactly $300, this means your model contains 40 loose shells (probably 39 small rivets that are not conntected). Since the pricing per part is $7.50 Feel free to share the Model ID's of your models and I'll be happy to check Models should have same pricing when uploading it multiple times Note that you actually do trade with Shapeways Inc (this has changed some years ago), the american parent company. Shapeways BV in Eindhoven only produces and ships parts but is not actually the company you do business with As for the pricing formula, there definitely is one But as you said, it's not doing that we intended it to do, causing some models to be way cheaper than they should be and some other models (which we like printing) being way more expensive. This is now being looked into, fingers crossed we will all benefit
  7. You're welcome! It pretty much boils down to: Primer - Sand down - Primer - Sand down etc etc. Repaiting this till you are satisfied with the result. Alternatively some people have used super glue (use gloves!) to rub the glue into the material, this will seal and strengthen the material. After this you can easily sand down the model to a smooth surface. But again, details will go missing. My recommendation of the day, have a look at this topic. I know it's in dutch, but just have a look at the pictures of the first 2 pages: https://forum.beneluxspoor.net/index.php?topic=87415.0 This person goes into detail how he is building a WSF (Versatile Plastic) dutch SLT train From sanding to painting. ^ That's all H0 1:87 v This is T 1:450
  8. Not sure if there is any interest in my 1:450 stuff, but I'll keep sharing. Here is the 1:450 dutch VIRM with working motor!
  9. And if you add them all together, you end up with this
  10. Been a long time posting here. Currently working on my own layout (finally after so many years). It's the smallest scale out there: 1:450 Right now the base layout is ready (well the track is on the base) And separately I'm doing some tests like shown above with the printed objects as well as doing tests with ballast:
  11. Message from the UX team: Hey thank you for voicing your concerns and sharing your workflows. This is all helpful for our future development. I’ll take this opportunity to give some background on our thinking and how we’re seeing the next steps. The new upload experience was built with both existing and new users in mind, and especially for those buying their own models. The vast majority of our customers upload and buy 3D prints for themselves. In our testing, the new Upload experience offered clear improvement for people buying their own designs. It also gave us a platform to offer more post-processing options and other material options in a way a single list couldn’t. This is becoming even more important as we build out our offering and keep adding new 3D printing technologies. You’ve voiced real concerns from a Shop Owner’s perspective, and we want to improve things and we are listening and responding. Here’s our next top 3 improvements to the Upload experience: Bringing back the ability to rename files (also to My Models) Ability to create new products, and open linked products (for Shop Owners only) Ability to jump to 3D tools (for Shop Owners only) Here’s an example of these features might look like in the Upload experience (not final and subject to change).
  12. 3D tools allows you to scale a model and use the wall thickness fixer. By using either of those 2 on models that are currently for sale and publicly available (and thus have the old pricing grandfathered) will mean it updates to a newer version and thus the old price changes to the new pricing structure. To prevent people from accidentally doing that, it was locked. As you mention you can take your public model offline and the 3D tools page will work just fine (tho taking the model offline means it will get repriced)
  13. Hope everything was resolved? The code should be working fine! (i don't see a 3 time use limit either )
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