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  1. Perhaps get rid of the carpet and replace with the interlocking pvc tiles https://www.screwfix.com/p/coba-europe-tough-lock-pvc-interlocking-floor-tiles-black-500mm-x-500mm-4-pack/82048 I think you can get them cheaper
  2. Back on topic..............Swanage Railway planning to re-open mid July https://swanagerailway.co.uk/re-opening-services
  3. When is the printed version on sale please?
  4. Hi Simon, I may have missed this earlier in the thread, if I have I apologise, what control system do you use for this brilliant layout? Thanks Steve
  5. Possibly, I understand that laser kits do need priming, and you are right in saying that PVA seals surfaces, thank you for your suggestion
  6. Hi Phil, No problem, I will wait until then to see the magic formula
  7. That looks really good Phil, without giving too much away before BRM is issued, what did you use? I promise to buy the issue, when is it released?
  8. I'm just about to start a JS Models warehouse kit and want to paint most of it before I assemble it with pva, I haven't assembled a laser kit before so I'm looking for advice on what type of paints to use. Many thanks Steve
  9. I've just watched it all the way through, brilliant record of the last few years of steam which and ends with the 15 guinea special departing from Lime Street. Absolutely brilliant
  10. Hi Jonathan, How do I place an order with you please? Regards Steve
  11. By using brickpaper you have overcome the big drawback with laser kits, the corners. Well done, great job.
  12. Perhaps a membrane to separate soil from the decking would have helped. Although the chipboard is suitable for wet areas, I would think that there would be a need for a covering such as tiles as well in bathrooms etc. I presume that felt and track would be nailed and or pinned to the board, this will introduce holes through which water will seep to the board, so personally I wouldn't use it. Pressure treated gravel boards should be ok
  13. Calderwood is up there too, not very often you see an L&Y layout on the south coast and both the layout and stock were excellent. Southampton club did it again, thank you to the organisers.
  14. There is a yahoo community that maybe able to help if you post your question on there, but try to provide as much information as possible [email protected]
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