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  1. i am a friend of jons and i am going to clear up a few things firstly jon has asked Mr Barnes for his bank details so that he can refund his money and send back his goods secondly why everybody feels the need to get invoved is beyond me IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU and i politley ask that you STOP SLANDERING jon now thirdly jons car is in bits and has been since 2016 not that this is of any concern / business to anyone and whom ever put the reg plate on social media needs to remove it if jon wants to put his car as his cover picture that again is upto him and no one else this is a huge violation of jons privacy and needs to be removed with immediate effect before legal action is taken fourthly you have only heard one side of this story and i kindly ask for you to keep your opinions to yourself i am not going to go into the state of jons mental health as it has nothing to do with anyone lastly i ask that the post is respectivly removed and people stop getting involved this has now been blown well out of proportion due to everyone giving their ten pence worth this matter is between jon and Mr Barnes / the solicitors and this will also be added to the growing file of misconduct against jon just like the last topic a few years ago was but he choose to leave it as its just all pethetic and increasingly seems hes dealing with arm chair warriors and childishmen more and more Thankyou
  2. Hi guys, yes I've seen others have now mentioned the Bardon Aggregates too! A colourful interesting livery with other variants of liverys there after but it would be the mustard and green for me... wat a wagon those are love them well love anything aggregates tbh
  3. Hi guys heres my wish list JGA RMC curved top could also be used as the ECC Quarries variant Bardon Aggregates early hexagon chassis style PGA Tilcon with extened top Clyde Cement bogie cement tanks either.. PBA blue dowlow polybulk, this one again could be used for the roofed or open version Last but definately not least PBA Potash "Jolly Green Giant" Cheers.
  4. Hello can anyone help with the pic below, I'm hoping someone may know what the writing is in the yellow square patchs on the wagon body below, attached pic thanks in advance.
  5. Interesting another SEA hood..... My modeller Jon who does all my scratch building, casting and re-sprays etc.... released the same SEA hood also as above a while back i've just asked him to do me a few finished wagons basically one of each type and different styles, running numbers and of course the green bodied later version So i'll link his email here if you require the custom decal sheet hes had all the artwork now done for these and it really does look excellent in the un finished pics hes sent me "attached below Also if you wanted to see his style of hood? Anyway hes contactable here [email protected] and will give you any details you need or info as hes become quite the wagon buff nowadays and has given me some excelent none available wagons to fill the gap in the RTR range with more exciting beasts to follow hes said in the new year Cheers Rich.
  6. Superb shots and footage fela, Love 712 also i've modelled her a few times now for friends also as she has the oddball nose at one end, have you bothered on yours or is she standard ends?
  7. Superb shots & video Peter loving it all asusual chap, the curve on the vid makes for excellent viewing nice and sweeping you don't see a lot of wide ones like that anymore.
  8. I think what was it 6 people who wanted the yellow version.... think they need to be named and shamed now lol Well i've bought a couple this year one for 14 quid an the other 20.00 both are now Railfreight red. The costs in China are making things hard work very much so now but if you find the right engineer who has his very own workshop anything is possible Of note the ex appleby co2's have been popping up on that auction site the last two months and none sold for less than 155.00 each.... a pair sold for 157.00 two quid more lol fun times, so basically a bit of drain pipe and white metal chassis and ends can fetch that wow is all i'm saying.
  9. Can't wait to see this develop, sooo many layouts now based on this area but dependant on stock and the included incline this will be the one to watch! I'm curtainly following with interest and if its shed free and has the stock what was epic up there i.e PHV ICI's and KPA JGA "correct version etc.... i'll be in love. Just want to see a Peak Forest layout thats based there, shed free and shows the varied stock even if scratch built and heavilly modified that would be the winner for me anyways. Thanks Rich.
  10. Mega pics Trev, i love 37104 she looks mint! The weathering detail and general sectors... not one you see modelled often! More pics please squire
  11. Sorry Roy i just can't see it matching to that real rusted to death version you linked, i'm not a fan of anything weathered to buy tbh loco's or stock i was just voiceing what i thought, i'll be doing the colour myself anyways to match my current 9 brass and resin ones
  12. Style 2 looks about the least worst one but they don't look anywhere near right! Sorry
  13. These look ok, i prefer the Cambrian version as i like to bash kits! But yeh i'll buy a couple. When wil be the release date any idea's? Xmas 2018? lol
  14. Evening matey, these won't be the right colour no matter how there done! The light grey ex works / Claire's grey i'm told by Ex BX drivers? Is easilly mixed by using DRS smoke grey and toned up or down depending on preference? For the rusty dirty filthy brown, Sleeper Grime is a good match!
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