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  1. Is the cafe perhaps a late Trojan? Track looks rather narrow and skinny tyres so could also be a coachbuilt on almost anything. A shame I can't make out what it says across the grill. Is the number on the Leyland cab of any significance, I wondered about a Lorry Driver of the Year round.
  2. Weybridge gained a member of platform staff who added an extra line to his announcements 'please don't leave your newspaper on the train'. I assume he must have worked at one of the London terminii previously as at Weybridge people would be looking forward to reading their paper on the way up to 'town'. Tony Comber
  3. I've had the wagon and two Coles cranes on the round tuit shelf for a while so will be interested to see how you get on. It was only a week ago I pulled a rather poor print out TRU6. I went to find the URL for you and initially thought it showed the other side of the brake van, closer examination shows that the picture has been printed back to front! In fact I've just realised it's the reverse of the one you initially posted, doh! This one does at least have the copyright owner on the photo. Tony Comber
  4. For those with Bosch tools I can recommend this company for spares. https://www.mtmc.co.uk/Bosch-Spare-Parts__c-p-0-0-12733138.aspx They can provide for both the green 'domestic' use and blue 'professional' tools. For those who didn't realise most of the manufacturers provide two ranges, one for the amateur DIY market and the other for those using them for a trade every day. In the case of Bosch they are coloured green and blue respectively, others use different brand names. Even the 'professional' tools wear out, we've just replaced the bearings on the angle grinder we use on full size railway wagons where I volunteer. Needless to say, only take electrical tools apart if you are competent. Tony Comber
  5. If the drill is a current model and your batteries are still good then don't forget that most can now be supplied as 'body only' giving a hefty saving on a complete one. When the batteries die then you can replace or upgrade them. A bit like triggers broom really. There are now battery manufacturers supplying replacements for the more common makes which are cheaper than the branded ones. I have some and have had no problem with them. Experience based on half a dozen cordless drills at present. Tony Comber
  6. My father did part of his National Service in the sheds at Cardington. He used to recall how 'clouds' would form up in the roof when the weather conditions were right. Now how about a model railway with 'scale' weather :-)
  7. Don't be afraid of airbrush cleaning. Buy a can of airbrush cleaner, various make available including Phoenix Precision. My current one came from Hobbycraft I think. A quick squirt between colours and a longer one at the end. Alternatively blow whatever the appropriate thinners for the paint being used through the brush. I rarely need to dismantle my brushes. Just practice on some old tin cans or scrap models for a bit. We have a chap in our modelling group who was reluctant to use his airbrush, after half an hour of practice on some old plastic kits he was doing really good work. In some ways getting the consistency of the paint right is probably the hard bit but practice will make perfect as they say. Tony Comber
  8. When Humbrol production switched to China and quality became 'variable' I switched to Revell enamels. My recent trip to Hobbycraft (not been for a long time) showed that this was no longer on the shelves, only the acrylics.
  9. The spotty youth may have recognised Contiboard, this being one of the longer established brands. Tony Comber
  10. Assuming that you are using an axle with an insulated centre section for the gearbox. You need to also insulate any chassis spacers as well. I use double sided printed circuit board soldered on both sides (four solder fillets in total). This helps stop the copper delaminating if subjected to an off centre thrust on the end of the chassis. Create a gap in the PCB just inboard of the solder joints. There have been a number of good articles in magazines over the years. There was on by Barry Luck in the early days of MRJ that is worth seeking out. I can't find my copies at the moment but perhaps someone better organised than me will tell you which copies it was. Persevere, split axle chassis you make will be nothing like the proprietary ones. Tony Comber
  11. I thought Alec Issigonis had a hand in the design of the 350 EA. The dash certainly has a look of the 1100 about it and the maximum utilisation of space would accord with his principles. I always thought they look purposeful but don't go by my tastes, my dream vehicle for personal use at that time was a J4 van! Until a year or so ago there was one just down the road from me. Not sure if it was propping up the barn or vice versa. The barn is now three apartments and the van has gone. Tony Comber
  12. Wahl clipper oil was the recommendation in the US for many a long year.
  13. The model railway show would have been put on by a small number of members of the Dean Forest Railway in those days. It started as part of the Preservation Rally which used to be held in the autumn. Preserved buses ran a circular route from Lydney bus station to the town hall and then on to the railway itself. Later the show was held on a different weekend to the preservation rally to aid staffing issues. Although I was involved in all the town hall shows I don't think I ever kept a programme. Sadly the main movers behind the shows are no longer with us. From memory the programme in those days was essentially a stand number with the name of the layout and who owned it. Tony Comber
  14. Haven't checked lately but the RNIB shop (open to all) used to supply some very good lights at prices that were favourable.
  15. My brother had a Reliant Regal. One day the engine erupted through the bonnet and it was declared dead. None of the local scrapyards would take it so he sawed the body in to chunks and week by week put it in the dustbin. Scrapman then came and collected the mechanical bits.
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