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  1. Does RMWEB Gold membership eliminate those ads?
  2. You can post in the guest area of the Scalefour Society forum https://www.scalefour.org/forum/ The virtual Scaleforum is highly recommended - it is full of great content!
  3. My main modelling interest is in P4 - partly as I get more satisfaction from making things rather than buying them, but mostly to act as a brake on “ooh shiny!” moments. It doesn’t always work. So in the spirit of your question, here are four locomotives that for me exemplify the last 20 years. 1) Bachmann 9F. Just stunning at every level. Feels stone cold solid when removed from the box. Looks like a 9F, sits like a 9F. Runs almost silently, smoothly. Haulage capabilities are “sufficient” in the Rolls Royce sense. 2) Hornby 0-4-0st Peckett. Every advan
  4. New South Wales D57 class and VR S class in Australia also
  5. A few more images to conclude a lovely day... The late afternoon sun shines on “Prince” A close-up of the tank front. “Prince” reverses its train. The coaches are put away for the night. “Prince” prepares to head back off across the Cob to Boston Lodge. Like all of our steam railways, the Ffestiniog needs our support, so do consider an early visit if it safe for you to do so.
  6. The coaches used. “Prince” runs round Checking the compartments. Moving the lamp to the smokebox. The view across the cob.
  7. Yes, travel in both directions is in the same allocated compartment. Ours was upholstered - they state that they are cleaned between trains
  8. When all of us were aboard, Linda arrived with the next train Once again, the older coaches are having their day in the sun. Blanche had already finished work for the day - behind her Welsh Pony awaited her next steaming.
  9. “Prince” running round at Tan y Bwlch, crews wear face coverings when in the cab, but are permitted to remove them when off the loco (and distanced) You have to take the same train back, but there is an hour’s layover to enjoy the views, go for a short walk and get a take away from the cafe. Everyone seemed to be behaving sensibly.
  10. Yes, with plywood partitions added to provide further isolation - you have to book a compartment
  11. The builders were hard at work on the new shed, but the track is yet to be laid within. The shed yard is very quiet, the larger locomotives are safely stored and comprehensive precautions are in place to protect crews and workshop staff. Heading for Tan y Bwlch, a little slower than normal. On arrival, we went for a walk down to the lake.
  12. Welsh Pony was having a day off, but there is more than one England in Wales this year! In the current environment, small locomotives and old coaches are the order of the day. With all safely aboard, Porthmadog station is very quiet once more.
  13. On Monday 3rd August 2020, we had our first post-COVID train ride on the Ffestiniog railway. The experience was, as one might expect, somewhat different from normal, but we still managed to have an enjoyable day out. The car park at Porthmadog station was closed and given over to a reception area - tickets need to be prebooked for a specific train ( Porthmadog to Tan y Bwlch only at present) - and we were greeted and directed through the booking office with its hand sanitiser and onto the platform. We already had our masks on, so we were ready to go! The toilets are accessed by a marshal
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