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  1. Relevant planning links are: (High Level) http://www.highlevelkits.co.uk/gearboxchoicepage.html (Brassmasters) http://www.brassmasters.co.uk/gwr_kits.htm
  2. I suppose any errors remaining to be corrected after the first EP would be the fault of Brother Cadfael...
  3. There is a colour photo of 1613 at Kilgerran in Western Branches, Western Byways by Kevin McCormack.
  4. I can’t think of a good use for one on locomotives (except, maybe, for securing ballast weights) but they are great for rapidly fixing scenic formers - using cheap foam board the hot glue partially melts the core and then sticks hard to the card skins. Much less soggy than PVA...
  5. Torre had a similar mirror, which can be seen in some of Peter Grays’s photographs of the 1958 collision. His b&w photo-archive is now at The Transport Treasury. https://www.transporttreasury.com/f449715166 The relevant images are 1309 to 1316 - their pricing is very reasonable, delivery is quick and the prints are very high quality.
  6. MPR

    Railwells 2019

    Yes, exactly that - the location is shown on the map in http://railwells.com/railway-show/railwells-show-2019/ . Directions are usually signposted from the Glastonbury road roundabout - it is a short, but very pleasant walk to the show. I usually find that Sunday is somewhat quieter than Saturday. Regards Martin
  7. That would never happen in real life, would it? 12th Feb 1988
  8. Hi Al Brassmasters sell lots of useful individual Martin Finney castings for the Bulldog. http://www.brassmasters.co.uk/gwr_castings.htm Regards Martin
  9. Number 9 is in the last few months of its mainline ticket and is planned to be retired at the end of it. Bittern is also out of ticket for the foreseeable future. However, 60007 will be returning to the mainline on completion of its current overhaul, so all is not lost.
  10. That said, the coaching stock was (mostly) cleaned to a very high standard, as I think you see in Garry's photos. It was very strange seeing an air-con Mk2 rake in blue-grey with an interposed Mk1 restaurant car again after all these years. ((I'm tactfully ignoring the generator coach and the strengthening coaches at the other end of the rake!)
  11. ...and waiting to go, with many onlookers (despite appearances in this shot).
  12. ..and departing Paignton a few minutes later.
  13. Not that much further for the Duke, either. Chatting years ago to one of my school teachers, who was at Torquay Boys Grammar School during the war years (at the same time as Peter Gray), he told me he had seen. “Isle of Jersey” at Torre - and was roundly disbelieved by his friends!
  14. The pre-cut backscene material arrived today - and was very well packed! The delivery was free, provided the order was above the minimum value (which it was, just) Even at 5mm thick, the weight is enough that I am glad that I purchased enough material to provide some strategic bracing. Now to find some time to assemble and fix it in place....
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