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  1. My apologies if this question has been asked before but I couldn't spot it. It appears that Bachmann AND Dapol AND Accurascale will all shortly release a variety of Manors. You wait years and then 3 come along at once! I'd welcome the views of the wise people on here as to which manufacturer is likely to produce the best version, in terms of running and accuracy. Looking forward to the replies.
  2. I need some help from clever people on here please. I have a tailchaser running on two loops, linked, cab control and each loop can be isolated and run independently. I have recently been tidying up the rat's nest of wiring and think I have upset something. It's DC. Don't laugh, my controller is a H&M Duette which has worked well for the last few years BUT I now have the following issues: With Resistance set to High and Wave Switch set to Half any of my locos will run fast in only one direction With Resistance set to Low and Wave Switch set to Half any of my locos will run at adjustable speeds but no gentle stop With Resistance set to High and Wave Switch set to Full any of my locos will travel in either direction but all or nothing, just stop or go With Resistance set to Low and Wave Switch set to Full any of my locos will travel in either direction but no gentle stop Thoughts on this welcome.
  3. I have recently cobbled together my own static grass applicator, having been disappointed with the fly-swatter version. I followed Luke Towans' guidance and bought the negative ion generator from RailwaysScenics.com - sensible price with quick delivery - usual disclaimer. I am now considering how easy it would be to have an interchangeable hopper (beaker thingy) on the end to hold the fibres. My version is a bit big for getting into restricted spaces. I've also been experimenting with applying static grass on to a commercial grass mat, providing a base colour which can be adjusted with a quick wipe of acrylics or weathering powders. If I can build one, anyone can!
  4. 4 replies in 24 hours! That's great and many thanks to you all.
  5. A friend was so impressed at my ham-fisted attempts with Scalescenes that he would like to know if there is an American equivalent. Ideally, he is looking for 1950s/1960s street-scene buildings, no matter what scale since he could re-size them. Can any of you clever people on here help, please?
  6. Bought this and it's a lovely looking model which runs well, except when travelling slowly in the yard. Going forward or in reverse, either or both bogies derail with them appearing to tilt over on the outside edge of the curve. When travelling at speed over the same points it gets round just fine. Anyone else had this problem or has any thoughts for a solution? The rear bogie has a large screw which appears to do nothing. I'm wondering if it's my poor track-laying but it happens on three different points. Afterthought: With what we pay for these models, you'd think the manufacturers could produce a tech sheet which shows which bits in the accessory pack fit where. Grump over.
  7. I understand that MZ will continue to accept their vouchers but at 50% of their face value. I am asking Santander, as my VISA card supplier, to make up the other 50% as part of the chargeback rules.
  8. Thanks guys - just shows the importance of reading the (very) small print! If only I knew enough to reach 30 posts!!
  9. Obviously (!) I can post this request here while signed in, so why can't I post a new topic in the 'Wanted' section? Am I missing something something? (Apart from skill?). BTW, I'm after some bits from the Hornby R076 footbridge.
  10. I've used Daler/Rowney self adhesive repositionable mount board - it works for me. I find it tricky to get complete coverage with Pritt-type glue and using PVA can be messy and can discolour the printed areas if used too liberally. Once correctly positioned, a quick roll with a wallpaper seam roller produces a firmly stuck smooth finish.
  11. Thanks all you knowledgeable folks out there. It sounds as if I might have confused hair spray with matt artists varnish . . . . . I'l stick (groan) with the varnish route.
  12. Is it really the case that cheap hair spray works just as effectively on cardboard models to prevent fading as expensive matt artists' varnish? What is the experience of other builders on here? Look forward to hearing and learning.
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