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  1. Happy holidays Ian, thanks for showing the layout’s progress throughout the year. It’s been inspiring to see it develop and it looks great. Must dig out my third rail stuff.....! Best wishes Nige
  2. Pencarne, always one of my favourites Andy! Best wishes Nige
  3. D16 is a great looking loco! best wishes Nige
  4. Glad it worked well for you! best wishes Nige
  5. Hi, wonderful to see the layout develop and what a stunner! Best wishes Nige
  6. Hi Matti, looking good so far, will be following with interest! Keep up the good work! Best wishes Nige
  7. Hi, it’s standard oo, mostly plasticard with recycled bits of whitemetal from the spares/scrap lane! Best wishes Nige
  8. Thank you, took a while! best wishes Nige
  9. Hurrah! If it’s recognisable can’t be too bad for some plastikard and old bits and bobs. Got the drawings from the GER Society. best wishes Nige
  10. Hi folks, been scratch building this, not finished yet still some bits to do. Chimney and roof just placed on for now. Recognisable? best wishes Nige
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