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  1. Hi Michael, I bought a pair from you a nearly two years ago! Very nice too! I don't have the thumper any more though.
  2. Yes Mr SM42, the new waterproof onesey, is now in stock, wet look, pre 1964 bauxite only............
  3. Just nipped under the bench to retrieve a wayward fine scale flange nut. I told Mrs B we had a damp problem.................
  4. Hi Bill, Did you try screwing anti clockwise? They are threaded just like the real ones! PS: when I built my MMP tankers, I used CPL diesel couplings with a coach tommy bar, looks spot on!! ATB Bagpipes
  5. Mrs B insists that every now and then, I lift the carpet in the workshop, and have a clear out of the rubbish that I chuck under there. Imagine her surprise when I pulled back the carpet and discovered this bloody great spring.....
  6. Had a trot round the West of Wycombe and just taken a lease on our new club house....a few damp walls but nice tea room adjacent! (prevents clumsy accidents with the tea urn)
  7. Hi Bridiee, MMMMMMM burnt mallard!!! This thread takes health and safety, and basically turns it on it's head!! It's the thread emoticons were made for!! and so on......... (Not allowed to post more emoticons...........) Edit to add E to Bridee (school boy error)
  8. I borrowed Mrs B's specs so I could finish my large logo 50. Not sure if I should have gone to spec save..........
  9. without the specs, not sure if I have the correct shade of rail blue..................
  10. One of my favourite pastimes was to spend weeks building a kit, spraying with enamel and then top coating with cellulose varnish. A magnificent loco coach etc apparently constructed from crazy paving was the result. still, only done it about four or five times!
  11. Two years old today!! Happy birthday fellow clumsier!!! attachment=552901:IMG_0605.jpg]
  12. Where is the Health and Safety executive when you need him/her??????? I can't believe the stupidity of these little people playing on this container. I dread to think of the carnage. Especially with giant scissors and lakes of glue just waiting...........
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