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  1. My wobbling power has been replaced with a much smoother running one How many of you knew of the High speed coal trains that were trailed
  2. Is anyone else having issues with poor running This is a video of my newly arrived prototype HST after 30mins running in in both directions. The vibrations are so bad I've had to placer a small bit of Bluetac to stop the whole assembly from vibrating its way down the track
  3. I thought the entire point of RC was to eliminate the need to power the loco through the track with all its problems around poor running The idea of having the power source 'onboard' was for smooth uninterrupted running, an onboard rc chip is in reality just a decoder. It would also be possible for the chip to send back the power level of the battery and display it like a fuel gauge, so when the loco is running low on fuel it has to go to a fuelling point and refuel, or in this case recharge the battery via the rails, making operation more realistic.
  4. I'd be interested to know how this model runs I was disappointed with the Westerns which were beautiful models but had none concentric wheels leading to wobble when running I wonder if the new class 50 is the same?
  5. Hi Mike, Do you have a link to so photos and prices?
  6. Because they've sold out of blue ones and I want a blue one, other wise probably a good call
  7. Being new to 7mm I did not now this small manufacture existed, but looking at their GUV at that price, this may be a viable route to explore, thank you for the advice
  8. I can find no reference to this book on Amazon, do you have a link?
  9. I'm thinking of having a go at scratch building a standard BR GUV in O gauge as I refuse to pay £350 for one from one of the retailers. Would anyone be able to advise me where I could get the drawings/plans for one
  10. StuartM

    Farish Class 40

    I have had my sound fitted class 40 for 3 days now and omg! What a stunning model, the addition cost of the sound being worth every penny. This model sets the benchmark for all other models that follow, and hopefully oneday ALL models will be this good. My hope is that the Graham Garish range will now be retro produced with sound
  11. Welcome to the wonderful world of 2mm track building. You can go two ways 1. Buy an Easitrack turnout kit 2. DownloadTemplot, be prepared for a long, steep and often frustrating learning curve, but when this has been apex'ed then you can design any trunout you like, print it off and then use it to build your turnout on with Easitrack components. In fact you can use Templot to plan your entire layout. Its worth the pain. Forwhat its worth I make my turnouts on pcb sleepers and just solder the rail directly to the sleepers, I find its easy and looks pretty good once weathered and ballasted
  12. I forgot to mention, I replaced the slip with a Barry crossing. I did this for a couple of reasons, the first being that when I made the double slip I only used the class 08 as the test loco and after much fetteling it worked a treat, however because this is ngauge and not 2mm finescale, the back to backs of all my loco varied widely and although some would traverse the slip with ease, other locos would get pinched in the flange gaps or ride up against the V's. Of course I could have rectifed this by either widening all the gaps between the flange ways, but this would have spoilt the look of
  13. It's been a while since I last posted anything to RMweb, but then I've been busy building this layout, that has morphed into something else as its gone along. The trackwork is now all complete and working, and I've just made a start on the scenics.
  14. Nice one, There is a lot of work involved though, it will certainly keep you busy for the next few years, I look forward to seeing it progress
  15. Excellent choice of location to model. I used to live in Crowborough on the Uckfield line, which used to reach as far as Lewis before the nasty Dr Beeching came along, a decision much regretted with the BML now full to capacity. The whole LS&SCR was a wonderful thing. I wish you well with this project and will follow with interest The attached photo shows one of through tracks now filled in
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