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  1. It seems to me that feeds 2,3,4,5 and 7 are completely superfluous, as are their associated returns. If you're using live frog points, you will get a short if you feed to the wrong side of them.
  2. On the other hand, 5 short coaches in an HST might look better than 4 long ones.... ;-)
  3. I nearly dropped the Fawley crossing barrier on Lady McAlpine once!
  4. The level crossing where the Cholsey & Wallingford Railway crosses the Wallingford bypass is laid out in a similar fashion.
  5. Or 20,900% of the original £500 target! ;-)
  6. I wonder if his layout is exhibitable? He takes it on tour with him!
  7. I was as distressed as most of us when I heard what had happened on Saturday, and for most of this week I would quite happily have joined the 'hang 'em and flog 'em' brigade. However no amount of 'punishment' will being back the ruined models, and it seems the perpetrators may have now learnt their lesson. Maybe the more pragmatic approach would be for the clubs concerned to invite the perpetrators to assist with the rebuilding/replacement work, teaching them new skills as they go. If they show an eagerness to help put right - if only in a small way - what they have done, then it would perhaps be in order for the clubs to ask that whatever sentence would have been handed down to be suspended (i.e. not to be enacted unless they do something similar again). If,as a result, some of these young men decide to take up this wonderful hobby, that would to my mind be a far better outcome than a custodial sentence.
  8. I would imagine it was one on its way to/from Eastleigh for modification.
  9. Though I do wonder whether this sizeable donation may affect the insurance payout (i.e. could the insurance company turn round and say "Hang on, you've had £40K - why do you need anything from us?"). Personally, I haven't donated yet because the fund was well over the amount originally requested by the time I became aware of it, and until the insurance situation is resolved, there may actually be no need for further donations (though I appreciate there is also a goodwill gesture in the donations). If, after the insurance has been resolved, etc, the club/exhibitors/traders still find themselves out of pocket, then of course I would be willing to donate. Which doesn't mean of course that I'm not devastated by what's happened or that I wouldn't be willing to contribute in other ways - e.g. by repairing/replacing a building or two, or by bringing my own (micro) layout to next year's show FOC. And, whilst fully agreeing with the view that 'a replacement wouldn't be my/our work', I can't help thinking there would be something rather splendid about a layout built largely from contributions by modellers across the country in a situation such as this.
  10. Of course it would very much depend on the nature of the show. A one-day show with setting up on the day only will obviously have a much lower risk of something like this happening (as the hall would never be left unattended) than a multi-day show with setting up the night before. Though of course there will still be some risk of total destruction in the event of fire and/or structural failure of the building.
  11. Insurance is a different matter to security. CMRA and Magnet both run insurance schemes for exhibitions. I believe many traders have their own insurance anyway. However, as noted, financial recompense can't bring back the hours/years of work involved in creating the models, or any sentimental value attached to them by their owners, hence the discussion of security.
  12. Me too - 'Where Seagulls Dare' isn't very big but I would be happy to help provided the venue was accessible by public transport.
  13. Strangely, now that I've done a few trips on the 800s, and got used to the seats (or they've softened up), I don't find them too bad. However having gone for my final trip on an HST this afternoon (Reading-Paddington and back), my bottom felt sore not long into the return journey. I don't quite know what that says...
  14. This weekend's objective achieved. Fiddle yard points now computer controlled (via MERG CBUS) and computer-based analogue controller wired in.

  15. I have several issues with the design and operation of many of the modern pedestrian crossings - one of which I use every day on my way to work. Traditionally pelican crossings had the lights perpendicular to the road, usually at or above head height, on the opposite side of the road so they could clearly be seen by pedestrians. Modern crossings have the button and the light in a combined box around waist height, with the lights parallel to the road. Consequently they are very difficult for a peddestrian to see (indeed the motorist may be able to see them more easily than the pedestrian! In addition, rather than the old flashing green man phase, pedestrian crossings now seem to have a long period when both pedestrian and vehicle lights are on red. This means it's difficult to know which phase will be next (or indeed how long it will be). Personally I think the best system is that used on some crossings in London (the one outside Cannon Street springs to mind), which has a countdown in place of the flashing green man.
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