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  1. I would be very surprised if there weren't some diamond crossings on the narrow gauge, particularly in confined places like quarries, factories or harbours. What I would not expect to find would be double or single slips. Of course diamond crossings between different gauges weren't unknown - the most familiar example being Cae Pawb on the Welsh Highland. So I think if the only way you can get your plan to fit is to use a diamond crossing, the railway would probably have done the same thing,.
  2. Clearly been watching too many old Bond films:
  3. "The question is, are you going to take him home and shunt him, or are you going to shunt him now?" "SHUNT ME NOW! SHUNT ME NOW!"
  4. At first glance I didn't think it was a car park exit as those sorts of bollards are more usually used for blocking off busways. However perhaps you're right, as a busway wouldn't have barriers as well, or double yellow lines.
  5. Why would an AA van be going through the bollards anyway?
  6. He may not have had significant time off, but clearly attention has been elsewhere in the last year or so.
  7. I've only just come across this thread. HP1 is a loco I have some connection to as I was part of an unsuccessful attempt to have the loco cosmetically restored and put on display in Reading about 15 years ago. Unfortunately although our then contact at the Council was keen on the idea, Council inertia meant that by the time the Council had identified a suitable site, the loco was then on its way to Yorkshire, where it has languished ever since! I did make a 00 gauge model using a Hornby/Dapol Pug chassis but the modification to reverse the cylinders was unsuccessful so it is now a non-runner.
  8. On LU, I would say that there is a big variation in risk depending on location and time of day (as indeed there is for much of the rest of the transport network). I've travelled large sections of the Tube for fun on occasional Saturday afternoons in the five years or so prior to the pandemic, and I would say that unless there is a big event on like football, or Notting Hill Carnival, or similar, the above-ground sections of the Underground are often pretty quiet off-peak and many stations either just have one staff member in a perspex booth, or none at all (I've lost count of the number of times I've accidentally demagnetised my ticket and had to crawl under the barrier!). The 'deep lines' in Zones 1 and 2 are another matter altogether!
  9. I'm not sure it would be 'a nightmare'. Presumably someone will have to be on the door accepting either payment or pre-paid tickets. It should be easy enough for the person being admitted to show their jab card or NHS app at the same time. For those purchasing in advance, notification should be included either on the website and/or on the ticket saying 'You will need to show evidence of vaccination in order to be permitted entry'. Of course, that wouldn't work at a really big show like Warley where the 'gate guardians' just glance at a ticket and tear it, and where the punters may well have been crowded outside the hall for the previous half an hour. Arguably mask-wearing would be harder to enforce - what if someone removed their mask once inside? Whilst a member of the hosting club, exhibitor or punter may have 'a strong word' with them, it's a lot harder to eject someone from a show than to not let them in in the first place.
  10. I've already pretty much decided I won't be going to Warley this year. However, if it goes ahead, I may buy a ticket anyway as a contribution towards the event's costs in order to help ensure the possibility of there being an event in 2022.
  11. ONS haven't really been involving themselves with the main testing programme or hospitalisations - they fall under the remit of Public Health England (and the equivalent devolved bodies). What ONS have been doing is asking a large number of volunteers (not sure how many) to test themselves regularly and report their results to them. ONS then extrapolate these returns to get the "1 in X" numbers. As far as I know they have not been asking people to record vaccination status. However I have seen some figures reported from PHE indicating what percentage of hospitalisations (I think about 8%) were double-jabbed, which means 92% weren't. Though of course this doesn't give the full indication because if those double-jabbed (being older and more vulnerable) are still being cautious, that 8% could represent a higher proportion of the double-jabbed population. Conversely if double-jabbed people are being less risk-averse than the population as a whole, the proportion swings the other way.
  12. I suspect for a lot of us, in whatever we do, there will be a degree of taking small steps to gain confidence before possibly being more adventurous. For example, I can watch trains going in and out of Reading station and get a good idea of how busy they are. Additionally some routes I have travelled pre-pandemic and have a fair idea that they will be lightly loaded. By the time I have explored those routes, I should hopefully start to get an idea of loadings either on connecting routes, or for travelling further on the same route. For example, I feel confident I could travel down to North Camp safely off peak, and from there walk to Ash Vale (change for Aldershot and Alton, hence for MHR). That trip (if successful) should give me more confidence to get to Guildford (don't expect many passengers to join the train at Ash). From Guildford I'm fairly confident of a safe journey off peak down towards Portsmouth, etc - though obviously time of day etc needs to be taken into consideration. In terms of organising shows, I expect that once a few clubs start holding them, they will be able to provide feedback about what they did and how many visitors they got, and any RMWeb members who attended will hopefully also provide feedback about their experiences. This will then inform the decisions of those holding (and attending) other shows, etc. This is pretty much what happened with heritage railways - some (most notably Appleby Frodingham) were very quick out of the blocks, giving an idea what was possible. Gradually more railways, particularly those with compartment stock, started to open, then one by one those with open coaches once suitable methods of working and modifications (such as sneeze guards) had been made. This gave other railways opportunity to review what the open railways were doing and how they got on, before making the decision for themselves.
  13. I've a feeling the late Dave Shakespeare designed his final house having already had a layout plan in mind. Sadly as he was taken ill shortly after the house was completed, the layout never progressed beyond baseboard stage. I used to help operate a layout with a helix at shows. Derailments were accessed by standing up inside the helix! Personally, I wouldn't recommend one if any other options are available.
  14. Not far removed from my own situation. About this time last summer as things were starting to open up, I made a mental note of places I felt I could: a) Travel to on a relatively empty bus or train, and b) Be pretty sure that I could social distance if necessary once there (or were outside). Unfortunately when public transport and attractions etc opened, mask rules were tightened up and many of these venues were further away than I felt comfortable travelling to wearing a mask. Consequently, I've been to Didcot, Wallingford, Twyford (model shop visit) and Windsor Great Park and that's about it (apart from a couple of trips to Tilehurst for jabs, and a walk along the K&A towpath) . Even on one of my trips to Wallingford last year I ended up getting off the bus early on the way back and walking the last mile and a half or so as the humidity inside the mask had got so oppressive. However I have found those short journeys have been a great release mentally - it was galling at one point last year to see people getting into their cars and going places when I wasn't allowed to go further from home than walking distance. So I can certainly sympathise with your situation.
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