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  1. One other practical point, points need more attention than straight track - they need to be kept clean to maintain electrical contact, and are often a cause of derailments. So I wouldn't put the overall roof over the crossover.
  2. Ooh, hang on, I may have visited one in Chicago once!
  3. I think the furthest extant shop I've visited is the Monk Bar model shop in York. I did visit one in Carlisle back in the 90s, but it's probably not there now, and I was living in Stockport at the time, so not quite so exotically far away compared with where I am now. I've been to Exeter Model shop a few times recently when visiting our Exeter office.
  4. Assuming we mean shops that are still open, Twyford Model and Dolls House.
  5. I made it 15 seconds from the barriers reaching the upright position to starting to fall again (although the sirens started before that). No risk of any vehicles being "trapped" of course, as it is a half barrier crossing.
  6. Only I could manage to short out a controller by mis-installing the short circuit protection!

    1. Metr0Land


      You are not alone.....  don't spend too long wondering how I know this!

    2. RJS1977


      Fixed and working now, apart from the electrical connection to the fiddle yard.


  7. My philosophy as well (coincidentally as JN Maskelyne was a member of my club many decades ago!). When I'm running a loco, I don't much care whether it's got the correct number of rivets on the tender, spokes on the wheels, or if the wheelbase is strictly correct. I get as much enjoyment out of running my father's 1956 Triang Princess (with all its known deficiencies) as my Bachmann City of Truro. Unfortunately the trend towards more accurate models (not that I'm saying that's wrong) over the last couple of decades or so has led to big increases in prices, as the use of standard mechanisms has been phased out.
  8. I guess it depends why the friend bought the layout. If he bought the layout just because he wanted a layout, then yes, it's replaceable. However if the layout was of historical or sentimental value (e.g. owned by a close friend) then scrapping and building a new one can't replace the old one. Imagine the outcry if Tony had done that to Buckingham!
  9. Relatively obscure? Daisy and Peter Sam are proper Awdry characters..... ;-) It may also be that in the case of Peter Sam there's the possibility of releasing it in the main range as Edward Thomas, although they haven't done that with Skarloey and Rheneas (yet).
  10. Having seen those two photos, I can no longer feel ashamed for the woodwork underneath Aberystwyth loco depot!
  11. Kevin, I think Malcolm is only thinking of compiling histories of past E&LMRC members, of which Peter was not one. Tony Gee (TBG) is the Denny expert. Richard
  12. No, just down to the camera not having a 'sport' setting, so moving trains often come out blurred, unless I pan, when the scenery blurs. And if I misjudge the panning speed, they both blur...
  13. And from Bachmann's point of view, they don't want to be taking stuff back to Barwell to sit on the shelves, so if a retailer comes along and says "I'll have ten" or however many, they'll bite his hand off!
  14. Sydney Gardens is certainly well-modelled. However from a spectator point of view, about half the track in the scenic area is behind trees meaning the trains can only be seen on a very short section of track. So whilst it's a layout I always like to see, I'm afraid it misses out on 'best in show' for me.
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