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  1. Not so much fun if you're going to eat the cream cakes, given the breach of food hygiene.... ;-)
  2. And I use the Crescent cast-metal signals. Easy to motorise, and the spectacle plates can be drilled out with care (although I'll admit I've broken a few!) but a lot cheaper than Dapol!
  3. Triang and Hornby-Dublo designed their locomotives to be easily maintainable. Triang started out in the days of post-War austerity, when families could not afford 'throwaway' toys, so they were made so that father could get the spares and fix issues easily, or failing that there was the large service dealer network. The X04 motor will keep going almost indefinitely with an occasional service and change of brushes when required. I was somewhat shocked a few years ago when I purchased a Hornby 2721 Pannier tank and read in the service sheet that the motor brushes could not be replac
  4. I've seen at least one layout with an over-height lorry driving away from a low bridge with no indication of how it got under.... (and no, there wasn't space for it to have turned round).
  5. And I wasn't advocating that they should - I was only saying that in the unlikely hypothetical situation that such a southern link to HS1 were to be built, it would make sense to connect it to Gatwick as well, in which case it would serve the dual purpose of acting as a link between the two airports. And with regards to the definition of "Thames Valley", I was again just pointing out that "Can't they all get the GWML to OOC" wouldn't be possible for a significant number of people. In neither case was I advocating either for or against building a Heathrow link.
  6. However the Thames Valley isn't just the GWR corrridor. Remember the Thames runs south of Heathrow through or close to places like Staines, Chertsey, Walton, Surbiton, Hampton, Kingston, Twickenham. Then there are the various tributaries such as the Wey, heading to places like Guildford and beyond. None of these have an easy link to OOC, unless the Overground was to be extended beyond Richmond.
  7. I wonder if drivers are so busy concentrating on the "chicane" that it distracts them from checking the height of their vehicle? That said, the "CAUTION" sign isn't exactly conspicuous! The "chicane" isn't really a chicane though, as the yellow line goes straight through - the right hand side (from the drivers' perspective) of the road narrows approaching the bridge on each side.
  8. If a spur from HS2 underneath Heathow and round to say Ashford was built, it might as well go under Gatwick as well, creating the often-mooted Heathrow-Gatwick rail link.
  9. And don't forget the possibility of a 'heritage' arrangement - the Transport Museum near Lowestoft has trams, trolleybuses, buses and a NG railway.
  10. Trams used to pass Kew Bridge pumping station (now London Museum of Water and Steam), which in its museum guise, has a NG railway. However as far as I know there wasn't a NG railway there when the trams were running!
  11. Tell me about it - I've seen someone manage to wedge a narrow boat sideways across the approach to Caversham Lock, and on another occasion someone manage to jam two boats side by side going through the gate! Plus of course the old favourite of tying the boat up in a full lock without allowing for the drop in water level....
  12. Indeed, I was very tempted to hire a boat on the Thames last month, but as a single person it neither worked out economically or practically (it really takes two people to take a boat through a lock, unless you really know what you're doing - in fact I'm not sure the hire company hires to single users). The other downside for me is that I'd spend half the holiday sailing away, seeing new scenery (good), and the second half returning seeing what I'd already seen (not so good). Now, if they were to connect the Basingstoke Canal into the K&A, or rebuild the Wilts & Berks to cr
  13. Yes, Peco have had to make ingenious use of the Pecorama facilities in order to ensure production continues in a Covid secure way - hence Pecorama not opening this season.
  14. I would imagine the boundary markers to have been retained anyway until BR either sold the land, or Marples repurposed it for a road scheme. Just because there isn't a railway any more doesn't mean there's no need to know whose land it is.....
  15. There are several instances of semaphore signals remaining in place long after the line has been closed - there is one alongside the M3 on the DN&S and there are a number of others (such as the Crompton & High Peak) - I think it's become quite fashionable where a railway is being converted to a footpath to leave a signal as a point of interest.
  16. Bull Dog wasn't used on the sea front section (the small, but not quite as small Manning Wardle 'Rosalind' was used there) - Bull Dog only ever operated above the incline, but this included the lengthy tunnel under the GWR station.
  17. Talking of Kerr Stuart, when the 4'0" Saundersfoot Railway closed, its locomotive 'Bull Dog' was regauged to standard to work at a steelworks in Llanelli. That was even lower (having been designed to fit through the tunnel under Saundersfoot station). There was no rear pony truck, so the cab floor was as close to the track as it could be - IIRC the entire loco was only 6' tall! Edit: Pictures found online: h
  18. Yes, fireless locos (like all steam locos) have/had asbestos cladding with a metal skin round the outside. When 'normal' steam locos are conserved for static display, the asbestos is usually replaced with some other material (such as loft insulation) and the metal skin refitted. When fireless locos are 'conserved', often the outer skin is taken off to remove the asbestos, and then the loco is left like that :-(
  19. Ah well, that's a foreign one! Our home-grown Bagnalls, Barclays and even a Peckett looked quite nice (although the Peckett in particular looks a lot less nice in its current guise with no cladding - a fate which has sadly befallen many fireless locos).
  20. Manchester Mayfield would be another Northern example, and a city centre one too! However old OS maps seem to show a somewhat peculiar and conflicting throat arrangement. The MS&L side of Manchester London Road could perhaps also be considered as another example.
  21. Motorised luggage vans attaching to/detaching from trains?
  22. The other advantage of having the signal that side is that as it's the same side of the platform, the driver can watch for both the Guard and the signal from the same side of the cab.
  23. Slightly off-topic, but if anyone needs any photos of the underside of an LMS 20 ton tank wagon, let me know. I spent a couple of hours under one today and I suspect (weather and Covid permitting) that it won't be the last time I'll be going under it!
  24. I would imagine a significant number of people don't know where they may have picked up the virus. If someone you've been around gets the virus, and then you develop symptoms or test positive, it's a pretty good bet you caught it off them. Likewise if a number of people who have been at a particular venue come down with the virus, it's likely they all caught it there. However if you've caught it off someone asymptomatic, or you've been to a number of places where you could have caught it, it won't be possible to attribute it to a particular source. Then there are almost
  25. I can think of a number of good reasons why members might be prepared to make a one-off(?) voluntary donation, rather than being made to pay an increase in subs which could end up being permanent - especially if you were looking for an increase of more than 50%.
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