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  1. I've not found much of a formal nature, but the consensus seems to be that strong UV light (e.g. sunlight) is the main danger, causing brittleness. Possibly of interest to the dentists among us is http://www.sdclucknow.com/Journal2012/Dental materials/298_303_Longevity-of-materials-for-pit-and-fissure-sealing—Results-from-a-meta-analysis_Kühnisch.pdf This seems to suggest UV-cured resin is significantly less long-lasting than some of the alternatives. Yes, painting seems to be a good defence, but little information on what characteristics are needed in the paint. I
  2. Other articles which may be relevant to wheel-turning include: Reinventing the Wheel? by Dr Nick Mitchell August 2014 p69 Wheel turning tip by Alan Pearson August 2011 p67 David
  3. Not yet, but I think I will need something similar (but simpler) if/when I progress to tenders, and similarly for the top corners of some of the GWR coal wagons, though any crude short cuts will be less obvious in them than in a dome. David
  4. I'm also an OpenSCAD user, though I've not yet got far enough to input one of my creations to a printer. Its parametric approach seems to suit me, and appears to handle my current examples, mostly wagons. As has been said here and elsewhere, I think it would struggle with complex curves, though I have seen Chris Higgs using it for a Belpaire firebox. Rendering does get painfully slow, so I am currently using a parameter to include/omit most of the details for a quick preview facility. David
  5. Some of us do (have a clue, at least in this instance). David
  6. Quite a complicated subject. I will try to point you in the right direction for further research. Don's link to the relevant page on the gwr.org site is useful, and also useful would be a couple of articles on GWR DC brakes in the 2mm magazine by Richard Brummitt in June and August 2014. The 5-plank O3 is relatively straightforward. Initially fitted with DCI brakes, as covered in the gwr.org article, by 1940 the brakes would probably have been adapted to comply with Board of Trade regulations. The O5 is more complicated. Firstly a typo has crept into the sho
  7. A few minor points to add to previous replies: Area Group - Your nearest appears to be Oxford, but I'm not sure if it's still active. Soldering - different people will offer slightly different suggestions. Personally I largely follow Jim's, but would add a couple of comments: Continue to hold the soldered parts in place for a while after removing the soldering iron tip. This is where Bob Jones' suggestion of a third hand (preferably with asbestos fingers) would be useful! Clean thoroughly afterwards - I use an ultrasonic cleaner Diesels For prototypical
  8. I agree. A couple of examples - the pitchfork is probably 30+ years old, and still in regular use, the scythe is rather older, but not used so often. David
  9. Rumours of a future extension to Sodor have been strongly denied by the management! David
  10. Andover - Modelex 2018, September 1st and 2nd. Llangerisech was conveniently situated in the corner of a large sports hall. The prohibition of "Exterior Footwear" was ignored by operators, spectators and management alike. Those of food and drink were honoured (mostly). Late Sunday afternoon saw the approach and arrival of a slightly unconvincing visitor: David
  11. RailWells - August 11th Various parts of John Greenwood's North Cornwall Railway: Padstow Wadebridge Tresarret and Clay Dries As labelled Wenford Bridge St Blazey and other 2FS layouts present: Alan Whitehouse's rebuilt Mini MSW Mick Simpson's Callaton Jim Allwood's Bordesley North not forgetting John Birkett-Smith's Ashburton David
  12. I recommend Shire Scenes for etched models of horse-drawn vehicles.Web site at http://www.shirescenes.co.uk/index.html Of the whitemetal offerings, I generally prefer Langley Web Site at http://www.langley-models.co.uk/ David
  13. Stephen Harris may do one. His list at http://2mm.org.uk/small_suppliers/stephenharris/index.htm (which is dated July 2015) lists one for future release. David
  14. A few photos of the layouts on display. Mick Simpson was taking photos which I presume will appear in the Magazine in due course. Work-in-progress on Modbury. Ian Smith's Buffalo, with a train mainly comprising coaches from his own sheet of etches. Holywell Town, by Adrian Cherry. Development work on Andy Carlson's Hayle North. A tractor driving system, reminiscent of Laurie Adams' Yeovil Pen Mill which appeared at Tutbury a year or two ago. Brain Hume's Annedale Town Gomersall Town, by Steve Dunkeyson Mick SImpson's Callaton David
  15. London Festival of Railway Modelling, Alexandra Palace, March 24-5 2018. Llangerisech was flying the 2FS flag this year. Access to the hall to set up on Friday afternoon was difficult - Nigel's car was allowed into the hall, but required to park at the far corner from the layout's location, requiring a lengthy carry of all the component parts across a crowded hall. Situation around 3pm - most of the layout parts awaiting assembly: Situation about an hour later, layout up and running, in a very convenient corner location: Some of the highlights of the layout: In the for
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