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  1. This does look 'acceptable' especially if the curve is disguised in some way... I realised that 16'4"x7'3" in O gauge is more or less the same as 8x4 in OO or 4x2 in N, both of which I've had in the past; question is: would I be happy going back to those restraints or do I need something different...? Jury's out for the time being...!
  2. Thank you - this looks and sounds exactly the sort of thing I'd be aiming for; I'll go back to Anyrail and play around with the plan...
  3. Someone else suggested this to me earlier today, so it seems that might be the way to go...thank you for your input David
  4. Another vote for a Stanier 8F...followed by a Collett 2884, but only because I've seen 3802 up close and personal...!
  5. No, I paid enough to have the garage converted so I can't justify setting up outside as well...!
  6. Thank you; yes that makes a whole lot more sense, and the station could be low-relief so saving a bit more, and I could use a traverser for the fiddle yard perhaps... It does seem there's a lot more to think about than meets the eye; good job I'm not in a rush...!
  7. Thank you Andy; I'm off to look at your Bala Town thread as I really like the look and feel of the station and yard...
  8. Many thanks indeed; the pondering begins...!
  9. Thank you - as I mentioned in the previous post I used the Peco 2nd radius setrack curves so avoiding flexi 'drift' of the curve...
  10. Ok thank you - is it ok for a loco to run round wagons in the station area, or should there be a run around in the yard area...?
  11. Indeed that's the sort of feedback I need - the curves are Peco radius 2 setrack so I assume these would be ok for most stock...?
  12. Thank you, and yes I should have said - that edge of the baseboard is set against a recessed window, so can overhang another couple of inches if necessary...
  13. Ok, so, I have a converted garage measuring 16’4” x 7’3” in which there currently resides a OO gauge four-track roundy layout which goes all round the room. This is great, and I really enjoy it, but I know at some point I’m going to have to move up to O gauge, for a number of reasons: 1. I’ve already completed a layout in N gauge, and then had to move up to OO as I couldn’t manage the details anymore; I can see the move to O being a ‘dexterity and eyesight’ move as much as anything... 2. Although I love ‘watching the trains go by’ and enjoy seeing large express locos and long lines of coaches, there’s something very appealing about realistic, detailed locos shunting wagons in a yard and travelling through beautiful scenery with a two-coach local service. This is fuelled by my love of Llangollen, my local heritage railway. I would employ DCC sound if I moved to O gauge; currently it’s all DC... 3. There seems to be an ever-increasing supply of really good O gauge locos and rolling stock from the likes of Dapol, Heljan and so on, which look the part and aren’t too unreasonable in price. 4. O gauge would give me more opportunity to make things, and do kit-building and so on, which I enjoyed doing in N gauge but have skipped in OO, using proprietary infrastructure instead. 5. There’s a chap lives just around the corner from me who handbuilds some exquisite 7mm wagons and I’d love to justify getting hold of some! So, the question hovers over all of this: will O gauge in a garage really work, or am I delusional...?! I downloaded a free version of Anyrail and started fiddling about with Peco bullhead 124 track pieces etc, eventually coming up with the plan below. As I have usually built models based on real locations I have no experience of creating branch line plans from scratch (I don’t think there’s a prototype this small!) so I have no idea as to whether this plan will work. In other words, I need to know: 1. Is it realistic in terms of trackplan and size? 2. Are there any glaring errors in the trackplan that need adjusting? 3. Are there sufficient operating possibilities to justify disposing with the OO and building it at some point in the future? In which case, what sort of movements could happen in a typical running session? 4. What kind of stock would be suitable? As far as the plan goes, the bottom right corner does currently have a lift-up flap which means the layout could go all round the room, but I didn’t think another curve could be included in that end – you may think differently... I have been through a number of plan-books, including the O Gauge Guild ‘Layouts for small spaces’ publication but nothing leapt out; hence this cry for help! All input/criticisms/advice would be very welcome! Thank you David
  14. Must admit I'm a bit late to this party having only just seen the layout for the first time in Hornby magazine, although I had heard rumours... As someone who used to sit by the long curve at Point of Ayr colliery and 'watch the trains go by' and stand on Prestatyn station looking for the first glint off the nose of a class 40 almost a mile away along the straight line of the North Wales Coast this layout totally chimes wih my memories from the late 70's and early 80's. I've built an N gauge representation of it, albeit much shorter, and am currently playing trains in OO, but I can't wait to see what this looks - and sounds - like in O gauge, especially with this size and detail... Please say you'll be coming to within shouting distance of North Wales at some point - I could argue an essential journey for my mental health if it's near enough! Hope it all continues smoothly... David
  15. On January 19th, 2011 I sneaked in to a then well established RMweb, and I've been made to feel welcomed, included and encouraged in equal measure over the last near-decade. Although I struggled with whether my modelling efforts were 'good enough' Andy Y, Gilbert (PN) and many others managed to convince me to stick at it, to the point when my 'Prestatyn in N' was featured in BRM Dec 2014...still can't believe it! A highlight for me was RMweb Live which was such a good day in so many ways; but also the ongoing friendships with respected modellers and strugglers alike which has served to lift my spirits and keep me motivated in life itself as well as in railway modelling as a therapeutic hobby. Here's to another decade or several...! David
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