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  1. Many thanks indeed; great to know, I'll organise a visit in the New Year David
  2. Beautiful coaches, and a lovely mix of liveries/types; any particular reason for the number of BSO's...? Just curious... David
  3. Desperately sad; I can't imagine the emotional, mental and physical impact of this on the modellers and contributors. No amount of 'rough justice' for the perpetrators can address the pain and turmoil of having a life's work destroyed overnight, and I hope all concerned will be offered appropriate care and counselling to help deal with what must be akin to bereavement. My thoughts are with them all. David
  4. Would like to get hold of a Heljan class 33 33102 in original condition. Have seen a few resprays online but would prefer the Heljan version, with detailing bits etc. if possible. PM if you know of /have one for sale. Thank you! David
  5. The Manager of the Music College at which I studied and taught counted as her two best friends - from school days apparently - Helen Mirren and Dave Gilmour. We played Floyd's albums as background music in the college and often performed them in workshops with the students (they loved the long guitar solos too...!) I met the wonderful Ms Mirren once but Mr G remained an enigma; the weekend parties at his country home were, however, legendary, and our Manager was frequently missing on Mondays... Shine on... David
  6. That 9f really is a stonking beast, and the weathering adds to its powerful image; Bachmann or kit-built...? David
  7. I'd be interested to know this too as I have two of these I need to replace - both mine have failed; lights on, no movement, using 16v ac...have seen the posts above about the 'new instructions' but fear it may be too late for mine... a chap at Dapol, who was terse to the point of being rude, told me they couldn't help as they're too expensive to repair...
  8. Thanks Andy; please see my edit above about extra content... Thanks Andy; please see my edit above about extra content...
  9. Just downloaded the March digital edition from Pocketmags - am I missing something, or are there no digital 'extras' any more...? There used to be extra pictures/features of the layouts etc but this one looks like a scanned print copy, including lots of "get the digital copy to see how this was made" type adverts... Edit - by way of illustration: Jubilee Road Wagon Works has an offer of extra content on page 50 but I can't find it - help please! Any reason for this...? David
  10. I hear the sound of a gauntlet being thrown down...
  11. Very enjoyable read through today, having just got back from a holiday in Windermere the Paul Lunn article on Lakeside was especially welcome, but I would have liked an overall shot/trackplan of Peter Marriott's budget layout; I realise the plan must be very simple and the whole thing quite small but the snapshots were enticing enough to warrant a larger picture I think...or is there more to come next month perhaps...? David
  12. Late to the party as usual, but if I could just throw my twopenn'th in here I've just finished laying a garage-sized layout in all code 75 and really wished I'd used 100! I lost so many lengths of flexi due to the rails pulling out of the sleepers and not being able to re-thread them back in again, and the slighest baseboard undulations have proved problematic and it has taken weeks of fiddling about packing and re-laying points particularly due to poor running/derailments etc... It also seems the case that even the newest locos (with properly gapped wheels) sometimes have an issue with the catch rails on 75 points, especially the curved ones (of which I laid 8) and often the front wheels jump when crossing them as the flanges catch the inside rail. Oddly enough, the best runner on the layout is an old Bachmann/Mainline-reissue Class 46 which purrs over everything unhindered whilst the front pony wheels on a new Fairburn jump every time... Ah well, you live and learn...! David
  13. I was in there the week befoire last needing a Peco finescale point for myself and a wagon for my Dad's Father's Day present...well, sorry folks but the place is but a shadow of its former self - hugely overpriced 'basics' (the point was £4.50 dearer than most other places so I left it) and the same secondhand items were on the shelf from the previous year, probably due to their unrealistic prices. Hugely disappointed to find the railway section has now shrunk to a few cabinets and wall displays around the till upstairs; the rest being mostly cars, boats, planes, wargaming kits and associated static models. I bought an Oxford Rail wagon as I felt sorry for the owner having remembered the shop from former times, but left feeling quite dispondant... David
  14. Thank you all for your input; I think for me the 'belt and braces' approach of 2-pole switching seems the best in this instance. I believe I can get away with 4 rotary switches so each loop can be switchable to each controller on demand so facilitating the crossover as and when needed. Question: Does anyone know if there are any 6-way 2-pole rotary switches ready-wired or that just have a screw terminal block attached, or is someone willing to wire some up for me?! My soldering skills are limited to track feeds (blobs of solder on the rail) and point motors (usually end up smothered in it!), and looking at the pictures on Ebay the terminals are way too small for my shaky fingers...! Many thanks David
  15. Oh ok thank you I'll hold back for a bit; please explain about 'common return' please. David
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