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  1. I called Hornby about this and was told it was fine to leave the HM6000 on 24/7, and the reconnection part of the App was designed around this premise. I dunno, I guess my TV/Box remains on permanently so why not this unit, but I always feel apprehensive about leaving electrical items on when I'm not in the room, so for now I do the re-setup described above...it only takes a couple of minutes, after all... David
  2. Wow! Small scale construction at its best...The placeholder building looks better than some of my finished ones... Have to keep reminding myself that it's 2mm... David
  3. HM6000 arrived this morning, and all good so far. Took about 5 minutes to set up; I left off the inertia settings for the time being, and found it to be smooth and responsive. The 'brake/stop' feature is nice and makes it easy to reduce speed and stop on point without precision slider control. No problem with power consistency across my garage-sized layout; in fact it seemed slightly better in that respect than my old Gaugemaster. The sounds are a bit gimmicky as noted previously, but I kept them at low volume and that way they created a useful and unobtrusive backgroun
  4. Thank you for this; my trains are limited (by choice) to loco & 7 coaches, so unlikely to draw that much power, in which case your suggestion is a good one... The 1amp supply is currently £18 at Hattons so I'll go with that and see what happens. Many thanks David
  5. Help Please! Just pre-ordered mine from Hattons as they seem to be the cheapest option! Question - should I go for the 1amp or 4amp power supply? Anyone used the 4amp yet? I wasn't sure what the difference is supposed to be so I rang Hornby; they said the 4amp is for large layouts where there might be a need for a stronger signal, but for my garage-sized roundy layout 1amp should suffice, but they couldn't say for sure. (They also said that the 4amp would power O gauge locos but I'm not sure it's a good idea as the feedback circuitry might damage them...any thoughts?)
  6. Many thanks; I was hoping for more 'oomph' from the built-in CDU but I may have to stay with my old one for now. I guess the output conundrum will have to wait for a proper bench test with different locos to verify its suitability; interestingly I rang Hornby technical dept. with the same question and they couldn't tell me the output amperage so couldn't help! I'll order one and give it a trial run; my OO roundy layout should benefit from the easier controls...(and I can't wait to hear the buit-in 'sounds' ) David
  7. Hi all; a couple of quick questions if I may: 1. Does each HM6010 accessory unit outlet have the capacity to fire more than one solenoid at a time? Most of my points are thrown in pairs to control loops/crossovers and I need the ability to throw 2 or even 4 points in one go, which my current old-school CDU does admirably! 2. Has anyone tried the HM6000 with O gauge? My Gaugemaster D unit copes fine, as did my old Hornby controller until it packed up, and I was wondering if the new unit carries the same clout! Many thanks David
  8. I sent off to Modelu and the lamps arrived next day, which I think is quite impressive! Painted them up and popped in the lenses, colouring one red with a dvd marker pen. I pushed a tiny bit of blutac into the slots to stop them wobbling on the irons. I think they look the part... David
  9. You'd think some enterprising soul would create some ready-to-fit lamps wouldn't you, rather than having to cut, file or glue solid lumps of metal or plastic...or am I being too naive, and modellers actually relish the extra work...?! David
  10. Modelu it is then! Don't know why I didn't think of them before; I've just finished painting up some of their workmen... Thanks all David
  11. Hi all, just starting out in 7mm, and I've hit a snag; probably minor in the big scheme of things but important in the long run: in trying to fit lamps to locos I've yet to find an example that's pre-drilled/slotted. I've been trying to use Springside metal ones - which I use in OO successfully as you can get away with a bit of filing and tacky wax - but I simply don't have the means to drill/cut the 7mm versions. So far I've broken the handles, split the metal and generally made a right mess! Any suggestions for ready-to-fit WR lamps out there...?! David
  12. Only in as much that quantities of each were consumed in the making of it...
  13. Thanks for your reply; I use something similar to this and am becoming quite adept at it, but the problems I'm having are with the couplings themselves, which often a) aren't long enough to reach the hook without buffer compression, or b) they're too thick to go over their own or the opposing hook or c) the links are too small to be hooked up properly. Dapol seem to be the chief culprits in the sheer variety of couplings on their production models, but maybe their aftersales couplings might be better, along with the Peco ones mentioned earlier. David
  14. Hi all Ok, so I've started dabbling in O gauge, using Dapol and Heljan stock with a couple of Slaters kits to get me started. I have a small BLT layout about 18' long which I'm using as a testbed. Now then: couplings - it seems to me that manufactures use different chain lengths/thicknesses which often don't easily drop onto the opposing hook, making coupling doubly difficult given the obvious need for a steady hand. (I actually have a Dapol wagon 'Atrill' on which the chain is too thick to pivot properly and the link too small to pass over its own hook!) The Heljan coupli
  15. Just sent off for a set of 5 'dual' magnet links for a trial, so be interested to see how they work and if anyone else uses them...! David
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