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  1. Seriously, are you going to install a camera inside so people can see the internal details...? It surely warrants it IMO... David
  2. Prestatyn for me, having been born there, live there, and modelled it in N gauge...! Wonderful branch line to Dyserth up some impressive gradients, and in its heyday had 4 platforms and a queue of trains of all shapes and sizes...much nicer than Rhyl David
  3. Thank you, yes a pdf would be great - DM me please; and I like the bit of history...lots of potential! David
  4. Wow....! Thank you; that looks really good, and yes feel free to use as you like. I need to go and spend some time pondering now...! David
  5. You could do worse than call it 'Rockfield' after the Welsh village near Monmouth with the famous recording studio...!
  6. Ok, so, as it would be a first trial as such, I was thinking late-50's/early 60's BR country station buried somewhere in the Welsh borders - a largely forgotten backwater apart from the staff and locals who value this connection with the outside world...! There's plenty of choice in rtr stock etc, eg Dapol's 14xx, 57xx, 08 and upcoming small prairie, pulling variously an autocoach; a 2-coach B-set from Bristol/Cardiff, or pair of suburban brakes; and a local pick-up goods with 6 wagons and a brake van. It would need a goods shed and coal yard, with an oil tank for local heating oil s
  7. Spot-on; looks pretty good...feel free to develop this any way you like, I'm more than happy for the input...! David
  8. Many thanks; this does make a lot of sense, although I agree that the bridge needs to be longer; but the concept is sound enough...
  9. Trying to visualise this but can't get my head around the bridge siting...any chance of a rough plan drawing...?
  10. This does look 'acceptable' especially if the curve is disguised in some way... I realised that 16'4"x7'3" in O gauge is more or less the same as 8x4 in OO or 4x2 in N, both of which I've had in the past; question is: would I be happy going back to those restraints or do I need something different...? Jury's out for the time being...!
  11. Thank you - this looks and sounds exactly the sort of thing I'd be aiming for; I'll go back to Anyrail and play around with the plan...
  12. Someone else suggested this to me earlier today, so it seems that might be the way to go...thank you for your input David
  13. Another vote for a Stanier 8F...followed by a Collett 2884, but only because I've seen 3802 up close and personal...!
  14. No, I paid enough to have the garage converted so I can't justify setting up outside as well...!
  15. Thank you; yes that makes a whole lot more sense, and the station could be low-relief so saving a bit more, and I could use a traverser for the fiddle yard perhaps... It does seem there's a lot more to think about than meets the eye; good job I'm not in a rush...!
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