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  1. On the Isle of Man, Peel Castle was visible from Peel station.
  2. The juxtaposition of early 21st century technology a graphic style from the 30s and characters from the 30s to the 50s has a bit of a feel of the "somewhere in the 20th century" retro future of Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil', but sunnier.... I imagine that in that Five go Mad in the City, poster they're about to take a wrong turn and find themselves in the city's cyberpunkish underbelly...
  3. The ones at Dunkeld and Birnam are very low (Highland Railway, unrebuilt), probably only 2' 6". It's a heck of job getting off with a dodgy knee if the portable steps aren't anywhere near the doors.
  4. Messed up quoting, but was going to comment that the was an article in Scale Model Trains around 1988 on modelling Severn Beach. Might make a micro or boxfile these days.
  5. Sandhills (Liverpool),1976-1976, what seemed to be the narrowest island platform in the country, exposed, crumbling and rarely saw another passenger.
  6. Wetwang had a station, it'd be pretty straightforward to model it. http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/w/wetwang/
  7. There're the underground sections of the Merseyrail network with Liverpool Central, Moorfields, James, Street and Lime Street, with the line under the Mersey to Conway Park and Birkenhead Hamilton square.
  8. There was the almost famous "FAR AWAY IS CLOSE AT HAND IN IMAGES OF ELSEWHERE" on a wall as you came into Paddington. There was a "Free the Heinz 57" on the way into Lime Street (and probably elsewhere).
  9. Also Gathurst - long walk down to the road underbrudge, Hoscar staggered platforms with access from the level crossing; Bescar Lane, access from level crossing
  10. I worked at Chester in 1984 and it certainly had a public address system then and had had one for years before that.
  11. Rather than fictional one, how about using some long-vanished counties e.g. Hexhamshire, Islandshire, Bedlingtonshire, and Norhamshire (which were incorporated into Northumberland), or Winchcombeshire (which became part of Gloucestershire).
  12. Got one in Huntingdon this morning, but they don't seem to have any more out at the moment..
  13. No bays, though you could add them, Grange over Sands is a fantastic little station.
  14. Went on the Sunday, very good show. Particularly liked Outwell Village and Loch Dore. I admire the dedication of the Fenland Light Railway operating in that weather.
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