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  1. Hello Andy, Phil and everyone Very much enjoying the show - particularly as 'time was against me' during last year's event and I didn't see as much as I would have liked. One thing that is clear from the videos is how strong, resilient and resourceful our model makers are! They have flown through massive turbulence but seem to be coming out of it with more good news than we have probably ever had! When I was at work, some people could be more than a trifle 'disdainful' that I was into railway modelling. I bet those same people would be very surprised at the 'business acumen' displayed by our manufacturers! All the best to them all! Brian
  2. Hello Andy Enjoying the show! Many thanks for all your hard work! A note for David Haarhaus... In the Bachmann interview where you are discussing new models (about 12 minutes in), David remarked that the MIdland 1P 'wasn't on anyone's radar'. Well, here's how it fared in the 00 Wishlist Polls prior to its announcement in 2017: 2013 - High Polling 2014 - Middle Polling 2015 - High Polling 2016 - High Polling, where it was the fourth most-wanted LMS loco. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  3. Hello Welly and everyone I was very similar! She remained stubbornly without underline in my spotter's book until I heard that she was due to visit King's Cross in the mid-80s...where, I thought, I could settle the matter once and for all. Others will know more of the technical difficulties than I, but the loco 'failed' at or near York and was put in some sidings very near the station - with no idea of if or when it would ever come south. I dealt with a supplier not far from York and quickly arranged 'an overdue factory visit' (!). Of course, I drove via York Station to see the loco and felt an immense sense of satisfaction as I stood looking at her after all those years of waiting! I couldn't wait to get home, whereupon I promptly underlined her...in red! Brian
  4. Hello everyone Colleagues and I of the 00 Wishlist Poll Team were very surprised that Bachmann didn't announce the DIag.2406 BCK in the initial run, but we can see why. We subsequently made what we felt was a very strong case for them. We referenced the fact that Hornby took some flak for not initially announcing a Maunsell BCK (which they rectified a year or so later) and that the six Poll Team members who model SR would buy 26 examples between us - with two of us wanting eight each. We guess that they would sell well. Brian
  5. Hello Rob Very nice yo see your County loco - a class that doesn't seem to attract much discussion but which is vital to any GWR main line layout. The County has gradually crept up the echelons of The 00 Wishlist Poll Results over the years, getting into The Top 50 in 2018 but slipping back just outside in 2019 (the last Poll to run). I have two very old Counties at present but would almost certainly buy three of any built to modern standards such as we are now seeing coming to market. Brian
  6. Hello everyone Congratulations to Ben and his team on this announcement (which has managed to escape my attention until today, I'm sorry to say)! The Cartic-4 has been High Polling in the 00 Wishlist Poll since 2014, although in 2019 - the last Poll to run - it dipped into Middle Polling by just one vote! We wish Revolution every success with the vehicles. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  7. Hello D9001 Here are the placings... 2013 - Low Polling 2014 - Low Polling (but slightly higher) 2015 - Low Polling (but slightly lower) 2016 - Low Polling (but slightly lower) 2017 - Poll didn't run 2018 - High Polling 2019 - High Polling (about same as 2018) Brian (on behalf of the 00 Poll Team)
  8. Hello Andy I attended with Advance Ticket this morning. I wore a mask inside - except for a few moments where it was easier to speak to someone on a stand, where I was 'distanced' anyway. I was surprised how few masks were in evidence. I didn't go anywhere in the hall that was 'crowded' although - being an early bird - there wasn't much crowding in evidence anyway. I was out by 10.00am (before 'normal' opening time) as I have to match hobby with 'caring duties'. As is usual, I was fully focussed on seeing the handful of layouts that I wanted to see. And they were well worth my entrance fee! As I left, cars were queueing to get in, so I guess it got busier later. Brian
  9. Hello everyone Congratulations to KR on this announcement! The Palbricks have been creeping up the echelons of the 00 Wishlist Poll over the years and were only just off High Polling in 2019 (the last Poll to run). The wagons are certainly a type I want for my own layout. Brian (on behalf of the 00 Poll Team)
  10. Hello everyone All the best to KR on this announcement! The units were High Polling in the 00 Wishlist Poll 2019 (the last Poll to run). Brian (on behalf of the 00 Poll Team)
  11. Hello everyone Like many here, I have had 'bits go missing'. However, here's a story that some may not believe... Many moons ago, I was servicing a Hornby County loco (the 4-6-0 type, ex-Dapol). If you have one, you will know that the tender to loco coupler arrangement employs a very small spring - I guess, from memory, possibly in the region of 2mm diameter by 10mm length. The spring pinged of into mid-air and simply disappeared. A day or so later, I was running trains and brought a freight train from the hidden sidings onto the scenic section. As the train moved slowly past, I noticed something on a Bogie Bolster...the spring had landed perfectly upright in hoop-la manner right over a stanchion! Brian
  12. GWR 00 Rolling Stock Mini-Polls Nos.1-14 - Overall Results, Top-to-Bottom Hello everyone Your Mini-Poll Team is very happy to present you with a set of overall results. We have presented them in the usual ‘Poll Team style’ as per the old Wishlist Polls but please note: There were 14 Mini-Polls run over several weeks but for just a few days each Some of the Mini-Polls were run under slightly different voting formats Some of the ‘voter suggested items’ polled up to six votes but are not shown in these Results Although we had a ‘solid core’ of regular voters, others dipped in and out (so to speak) Therefore, the voting was ‘not on a level playing field’ as would have been the case with main Polls. However, having said that, we still believe that the results are a fair representation and wouldn’t be materially different had we run them in one fell swoop – although some of the TPO types may have had more votes within that scenario. We had the Diag.K22 in the NPCCS Mini-Poll as well the ‘Toplights’ one (for valid reasons) so we have shown the K22 as it appeared in the former. As you will see, The Top 10 (actually 11 due to equal votes) comprises: Four Passenger Brake Vans: K22, K40, K41, and K42 Two items of passenger stock: 56ft 11¼in ‘Toplights’ and Collett ‘Large Window’/’Sunshine Stock’ Two Dining Cars: Diag.H25 and Diag.38 Compo Diners Two Siphons G: the inside- and outside-framed versions, and the… Cordon Gas Tank Brian, John, Chris & Ian GWR Mini-Polls - Overall Results Top-to-Bottom.pdf
  13. Results – GWR 00 Rolling Stock Mini-Poll No.14: Autocoaches Hello everyone Many thanks to the 23 voters who took part. The number of votes to each item is shown in the left hand column and Comments Received are appended on a PDF as usual. Interesting to note that Diags.A26-A30 are at the top and that the Compartment Trailers are at the bottom. Please note that the results reflect the views of those who voted here and may not necessarily reflect those of the wider modelling community. High Polling 11 Auto Trailer Diags.A26 & A29 of 1928-36 10 Auto Trailer Diag.A27 of 1930 9 Auto Trailer Diags.A28 & A30 of 1930-3 Middle Polling 8 Auto Trailer Diags.Z, A6, A7 & A9 of 1915-1920 5 Auto Trailer Diags.A10 & A31 of 1920-3 & 1933-4 4 Auto Trailer Diags.E, L, P, T & U of 1905 Low Polling 3 Compartment Trailer Diag.A44 of 1955 3 Auto Trailer Diags.J & N of 1906/7 1 Compartment Trailer ‘Clifton Downs’ Sets 1 Compartment Trailer Diag.A33 of 1937 0 Compartment Trailer Diag.A34 of 1939 0 Compartment Trailer Diags.A41 & A42 of 1953 Suggestions 1 Ex-Cardiff Railway Diags.A20 & A21. 1 Ex-Taff Vale Railway Twin Sets. 1 A general note of support for TVR Auto stock. 1 One of the Clerestory Trailers. We will be back later today with: Overall Results – Top-to-Bottom. Brian (Note: These are ‘informal Polls for fun’ on Rob’s thread only and neither RMweb nor The 00 Wishlist Poll Team are specifically involved, apart from me, John, Chris and Ian in our ‘personal capacities’.) GWR Mini-Poll No.14 Autocoaches Comments Received.pdf
  14. Final Call for Votes - GWR 00 Rolling Stock Mini-Poll No.14: Autocoaches Hello everyone A reminder that your 'Polling Station' closes at midnight tonight. Results are expected tomorrow. If you haven't already voted, please have look back at my Wednesday posting on page 1704 for full details. As this is the final GWR Rolling Stock Mini-Poll, I will be publishing the Overall Results - Top-to-Bottom shortly after the Autocoaches Results tomorrow. Brian
  15. Hello Limpley Stoker You say: 5 A26/A27. No.5 is A26 & 29 and No.6 is A27. Is it just No.5 you want (the A26)? Brian
  16. Hello Matt Just noticed this! The 1958 WTT shows the 1.00pm Marlow-Bourne End as Mixed. Brian
  17. Many thanks Mike. I have looked through the Longworth book and can see those now. Duly noted as 'suggestions'. Brian
  18. Hello Mike Is that a suggestion for 13? I'm sorry but I'm not au fait with many of the Autocoaches. Brian
  19. Hello Petrox Yes, the Overall Results - Top-to-Bottom will follow shortly after publication of the Autocoaches Results. planned for Sunday Brian
  20. Hello everyone I’m not actually voting for anything here as I have no requirements. I can, however, see many of you voting as there is a wide gap in the market waiting to be filled. Will Kernow will use their Steam Railmotor as a basis for a Diag.A26 Trailer? Brian
  21. GWR 00 Rolling Stock Mini-Poll No.14: Autocoaches Hello everyone Welcome to the fourteenth and final GWR 00 Rolling Stock Mini-Poll. I am running this here with my friends, John Lewis, Chris Knowles-Thomas and Ian Taylor on Rob’s behalf. Note from John: Auto Trailers have been variously called ‘Push-pull’, ‘Motor Train,’ ‘Auto Coaches’, ‘Auto Cars’, ‘Auto Trains’, ‘Auto Trailers’ or simply ‘Trailers’. To operate an ‘Auto Train’, you need a push-pull fitted tank engine or a Steam Railmotor (SRM) and at least one Trailer equipped with a driving compartment. This had to be coupled to the loco with the driving compartment at the opposite end to the engine. There were some Intermediate Trailers which did not have a driver’s compartment. They had to go between the loco and a driving trailer. Only the Diag.A44 Driving Trailers were given trailer series numbers. In order to generate some debate – and some ‘learning opportunities’ – please feel free to explain why you have chosen your selections. I copy all ‘Comments Received’ in order of receipt – but with names removed – and post them as a PDF with the Results. Please note that we do not welcome comments that act as an excuse to start up the old chestnut of ‘kits vs RTR’! Here’s what to do… 1. You may vote for any or all of the items listed plus suggestions at 13 & 14 (if you so wish). 2. They must be items you would realistically wish to buy if made RTR at ‘affordable prices’. 3. Submit your entries on this thread simply as (for example): 2, 4, 7 – with comments and explanations following. 4. If you vote by PM, please only list your selection of numbers without explanations. Auto Trailers with Driver’s Compartment: 1 Diags.J & N of 1906/7 Churchward Wood-panelled 59ft 6in. 2 Diags.E, L, P, T & U of 1905 Churchward Wood-panelled 70ft. 3 Diags.Z, A6, A7 & A9 of 1915-1920 Churchward ex-Steam Railmotor Matchboarded 59ft 6¾in. 4 Diags.A10 & A31 of 1920-3 & 1933-4 Churchward & Collett ex-Steam Railmotor Wood-panelled 59ft 6in 5 Diags.A26 & A29 of 1928-36 Collett ex-Steam Railmotor Wood-panelled 70ft. Steam Railmotor No.93 became Diag.A26 Trailer No.212 which has now been rebuilt back to No.93. This is the subject of the Kernow model. 6 Diag.A27 of 1930 Collett Steel-panelled 59ft 6in 7 Diags.A28 & A30 of 1930-3 Collett Steel-panelled 62ft 8in. Compartment Trailers: Driving Trailers and Intermediate Trailers which often ran together. 8 ‘Clifton Downs’ Sets Churchward's 1913 conversions of Dean Wood-panelled Low Roof Brake Thirds and Composites into Driving Trailers and Intermediate Trailers respectively. 9 Diag.A34 of 1939 Collett purpose-built compartment Driving Trailer. 10 Diag.A33 of 1937 GWR alteration of Collett Diag.D117 Brake Thirds. 11 Diag.A44 of 1955 BR alteration of Collett Diag.D117 Brake Thirds. 12 Diags.A41 & A42 of 1953 BR alteration of Collett Diags.C66 and C75 Thirds to Intermediate Trailer. Suggestions 13 Your suggestions for Auto Trailers with Driver’s Compartment not listed. 14 Your suggestions for Compartment Trailers not listed. Get your thinking caps on and get voting! I will acknowledge receipt of your vote via the ‘Thx’ tick box. You have until midnight on Saturday 18 September. However, I will stop earlier and advise if votes reach 50. I will present the results during the day on Sunday 19 September. I look forward to your selections and comments! Brian (Note: These are ‘informal Polls for fun’ on Rob’s thread only and neither RMweb nor The 00 Wishlist Poll Team are specifically involved, apart from me, John, Chris and Ian in our ‘personal capacities’.)
  22. Hello Phil Your comments are perfectly valid and in context. It doesn't solve anything when people write in and exclaim "Why bother voting for those models when kits already exist!". We know! Brian
  23. Thanks for the above mdvle A purpose of the main Poll and these Mini-Polls is 'education' - be that for ourselves of for the makers to take on board. I have been involved with such polls for well over a decade but have learnt much by running the Minis here! Brian
  24. Hello everyone I have often said that (in relation to Poll matters) even if an item polled, say, 10,000+ votes it wouldn't be made unless the makers felt that they could actually make a profit from it. I guess that all models need to have a 'business case' presented for approval and that will take into account complexities, research, fragility etc - unless you happen to have 'loadsamoney' and make you want! Brian
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