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  1. Hello Wickham Green too The credit is all to Mike King who states the fact in the caption. Brian
  2. Hello truffy and everyone If you are looking for 'variety', a photo on page 83 of Mike King's book, Southern Vans & Coaches in Colour, shows Crimson & Cream 5-Set No.849 formed with the Composite as the second vehicle as opposed to in the centre. Brian
  3. Hello Jol and Tony According to my (big) Oxford Dictionary of English a Broad Church (correct with capitals) is: A tradition or group within the Anglican Church favouring a liberal interpretation of doctrine, or A group or doctrine which allows for and caters to a wide range of opinions of people. Brian
  4. Hello everyone KR Models has announced the 'Bellerophon' loco - this took Second Place. We wish KR Models every success with the project. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  5. Hello everyone All the best to KR Models with these announcements. The 'Bellerophon' steam loco took Second Place in The Quirky Poll 2020. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  6. Hello Peter Hope you are well. Presumably, the CorrPMV is not the only vehicle (as it did not have Guard facilities). Brian
  7. Hello everyone Congratulations to Hornby on updating this welcome and undoubtedly popular model! The vehicle has been High Polling in (what was) The Annual 00 Wishlist Poll for many years. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  8. Hello Simon Link to Gov website below may be of use?? Brian https://www.gov.uk/improve-energy-efficiency
  9. Hello Dagworth I just did - before I advised you to look. Are you having a problem that I'm not? Brian
  10. Hello Dagworth Stated at the bottom of the results (as we always did with 'the main Poll'). Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  11. Results - The Quirky Poll 2020 Hello everyone Firstly, The Quirky Poll Team would like to thank all the voters in this Poll and to wish all readers a safe and happy 2021! Ok...the results are ready for you on the attached PDF! Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team) Results - The Quirky Poll 2020.pdf
  12. Hello Andrew If you go into the link I supplied via PDF, they show all manner of chain. My photo was a 'sample'. Brian
  13. Hello again Andrew Try via this PDF. Brian Panda Hall.pdf
  14. Hello Andrew That was very interesting to have a look into! Try www.pandahall.com. Photo from one of their pages (which I can't seem to 'link' here!) Brian
  15. Hello Andrew There are some very good close-up photos of chains (on wagons) in: The British Railways Collection, British Railways Wagons, Their Loads & Loading. Bill Grant and Bill Taylor. Silver Link Publishing. Brian
  16. Hello Dennis WD 2-8-0 No.90693 was 'clearance tested' over the S&D with a brake van on 9 December 1958. In January 1959, sister loco No.90125 arrived for a test working on the 11.00am Bath (Green Park)-Evercreech Junction goods. She was booked to work the train on 21 January but 'went off the boil' and had be worked back on shed by No.53804, which duly worked the train. No.90125 did work the train on 22 January. Behind the loco was a 4-wheel fitted van, then an SR Van BY, three SR 4-wheel 'utility vans' and another fitted van - highly unusual on S&D
  17. Hello Andrew My point was that this thread is about 'learning'...if, as you say, you 'know nothing about the S&D', it is well worth looking into. I didn't mention 'contributing'. Brian
  18. Hello Andrew Well...therein lies a vast new world of research and information for you! Brian
  19. Hello everyone Many thanks to all who voted. The Poll is now closed and I am working on the results, which I hope to publish about midday tomorrow, 1 January 2021. Look for: Results - The Quirky Poll 2020. Note to Andy: Grateful if this thread can be 'locked off''. Many thanks. Brian
  20. Hello again John I forgot to say that we preview the results location in my original post on page 1 - see below. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team) We aim to publish the results in the usual Poll Team format as soon as we can on 1 January 2021 – look for the title: Results – The Quirky Poll 2020.
  21. Hello John What normally happens is that I post a link to the Results here, then get Andy to 'close off' this thread. Seems to have worked fine for all our previous Polls. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  22. Hello John The point is taken and understood but we always publish Poll results under a separate heading for clarity. Some people are more interested in the results rather than the list. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  23. Hello everyone Just a reminder that voting closes at 2100 tomorrow, 30 December. We aim to publish the results on Friday 1 January 2021 - look for the title: Results - The Quirky Poll 2020. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  24. Hello Andi As detailed on Page 1... SR No.49S Petrol Driven Inspection Vehicle A ‘shed on wheels’ anyone? https://sremg.org.uk/misc/pics/jri_49.jpg Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
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