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  1. Hello everyone Just a reminder that voting closes at 2100 tomorrow, 30 December. We aim to publish the results on Friday 1 January 2021 - look for the title: Results - The Quirky Poll 2020. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  2. Hello Andi As detailed on Page 1... SR No.49S Petrol Driven Inspection Vehicle A ‘shed on wheels’ anyone? https://sremg.org.uk/misc/pics/jri_49.jpg Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  3. Hello Phil (Gollin) and St Enodoc I will put those monorails on the 2021 Agenda for you. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  4. Hello Blue Max I'll put that on the 2021 Agenda for you. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  5. Hello brushman47544 I guess that means that The Team can justifiably claim...mission accomplished. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  6. Hello woodenhead Possible the one below which is on the list? Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team) Bulleid Shunter No.11001 Built in 1950, it spent much of its life at Norwood Junction. https://sremg.org.uk/diesel/bull-500.shtml
  7. Hello tomparryharry I'll certainly put the Sturrock Steam Tender Loco on the 2021 Agenda for you (and have already found a good YouTube video to link to it). Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  8. Hello Covkid I'll put them on the 2021 Agenda for you. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  9. Hello Daddyman We asked for suggestions last year but none we received were for north of the border. You are welcome to suggest items for 2021. Brian
  10. Hello FTSK Those locos were on our draft list but didn't make it to the final. I'll make sure they are back on the 2021 Agenda for you. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  11. Hello MPR I have put 'a Fireless Loco' on the 2021 Agenda for you. When we were running 'the old main Poll', we had an Industrial category up to 2018. We had to list items 'generically' as there wasn't room for specifics. We listed Industrial 0-4-0T - Fireless and this finished in The Top 50. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  12. Hello CloggyDog Thanks very much - we weren't aware of that. Perhaps there is potential? Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  13. Hello Jason Not specifically 'missed' but listed from a suggestion. As with the old 'main' Poll, we make the assumption that any maker would 'get what they can' from any tooling to expand the sales possibilities. Brian
  14. Hello Johnster I will put the idea of voting for 'the quirkiest' to The Team but initially feel that it would complicate matters. We are 'following on' from what was The 00 Wishlist Poll which was always for what voters would realistically wish to buy. The Benne Railplane was on last year but found itself towards the bottom of the Low Polling segment. I'll put the South Devon and Volks Electric on the Agenda for you though. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  15. Thanks melmerby - I will put that on the suggestions for 2021 list. Brian
  16. Hello Baz I don't buy that 'we have it in' for Judith Edge Kits. Some are suggestions from us; other suggestions were from voters last year. Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  17. The Quirky Poll 2020 Hello everyone We ran the first Quirky Poll in conjunction with our friends Andy York & Phil Parker of RMweb last year and many of you found it to be just what we intended… ‘a little bit of Christmas fun’! You will find below a list of 25 items – many of which are your suggestions – each with a link to a photo and/or further detail. The ‘actual Poll’ can be accessed via the usual banner headline entry at the top of the page (Andy will load that during the afternoon if not already there). You may tick as many items as yo
  18. Hello Graham Many thanks for the link to the photos - much appreciated. I will join the (swelling?) ranks of those who will call for the Diag.2406 BCK. Brian
  19. Hello everyone Photos of the Wessex Downsman of 2 May 1965 appear as images 190 to 192 of Ivo Peters' book, The Somerset & Dorset in the Sixties - Volume 4, 1963-1966. The front and rear brake vehicles are branded Set 770 (which was a 3-set three years earlier). There is another fairly good photo - see page 182 of The Norman Lockett Archive - The Somerset & Dorset Railway 1935-1966 (Mike Arlett & David Lockett). Brian
  20. Hello everyone Ivor fans will be able to vote for him in the forthcoming Quirky Poll 2020 - due out over Christmas. He was second in the 2019 Poll - not far behind Rocket (which has now been produced). Brian (on behalf of The Quirky Poll Team)
  21. Hello everyone I have detailed below what items have been announced since we published the results of The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019 - the list might indicate some gaps that need filling. They are in category order as appearing in The Poll. 2 GWR Locos 2 SR Locos 1 LMS Locos 4 LNER Locos 1 BR Standard Locos 3 Gas Turbine, Diesel & Electric Locos 1 Railbuses, Railcars & DMUs 1 EMUs 0 GWR Coaches (and 0 in 2018) 0 SR Coaches 1 LMS Coaches 0 LNER Coaches (and 0 in 2018) 1 BR Coaches 0 Non-passenger Carry
  22. Hello Michael and all readers Many thanks for the tip. Do you use it on the wheels/flanges of hauled rolling stock too? I have used it on axle bearings with good results, but wondered if it would 'rub off' to track and maybe cause slipping and/or electrical problems. You say above that you are using it on pointwork. Many thanks Brian
  23. Hello again Gilbert To add to my earlier post about Ben Brooksbank (who was a fellow member of the Steam Railway Research Society), thread readers may like to know about two of his books - picture below. Sadly, the second volume was produced poorly from the photos point of view. All the best Brian
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