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  1. Hello Sturminster Newton We used to have an Underground category but deleted it (and the Industrial category) this year to concentrate on 'core content'. Our reasons have been given in many past postings. If you wish to vote, please see the link at the bottom of the first post of this thread (but please read the Q&A first). The Class 230 Vivarail is listed as the last item under Category 7 Railbuses, Railcars & DMUs. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  2. Hello David Many thanks for the comments which are much appreciated. The Metropolitan E Class was in The Top 50 in 2014; was High Polling in 2015; and went back into The Top 50 for both 2016 and 2018. (The Poll didn't run in 2017.) We have spoken with LURS - they have a 'Modelling Officer' - and have offered our Guide notes 'free, gratis and for nothing' with an offer to assist in as helpful a way as possible if any 'Undergrounders' wanted to set up their own Poll, but nothing has materialised that we are aware of. May I suggest you contact LURS direct? Their link is: http://www.lurs.org.uk/index.htm . If you don't get any joy there, I will happily put you in direct contact with the Modelling Officer. The magazine editor is also interested, I believe. If you search the home page of RMweb, I feel sure there is a dedicated forum for Underground. I hope that helps. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  3. Hello again centraltrains As promised, The 00 Team has been looking into this matter since my 'holding response'. Although we can't - with the best will in the world - give you a specific reason for the non-listing, we believe that this may date back to c.2011/2012 when we were tasked with 'rationalising' the Poll content and it all rather depends on how we saw things then. We were dealing with over 1400 items placed against a potential listing of over 30,000 items. There are many locos, coaches, wagons, EMUs, DMUs etc that share 'family likenesses' and we often have to list items combined. We often have to take a view that if one family member has been made it might follow that the others get made in due course (or not!). The upshot is that we believe there is a case for the Class 172 to be considered on the Agenda and we will do that without any further notes as we have some of our own. And that brings me onto the subject of 'notes with suggestions'... Can I make a small clarification? If a pollster suggests something like an LNER A4, BR Clan Pacific or Drummond's Bug - in other words, something very clear and unambiguous - we wouldn't expect to receive notes and links etc. It is where someone says "Why not list Ore Wagons" that we need to fully understand where they are coming from. We could work our keyboard fingers to the bone in listing every known 'ore wagon' only to be told "Ah, but you haven't listed the one that I was really meaning". (Paul, above, has shown a good example of how to avoid any confusion and our thanks have gone to him for that.) We work on the basis that our 'core list' has been there for many years and evidence shows that many 'new entries' end up towards the bottom of the results - so, we need to take care with new listings lest we simply 'gum up the works'. We are always happy to help. A quick email to us at The Poll Team email address setting out your general ideas will be met with suggestions of how best to proceed. We don't bite! All you need to do is ask. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team) thepollteam(at)gmail.com
  4. Thanks Paul We will certainly be reviewing your welcomed notes and links on the Agenda. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  5. Hello Paul Many thanks for the notes. Please give me a few days to look into this as I am temporarily chasing my tail on a family matter which is taking me away from the computer. I can say that the Dapol model is listed as new tooling in 2005 in the Pat Hammond Ramsay's British Model Trains Catalogue. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  6. Hello Andy I had enough detail from you to work on what we need...in any case, I can't 'upset you' otherwise we wouldn't get a Poll!! Brian
  7. Hello Paul Thanks for writing. We don't list the current Ore Hopper model as that was made by Dapol in 2005 (and is therefore outside our cut-off date). We list Tippler Wagon - Slope-sided 16-ton Stewarts & Lloyds (1939) under Category 16 Freight Stock: 1923-1947. As mentioned in the Advance Notice thread, we are happy to accept suggestions but request that they be made in The Guide format: * a clear heading, with an idea of the relevant Diagram Numbers; * about 200 words of text; * and a couple of links. Note to all: Despite there having been a number of new listing requests and I have replied similarly to above, we have yet to receive any in the requested format. If they are not in the format, they are unlikley to be considered. (That does not affect the Class 172 as we are looking into some relevant matters there.) Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  8. Hello RBE Thanks for writing. The 00 Poll Team was a tad uncertain about de-listing your Class 91 and Mk4 coaches right up to our close for press deadline as we weren't sure for a while that the project was 'a definite runner' or 'a runner subject to orders'. We had a similar situation with KR Models GT3. And we have had very similar decisions as to when is a crowd-funded project a 'sure starter' or 'expressions of interest'. As you are probably aware, The 00 Team does its utmost to congratulate makers on announcements but we found ourselves between a rock and a hard place of what to do until the very last moment - and I did reference that fact in my posting of 24 March in our thread: Results - The Wishlist Poll 2018. We wish you every success with the project. As you can see from the results that you copied over, they were way up high. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  9. Hello centraltrains I am looking into that matter for you and will reply in a day or two. Brian (on behalf the The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  10. Hello Ben I know the matter is in hand (but outside the influence of The 00 Team, although we still remain ready to assist where needed). Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  11. Hello dogbox321 Firstly, all the best to Ben and RevolutioN on this announcement. As some of the company's N models 'scale up' to 00, I hope Ben won't mind me interjecting with a note about The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019 which is currently running on the RMweb link below. If you wish to vote, you will find the Ecofret in Category 18 Freight Stock: 1964-Current and the Sturgeon in Category 19 General Railway Service Stock: Departmental (Steam Era). Hope that helps. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team) https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/148198-qa-the-00-wishlist-poll-2019/&tab=comments#comment-3695684
  12. Hello IMB Please see below from The Poll Q&A. Note to Mods: If IMB doesn't have any objections, it might be an idea to lock off this thread?? Many thanks Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team) What if voters have any technical difficulties while voting? Please email Andy York: [email protected]
  13. Hello Compound2632 Thanks for this. We will amend for 2020. I have appended an extract from The Q&A to explain. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team) Extract from Q&A Where possible, we have provided ‘links’ to further detail – but these should only be treated as a ‘general reference’. Locos and rolling stock often changed in appearance slightly over the years. All ‘links’ have been given in good faith and were working at the time of publication but we leave it to the discretion of voters whether they click on any. We cannot take responsibility for the information on those links or any subsequent impact on pollsters’ computers.
  14. Many thanks Penrhos1920 I'm sorry to say it's too late to change anything this year but rest assured that it has already been amended for 2020. That may sound 'a bit silly' but once we have 'gone live' that is it until next time. If we changed things during the currency of The Poll, we would get complaints and confusion. Two models have been announced since the data was 'set in concrete'. If we removed them, the results would be skewed. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  15. Hello Mike Many thanks. The lists are compiled by The Team, but Andy York gets the credit for the 'new style' which we think is really easy to use. This also enables me to watch votes as they come in. (Please note that Andy works closely with us but is not a member of The Team per se. He has no 'influence' on the list contents.) Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  16. Hello 34 You'll have to wait for the results for that. As we said, it is 'experimental' and will be reviewed. We use 2005 as our cut-off date to partly preclude us making 'quality judgments'. We are giving voters the chance this year to see how post-2005 suggestions fare. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  17. Hello Geoff My mother-in-law has very low vision and has had some help from charity Bucks Vision. I googled 'Wilsthire Vision' on the off-chance and came up with the link below. It might help but I have no idea from where I stand. I'm sure you will be able to make appropriate enquiries. Brian https://www.wiltshiresight.org
  18. Hello SteamedLyons Thanks for writing with the suggestion. I will put the idea on the 2020 Agenda for you but I have to say in advance that we have tried various other categories in the past but have rationalised back to where we are now. We have clearly stated that the Post-2005 category is 'experimental' this year and will be subject to review when we have the results. We do our best to consider all ideas but our overall aim is to keep matters as simple as possible. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  19. Hello Miss Prism Agreed that the makers will always make what they think will turn a profit. All we can hope is that our results match some of theirs. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  20. Hello Andrew Many thanks for understanding. The upside is I get to ride my wife's 4-wheel scooter and I can't wait to take it out in icy conditions to undertake 'four wheel drifting'! The Poll is not for manufacturers. We clearly state in the written purpose that it is for modellers and collectors to indicate to the makers and commissioners what they would realistically buy if made. It is for us to see how we are thinking as a large group (from those who take part). The makers will make what they feel they can profit from. We can only hope that our results match closely to what they get in emails, phone calls and attendance at shows. Our Results Records show that many items are coming from the upper echelons. And if the 'modelling cottage industry' reads between the lines of the results, they should be able to spot gaps and sneak in with suitable products. The 'annual event' is not simply wishing. We attach The Guide. We hope that novice modellers will read this and put various items into chronological context to make their voting more effective. There are many who know they want 'green coaches'...but which ones for a 1950s layout? The Guide tries to explain. It has about 100,000 words and over 1800 links. We used to make reference to any item that had a suitable kit, but it was so time-consuming keeping it up-to-date, we had to give up. We do, however, show a link in each category that will take readers to a list of kit makers etc. We know from emails received that the event makes people take a step back, put their thinking caps on and enjoy getting involved. And we know that there are many who welcome the purchase of ready-to-run as they cannot make models because of injuries, failing sight and various other facts of life that get in the way. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  21. Hello Dasatcopthorne We have explained our reasons for the deletion of Underground (and Industrial) in the past. Our Guide notes were offered 'free, gratis and for nothing' to anyone who wished to run those subjects...so far, no takers. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  22. Hello Andrew I think you and others are somewhat missing the point I was making but I'll leave it at that. For my own part, I simply cannot 'make models' like I used to because the smell of paints and glues etc have a seriously adverse effect on my disabled wife. Whilst I can can get away with minor amounts of weathering of ready-to-run products anything major is out of the question. Brian
  23. Hello DBC I'm sorry we can't help you there, but we fully understand the predicament. We used to run an 'Infrastructure' category but had to give it up due to the sheer complexity of the subject. I have counted six different types of catenary masts in the stretch of WCML that runs alongside the M1 near Watford Gap. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  24. Hello everyone In answer to Captain Kernow's posting a while back... Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team) Top 50 Items Announced from The 00 Wishlist Poll Listings: 2012 to 15 October 2019 This may not be a complete list. Some items have been announced and then withdrawn. Some have yet to come to market. GWR Locos 14xx/58xx 43xx Churchward 43xx Collett 47xx Dean Goods Railmotor 64xx SR Locos SECR D Class Class 700 S15 H P Adams Radial A1X Terrier Lord Nelson Marsh Atlantic Merchant Navy – Air Smooth USA Tank LMS Locos None from The Top 50 LNER Locos D16 Claud J15 K1 N7 Q6 LNER P2 BR Standard Locos None from The Top 50 Diesel & Electric Locos + DMUs & EMUs Class 43 Class 117/118 Class 121 Class 156 Class 71 Class 87 Class 90 Class 91 PCCS & NPCCS Collett Gangwayed Coaches Maunsell RF Mk1 BSO Mk1 FO Mk3 HST Stock Mk3 a/b Hauled Stock BR 4-wheel CCT Mk1 TPO Mk2d/e/f Air Con Stock Freight SR Cattle Wagon Warwell LSWR Brake Van Containers 1960s Container Flats FFA/FGA SECR Wagon BR Grain Wagon General Railway Service SR Breakdown Crane BR Salmon
  25. Hello Tony No criticism taken whatsoever. Chris is bolder than I imagined trying to get you to vote! I was making the point that RTR models may have an adverse commercial effect on kit makers (and that is highly regrettable) and computers had an adverse effect on many old traditional printing trades. The upside is that computerisation has expanded the market overall. Brian
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