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  1. I am just starting a new HO layout and have a number of carriages/wagons (mostly Piko) with Shaft NEM 362 with KK kinematics couplings. Not only do I find these very fiddly, but also they tend to leave a large gap between carriages/wagons. I was thinking of using the Fleischmann Profi couplers which seem to be more realistic. I was wondering if any members has used them or had any thoughts on how well they perform. Many thanks Alex
  2. Hope this is allowed. I have a old Hornby Thomas which my grandson loves, but my layout is now DCC. I am torn with trying to convert what I have or whether to go and get the new Bachmann version. The unit I have is nice and heavy, but I haven't been able to handle a Bachmann version so I don't know what its made of or how it compares to the original Hornby version. How do people rate the two versions against each other? Many thanks Alex
  3. Hi. I want to buy a Hornby 4472 Flying Scotsman which needs to be DCC with sound. is the R3284TTS DDC Sound Flying Scotsman any good or should I go for a DCC ready loco and fit a better decoder. Thanks
  4. Thanks very much both. I will stick with the two rail track !! Now just need to decide which one. I guess Peco is the one that most people use. Have you had any experience with Trix C ? I an just thinking that it might stand up better to grandchildren. Thanks again Alex
  5. Hi. Am switching up from n-gauge to HO/OO and have started to come across 3 rail track systems. I have tried googling and reading different articles but am still not sure I understand it. Can kind person explain in simple terms the benefits and disadvantages to 3 rail these days. I am setting up a new DCC powered HO/OO layout which will be based on German rolling stock from era I and II (these tend to be smaller which will suit my restricted space). I imagine that most of the rolling stock will be new although there may be some bought second hand. My grandson also has two locos already a Hornby Flyings Scotsman and a Thomas, both of which I will get DCC'd and he will want to run them on the layout. If I understand it correctly, and probably don't, you can run 3 rail locos on a 2 rail system but not the other way around. if that's right, does that mean that the two locos my grandson has wont run? However I am not sure what the advantages are over the other and would v very much appreciate some help in getting this basic question resolved, so I know what track to get. Thanks
  6. Hi thanks everyone for the constructive comments. I have managed to re-arrange my area so I now have slightly more 2.4m x 1.10m and am working on reducing the amount of track on the layout.
  7. Spent the weekend playing with the rail modelling software and have come up with a first attempt at my new DCC HO layout. I am restricted to 200x100cms so its a little cramped. Gives me a station at the bottom, and intermediate station at the top and a fiddle yard. Given that Fleischmann Profi HO (my initial track choice) is discontinued, I have gone for Peco set track with a bit of flexible Streamline where set track wouldn't work. The layout doesn't represent anywhere in particular and will be used with mostly German style rolling stock. Comments and thoughts of more layout talented members most welcome
  8. Thanks both for your thoughts and input- much appreciated, especially;y the warning re Marklin C - hasn't realised that. I had done the same design using Marklin C, Fleischmann Profi, and Peco Set track with some Streamline (Flexible). In order of preference but was Fleischmann, Peco then Marklin, so I guess I will be using Peco. Can I just ask, it is Ok to mix Peco set track with Streamline - the layout needed some flexible track? Thanks again
  9. Due to my rubbish eyesight, I have had to sell my N gauge layout and am now looking to create a new layout using HO, which I guess will also be used by my grandsons. The layout will be approx 200cms x 110cms and will be dcc and will probably have a German/Austrian theme. I am looking for other members thoughts on track to use. My old N gauge system used Fleischann Profi I have been looking at the Marklin C track and the Peko, but the latter seems to have multiple choices. I would welcome any thoughts about what members have used and generally if there is a preference for one manufacturer over another. Any other tips for HO also much appreciated Many thanks A
  10. Hi Has anyone had any experience of using the above with the Fleischmann Piccolo turnouts - the ones with the track ballast? I would be interested in knowing if this can be done as I would like to hide the point motors under the track. i know that the Fleischmann turnouts can be reversed, but I am using a preformed layout base and this is not an option. Other suggestions most welcome ! Thanks Alex
  11. Hi Everyone, hope for lots of good advice. I am building a new (first) dcc layout and am using the Dynamis pro, and have also got 4 x Dynamis Accessory decoders. I have 14 sets of Peco PE10E points and I have a single bus running round the layout, with everything, tracks and accessories all drawing power from this single. My problem is that the points were not throwing fully. From reading various threads I think my first mistake was putting everything on one bus. I am therefore going to create a second bus which I will use to run the decoders and any other accessories. Can anyone recommend a decent transformer. I can only seem to find the Gaugemaster one, which is very big and bulky. I was hoping to be able find a small one that I could screw to the underside of the layout. If I want to switch two points at the same time, is it Ok to wire them into the same output on the decoder? Do I also need to put a CDU into the power line? Anything else I need to know about?
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