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  1. Hi All, Thanks for the replies, looks like i’ll have to keep looking for ADE or Heris. Regards, Jed
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know if the Rowa pop wagen models are true scale or are shortened? I am looking at adding some coaches to a Roco rake, and am looking at the colours and types that Roco did not produce. Regards Jed in Australia
  3. Hi All, Just to let you know that I managed to pick up three short and two long coaches from eBay for a really good price. Starting to build my collection. Regards, Jed
  4. Woops, meant Benina short coaches, not Albula Regards, Jed
  5. Hi All, Did/does the RhB use the short Albula coaches on other lines, such as the Bergun Preda section? Regards, Jed in Australia
  6. Thank you very much for your replies. Regards, Jed
  7. Hi, No, no window glazing. Regards, Jed
  8. Hello All, I have been given a Mallard locomotive only, in Garter blue, but missing the tender. The loco is less than 10 years old. It is loco drive and has an eight pin dcc plug ahead of the motor. It also has sprung front buffers and a fixed rear truck with flangeless wheels. Can anybody let me know the likely model number of this item so that I can order a replacement tender? Regards, Jed
  9. Hello All, I have recently purchased some Jouef CIWL cars with model numbers 5300 restaurant, 5301 sleeper, 5302 2nd class, 5307 sleeper and 5308 sleeper. These appear to be the longer, more accurate versions. Most are plain blue with grey roof, but some cream upper body sides. Is anyone able to let me know where the real versions of these ran, and in what formation? Regards, Jed in Australia
  10. Thanks Andy, I bid on these but missed out. I think I will go with the Modelisme Collections aftermarket versions. Regards, Jed
  11. Hello All, I am looking at purchasing some Jouef coach interiors. They have model numbers 2500, 2501 and 2502. I know that they are relatively crude, but they suit the time. My question is which coaches do they suit? I can't find that reference in catalogs. Regards, Jed in Sydney Australia
  12. Hi All, Sydney is in Australia! I can confirm that it would be the black version. I will have a look at the answers and come up with some more questions. Regards, Jed
  13. Hi All, I am looking for a DCC system for my collection. I think that I have decided on the black Z21, but thought I would just post on here for confirmation. I will post the details of what I am planning below. - Layout will be around the walls in a 3 by 4 metre room, with a station based on "Minories" down one of the long walls - Majority of stock is 80's vintage Jouef, so fairly basic with no advanced features such as sound, but I do have some newer models with sound. Approx 50 locos - I want a hand held unit, not a desktop type. - I do want to be able to consist (double head)
  14. Hi All, I have just purchased a Lima golden series TGV that has damage on the trailing unpowered power car. I need to know how to remove the body. I have already removed the two screws holding the under body section. Does anybody have any suggestions? Regards, Jed in Sydney
  15. Thanks All, I will research all those leads. Off to play with my Peco track templates! Regards, Jed
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