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  1. Not a kitbash as such but just WHY???? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334142523103
  2. We had a very enjoyable weekend, visitor numbers were a were a little on the low side but considering we only confirmed we were going ahead at the beginning of August a good result. Thanks to everyone who came, visitors, exhibitors and our wonderful catering team for their efforts, some lovely cakes on display and consumed. Talk among the club Whatsapp group is of a pleasant return to a semblance of normality, I couldn't agree more, hopefully it continues.
  3. Are the 1588xx the high numbered series created by SWT? All of ours up to and including 158813 only have one marker lit, but I'd have to check on 158889 which is ex SWT.
  4. Time to boot this topic back to the top of the pile (totally shameless I know!) but just as a reminder it's THIS WEEKEND!!!
  5. Among Great Central staff I believe it was known as the Gas Works Railway......
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363521785402?hash=item54a3963e3a:g:XpoAAOSwqC9hKTFC Don't look bad TBH
  7. You'll save 33% on every trip with a railcard. Still cost £30 for a year or I think you can get a three year one online cheaper. You'll get your money back on the Nottingham-Cardiff trip alone if you're buying an on the day ticket. Information here, after a quick Google, although I'd rather you didn't use the train line. If it's reasonably easy use station ticket offices or for shorter journeys from unstaffed stations buy on the train, unless there's a penalty fare system and ticket machine. The train line is merely a travel agent and if something goes wrong the rail companies can't alter anything. https://www.thetrainline.com/trains/great-britain/railcards/senior-railcard.
  8. As anyone who's had to pull up the real things will tell you. Years ago as a telephone engineer, not BT by the way, we weren't provided with much equipment so trying to get a cable as taut as possible while standing on a ladder isn't easy. It's a trade off between the weight of the cable and it's tendency to pull you off the ladder, so you learn how far to go!
  9. Can't decide whether you want a lamp post or a tree on your layout? How about a lamp tree? Grantham a few weeks ago.
  10. Not really news but a bit of promotion if someone is looking for something slightly different to do. Last Tuesday the wife booked us onto the afternoon tea train. Nice trip in first class with sandwiches and, I know this will interest a good many people on rmweb going by previous comments, lots of cakes! After we thought we'd finished they then brought out the scones, jam and clotted cream. Wife didn't appreciate my trying to make conversation regarding jam or cream first Regular refills of tea and coffee too. If you want to make a day of it your ticket functions as a day runabout as well.
  11. General convention in unit numbers, certainly among the 156 and 2 car 158 fleets, is that the individual cars carry either 52xxx (accessible vehicle) or 57xxx (bike space vehicle). Xxx also being the unit number. The 3 car sets follow the same principle with the centre car originally carrying the same xxx numbers as the set. I can't remember the first two digits which denote it as a centre car I'm afraid. Now, however, things are rather mixed up, generally speaking the 52/57 designation still applies as far as EMR are concerned but some of ours were originally 3 car sets, the centre one having been taken and inserted into a Northern unit which then means the centre car number doesn't match with the outer cars. Other operators have renumbered and re configured sets and allocated them unit numbers which don't necessarily follow the original convention. All this since privatisation, similar is now happening with the 170s EMR is getting from WMT, the centre cars of 3 car sets going into Cross Country units to make them 3 cars. Confusion reigns!!
  12. Is this any help? Deciding exactly when to take the picture while travelling backwards at 50 or so is a bit hit and miss. I'll see if I can get one on the way back as well Edit: nothing doing on the way back I'm afraid. Stuck at the front of the train
  13. Is this any help? Deciding exactly when to take the picture while travelling backwards at 50 or so is a bit hit and miss. I'll see if I can get one on the way back as well
  14. I'll be going under that bridge tomorrow. If I'm not otherwise engaged, 9.45 or something to Skegness on a Friday before a bank holiday that'll be quiet then, I'll try to get a piccie.
  15. A few years ago our club of about two dozen members had seven Daves! We're now down to three I think and none of the other names even make an appearance.
  16. Regarding the Ivatt 'flying pig', I'm not sure that it won't need some alterations if it's to fit in on the M&GN lines. According to BR Database it was put into service at New England in November 1950, so wouldn't it have been delivered with the BR 'cycling lion' rather than British Railways in full? Also as it was, presumably, intended for use over the M&GN it would have had a tablet catcher fitted unless they were later additions possibly done at depot level? Nice looking model nonetheless.
  17. I only view the forum on my phone, using WiFi if available. Definitely slow loading and often freezes altogether if I click back to a previous page so I have to restart back at the home page.
  18. The best, most recent example of 'task allowed profanity' I have come across is actually in relation to a 'leisure activity'. Not something I would indulge in personally, nor would a lot of others judging by the amount of people looking on, but there's a reverse 'bungee' machine on Great Yarmouth seafront where the participants/victims are strapped into what looks like a giant metal golf ball and hurled skyward at a rather rapid acceleration rate Costing, I think, £10 person person per 'ride' I was walking past one day as a pair of passengers were being strapped in. Quite a large crowd had gathered to watch the spectacle and upon the release of said giant metal golf ball one it's victims let out the loudest 'f#&£in hell!' I've heard in many years, prompting the entire crowd to burst out laughing. Somehow I don't think 'oh fiddlesticks' or similar lighter reactions would have had quite the same effect!
  19. How about the live acoustic version? https://youtu.be/8vBKI3ya-l0
  20. I recall seeing an ad in railway modeller a while back for a firm, I think, in the North Nottinghamshire area specialising in small size,including imperial, nuts, screws and such. I normally scan read magazines at the club but may have an older copy here. That is unless someone can have a look through one first.
  21. Possibly true, but at least Pacer seats are padded, some new trains have the modern equivalent of wooden seats!
  22. We're pleased confirm that we're able to hold a small but perfectly formed (sorry) show on the 18th and 19th September at the same venue as our last show shortly before lockdown last year. Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road Clifton NG11 9DG. Despite it only being around 18 months it seems like a very long time ago. Layouts will include: Norman Colliery NCB, in O gauge. Zlata Vychod Czech, in HO Industrivej Danish HO plus others to be confirmed. Traders will include Sherwood Models Anoraks Anonymous and others Further information and updates will be added as they become available.
  23. I've bought several part built kits over the years and what often surprises me is that heavy white metal kits tend to come with small motors. One I had from a member on here a while back was a hefty 2-8-0 with a small Mashima motor. Add the equally heavy white metal tender and I doubt the loco would shift much in the way of a train. Unfortunately due to the closure of Mashima, sourcing a big enough motor for the job is becoming difficult, not to mention the added cost. That project along with most of my others is now stalled, due to a loss of interest as much as anything else. Add to that the lack of a suitable layout for most of them, only a very few of my previous builds have actually run on a layout, and I find myself seriously doubting I will move any of them forward, however I'm keeping them just in case, especially if I'm forced to retire from work. I'm unwilling to buy Chinese made motors as since the 'issues' of the last year and a half I try to avoid buying such products as much as possible. Also most of the larger motors now available are too wide to fit into a narrow firebox, so it's quite likely that when I'm gone my son will have several part finished or unstarted kits to dispose of as well as rather a lot of RTR stuff!
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