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  1. Leisure travel is still going on, since lockdown ended our Skegness trains have been heavily used, often needing strengthening if there are units available.
  2. No photo I'm afraid but Blythe Bridge would qualify for something now I think. I worked through there for the first time since lockdown on Wednesday. The station itself, such as it is, is tidy but the trackbed resembles a wildlife garden with trees growing in the six foot shaped to the sides of trains! There always does seem to have been a lot of greenery in the track in the area but this is the worst I've seen it. Photo taken nearby.
  3. I think there's quite a few things should be getting the attention of someone to do with the DDA regarding sight impaired people. Unfortunately due to my employer I can't say any more in public. If anyone here is a member of the public surely they can raise their concerns?
  4. The narrow gauge lines were ropeways from memory. I had a school friend who lived in one of the then newly built houses beside the brickworks incline bridge, which had obviously been out of use a good many years before I went there probably around 1962-3. There was a small petrol or diesel loco in a shed on the narrow gauge system which extended under Sherwood Vale further up and Breckhill Road, all the former clay pits now full of housing or a park to the side of Breckhill Road.
  5. For what it's worth, I always thought the real Sherwood station would make an excellent model with a bit of make believe over it's history. Tunnels at both ends for fiddle yard entry with a rope worked incline off the goods yard, all on a continuous curve.
  6. In my experience most parcels are transferred from one vehicle to another in the quickest way possible, often as not that means throwing them. Then they float around in another vehicle for a while, often being kicked or stood on while searching for other parcels. I've had someone searching their van for several minutes while standing outside my house. The unwanted parcels just tossed aside. As for the broken pony truck, I've repaired similar damage by soldering a brass strip to the remaining part and drilling for the pivot.
  7. At a guess 5 or 6 years ago, I've been working through there as a guard, so should notice these things, for the last 13 years. But it's surprising how you lose track of time when you're seeing the same thing all the time, you notice when something is different but that soon becomes the new normal.
  8. There was one in use on the north Wales coast back in the days of 37 haulage, mk2 admittedly, but normals weren't allowed to use it. Merely there to provide guards accommodation, in the same way an inter city livery BG was used for a while. Do I recall correctly that more recently one was in use on the Norwich-Yarmouth-Lowestoft 37 hauled trains as well? Now belonging to DRS.
  9. Is it Chippenham? I've only been there once but the track missing from the island platform is in my memory.
  10. Oi, leave the guitar God out of this
  11. Can't help with definite dates I'm afraid but before about 1985 I think. That's when I first took my son on days out to Skegness behind pairs of class 20s and other locos. Regarding MAS and semaphores it's a right old mix, Sleaford is MAS apart from a couple of shunt signals on what are now Pway sidings. I understand it was to be included in the Lincoln area resignalling but when one of the big infrastructure companies collapsed it was left high and dry, still controlled from east and west boxes, with a barrier crossing at the east end and wound gates at the west! The west end semaphores were replaced with colour lights when the joint line was 'reinvented' although I would need to check where they're controlled from. Heckington is mostly semaphore but with a colour light as it's eastbound section signal. Hubberts bridge and Boston are similarly mixed, as is Bellwater junction but Thorpe Culvert is all colour lights with a rebuilt box. Skegness is pure semaphore. Forgot Sibsey which is all colour lights with manual gates!
  12. ^^^. Does that mean having paid for your ticket and no train it's money for nothing? Hat, anorak, I'm outta here
  13. You should see some of them now, different operators have their own signs for their specific rolling stock and also within the same operator for different stock. Brought about by the use of 'Harris humps(?)' on low platforms so that at least one door is positioned correctly to allow a smaller step up.
  14. C15920, 37419 is back in Inter City livery now having been repainted at Derby last year.
  15. And then there were those that were painted black anyway........
  16. Definitely, I came across this some years ago when the small local chemist I used for prescriptions was taken over by Boots. Prior to the takeover the service was always quick and efficient, repeat prescriptions were sent direct from the doctors to the chemist and ready for collection after a couple of days. After Boots took over there was always the excuse that they hadn't received it or something else, it was obvious the staff were uncomfortable about it and when I checked with the doctors they confirmed the order had been sent through when required. After several months of this I changed chemist to a smaller chain where, once again, pre-ordered prescriptions were ready and waiting. Later one of the staff from the Boots branch started working at the new chemist and when I asked her she said she couldn't work under the conditions imposed by Boots! Incidentally, Boots have recently closed the two branches in the small towns local to me, leaving one in a small shopping area between the two and one which is little more than a shop which happens to do prescriptions on a retail park. I doubt Jesse Boot would have been impressed.
  17. I reckon the track between Boston and Allington is around 50/50 jointed and CWR, quite a few of the worst lengths have been replaced fairly recently but there's still a lot to do. Slightly oddly, Firsby curve is laid with jointed track, also now painted white against heat build up.
  18. Got the chance to get a decent shot of this when being cautioned into Ancaster this morning. Been here many years and mentioned every so often. Recovery looking highly unlikely, the track to it now has a signal planted in the four foot and it sits on an embankment.
  19. GBRF 66s have worked to Boston, there's an intermittent service to a sort of stone terminal on the old goods yard, it's simply a grab unloading the wagons and several piles of different aggregate. When they first started there was a GB 66 at the head of the train being unloaded. If anything the track beyond Boston is now in a better state than between Grantham and Boston, most of which is still 50mph limited and several sections of bullhead rail in 30ft lengths. Boston to Skegness is almost totally CWR and 60mph.
  20. Only bits of single track are Sleaford to Heckington and either end of Boston, almost like it was done deliberately to create bottlenecks.
  21. You mean this one, what used to be Firsby junction south curve, which follows the totally unprototypical arrow straight section almost all the way from Boston! Don't see why it shouldn't count as a main line, regular service throughout the year with HSTs supplementing in summer. And to make it even more unprototypical the line goes under a bridge as soon as it comes off the curve I mean could you find a more unprototypical curve than this
  22. A word of warning, unfortunately Kirk LNER kits are only available second hand. Please don't try to order anything from Coopercraft, it's been the subject of many pages of threads in the small suppliers forum. Basically, it seems your money and order disappear into a black hole never to be seen again. This situation has been ongoing for years.
  23. Saw one youth before full lockdown started. He's dressed all in black wearing a small ruck sack with full medical style face mask and a pair of safety goggles. Couldn't make up my mind if he looked more like a teenage mutant ninja turtle or a minion!
  24. Possibly a 114? Lots of those in Lincolnshire, power/trailer two car so not that many horses available. They often had tail traffic I understand.
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