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  1. The current HST sets should be replaced by ex LNER sets in the near future, they may or may not run to Skegness in future years, the 15x family to be replaced by 170s in the next couple of years.
  2. Note that they mention that the 'old train' has a fault causing all the problems. No mention of the fact that the new ones barely get through a full day without failing and apart from the one with the damaged pantograph there's another parked up after a major engine failure. Very selective 'truth' about the Basils and Sybil's.
  3. Can't quite lay your track dead straight? Well, if I read this correctly no need to worry. Prototype curve radius of 50km!? Can it be measured to that degree of accuracy? Apologies to on track staff if I'm barking up the wrong tree and it means something completely different. It'd be interesting to see where the other end of the radius would be, somewhere in the York area perhaps? It's situated between Woodhouse station and junction near Sheffield
  4. Finally got a decent shot of this having been held at an adjacent signal while diverted via Beighton and Woodhouse into Sheffield this morning. As far as I know, it's the last remaining mast from the Woodhead electrification east of the Pennines situated at the western end of what was Woodhouse yard. Seems odd this one was left in place. Edit: further along there's the remains of, I think, a steam water crane, normally buried in the trees or I only pass in the dark. Was going faster by then, by the time I saw it and got a shot on my phone I realised I'd got my finger over the lens, d'oh! Was hanging on to my phone, we were doing about 60!
  5. Yesterday, today and tomorrow I understand there's a special shortened 2+4 set running for test timing purposes. 09.00 from Sheffield to St Pancras and back. I have been told the purpose but can't really divulge it at the moment. Don't know how it fared today due to the line problems around Sheffield. Yesterday it performed as expected.
  6. Apart from the addition of a Morrisons store, removal of one signal arm and some track, it's still very much the same today.
  7. As I've mentioned before they're going to have a heck of a problem shortly cos there won't be any 156s either. Front line staff working under difficult circumstances not of their making? Twas ever thus I can't help wondering if it's another 'softwear' glitch, as in use the computer on board to tell the train what to do at any given point. Our destination screens often lose track of where they are so maybe the train thought it wasn't going off the wires yet?
  8. I've just measured the signal arm I have in my garage from New Basford, although I know which post it came from I don't know it's designation, possibly up advanced starter? From the outer end it's 12 3/8th inches to the white stripe which is 7inches wide followed by another 22 1/4 inches of red. As my car is there at the moment I can't turn it round to check the back but presume it's similar. It's marked BR(M) if memory serves. It's possible it's shorter than standard because the cutting was closing in rapidly at that point leading to Sherwood Rise tunnel. I also have the calling on arm from the exit from New Basford carriage sidings. Edit: having re read the quote I see it's pretty much standard size
  9. Going back a couple of days, 63770 of Colwick was mentioned by Clem, a regular through New Basford in the early 60s when I spent many days there. This is my version using a Little Engines kit, I know the bogie wheels are under size but using the correct ones meant they jam under the over thick white metal footplate.
  10. Not just new fleets now, apparently when we get Anglia's 156s due to alterations done by different operators they can't be coupled to our existing units.
  11. According to a post on WNXX, staff have been told in quite 'robust' terms not to call the units 'Stragglers'. Also mentioned is the nickname given by maintenance staff of Basil's for the 4 car variant and Sybil's for the 3. Because they're always Fawlty
  12. And if what I've been told comes to pass the 156s will be out the door by year end as well. Indeed several should be going by the end of this month, believe it when I see it.
  13. Presuming that's Lincoln loco shed it's remarkable to think it still exists although much altered.
  14. From memory of a picture 60003 was given a white cab roof and quartered buffers for royal train duty by top shed
  15. Darnall may well be the best illustration of how most GC island platforms would have ended up, it must be about the last one on NR. https://www.google.com/search?q=darnall+railway+station&oq=dar&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i57j0l2.1485j0j7&client=ms-android-motorola-rev2&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#lkt=LocalPoiPhotos&trex=m_t:lcl_akp,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:10719709948152048118,rc_q:Darnall,ru_q:Darnall&viewerState=ga
  16. That something damaging the wires was a tractor going over Ranskill level crossing with the tipping trailer raised. There's CCTV of it on Twitter I believe, certainly was sent out on the LNER control app.
  17. All over my mobile, makes viewing the site almost a chore and I'm not keen on chores. I know that the site has to pay for it's upkeep but I can't help but feel too much of this stuff will be counter productive and actually drive people away. Personally I watch so little television now mostly due to the seemingly constant stream of advertising for absolutely nothing I'm interested in.
  18. That's merely for timing purposes, XC do not have any 158s, a lot of our routes are actually timed for 156s although 158s are used. Most likely an historical thing going back to when the 15x family were first introduced, after all the slight increase in top speed of a 170 over a 158 could be accounted for in the marginally slower acceleration of a 170, well they always seem a bit sluggish off the mark to me.
  19. If I remember correctly 43089 may have been the last one to still have a Valenta in when transferred to EMT (as was) from the new measurement train. EMT ran it until it packed up then put a VP185 in.
  20. Yesterday there was a dog box, sorry 153, substitute for a 4 car on the service I used from Yarmouth. The flooding on Sunday was between Brundall and Brundall Gardens according to Anglia's control log. It seems the new stuff struggles to do a full day in service
  21. Only been through there a couple of times but is it Warrington Bank Quay?
  22. It's not just 'modellers' who are becoming used to being 'spoon fed' it's a much more general thing. Hardly a day goes by when I'm not constantly amazed by how little so many people seem able to do or even think for themselves. I'm pretty much convinced that once artificial intelligence becomes clever enough it will rule the world, hopefully after I've departed for another place. On current heading I don't see a long-term future for the human race. Sorry to be so pessimistic but if you spent as much time as I do seeing people get themselves into a right old mess because their phone or computer controlled information system says so............
  23. Initially ex Anglia 156s with a few 170s from West Midlands I understand. The entire 15x fleet is to be replaced by more 'modern' units by 2022, all 170s we're told. They'll be getting on for 25 years old by then. Awaiting developments. Edit: the use of 153s was mandated in the original EMT franchise drawn up by the DFT under instructions from the government of the day. To say they were inadequate from day 1 wouldn't be unreasonable.
  24. True but they would also need fitting with universal toilets and PIS screens to become PRM compliant. All before the end of the year as well. Afraid it looks like an appointment with a gas axe before too long.
  25. C17949, 153313 now with EMR nee EMT still has that old style overhead warning flash on the second man's windscreen! Won't be with us much longer though, Abellio have said all single unit trains to be gone in the first six months of the franchise.
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