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  1. Hmm, I'd like to get a look at some of these things once we're allowed away from home again. Could have had 3 hours or so in Sheffield yesterday but decided against, partly due to restrictions, and it was ruddy cold!
  2. I'm pretty sure I've posted this before but it's kind of relevant. This particular area has always been a bit green but seems to have been particularly verdant last year.
  3. A couple more from today, the erstwhile MS&L London extension, otherwise GC, bridge over the Midland old road near Beighton. It looks to be in quite reasonable condition given its had no maintenance in many years, apart from the removal of most of the decking and beams. Presumably removing the main structure is considered far too costly and inconvenient to be worthwhile until it becomes absolutely necessary.
  4. A picture or two taken today, we were doing Nottingham-Sheffield via Beighton due to engineering works. Our services only usually come this way early morning so it's mostly dark or very late evening when it's always dark! First off a rather poor shot of something I've been trying to get for several years since first seeing it. A short distance to the west of Woodhouse station I noticed this almost buried in the trees, completely invisible when they're in full leaf so out of 4 passes today I managed to get this one photo. We were doing over 50mph and unless you can get it squar
  5. Can you log into the forum on your phone? I simply post straight from my phone nowadays, either using the home WiFi or 4G network. Somewhere I have a few pictures of Etwall box taken long after it closed.
  6. Another of Woodburn Junction, I reached the limit for one post.
  7. A couple taken today, we were running Nottingham-Sheffield via Beighton due to engineering works. Won't be long for this world unfortunately, much evidence of resignalling, I'm told it may be going live in March. Beighton station box, although the station is long gone. Woodhouse junction Finally for here, Woodburn Junction, western access to Tinsley yard and the start point of the remnant of the Woodhead route as far as Deepcar. I have a couple of things to post in the ghost in the machine thread later.
  8. Very much my feelings as well. I'm a total amateur in terms of modelling although I have definitely improved what I do over the years. Whilst I fully understand that anything placed on here does invite critical comments, it's sometimes the way that those comments are made I find demoralising. I haven't really finished anything now in probably 10 years, I have over a dozen unstarted loco kits and many dozens of built but unfinished wagon and coach kits. I don't have infinite time for modelling, despite being past retirement age I enjoy my job and have no intention of giving up any ti
  9. Ref: banger racing, just do a quick search on YouTube, any amount of videos, pretty much any car you care to think of is fair game. Chatting with a former racer last year, he'd packed in because it was getting silly, people paying £500 or more to get something to simply trash.
  10. Everyone learns something about their environment, it's simply a matter of degree. If you drive along a road regularly you learn certain features and it should allow you to drive more safely, and possibly quicker along that road? A train driver needs to know where they are and what to expect at any given moment, even in fog they're expected to be able to maintain close to line speed, yet be aware of signals and braking distances. That's why they have to learn routes in detail, I speak as a guard and I have to have good route knowledge, for instance, Nottingham-Liverpool was thr
  11. Could you use an Airfix tender drive as used by their 4F and 2P? I have a Hornby Compound done by someone else which uses the Airfix tender drive.
  12. Gloomy and sad at the time maybe, I visited a couple of times, late 68 early 69. But if they hadn't been there the preservation movement would have been short of two hundred or more locos.
  13. ^^^. Wasn't you obscuring Norwich with class 37 clag a couple of days ago was it?
  14. Last time I went to Rhymey it was class 37 haulage, after a trip from Cardiff to Fishguard in the same train. Those rapid station stops and hills certainly made a 37 roar, best bit was full throttle through Caerphilly tunnel. Just doable in a day from Nottingham, although on one occasion it did get a bit squeaky bum time when the unit to get back to Cardiff was late. Something like a 20 minute connection for the last Nottingham turned into a less than 10 minute!
  15. Quite a few boxes now have most, if not all the blinds permanently closed. Shirebrook junction, New Mills Central and Earle's sidings come to mind. They might have the door open in summer. No real reason to observe passing trains, it's all on the panel displays, no different to a signalling centre controlling hundreds of miles of line.
  16. Many years ago when we built Deepcar we wanted to get away from the, at the time, cliché of Matt black, so fitted thin ply which was then varnished to give the impression of a Gresley coach side. One member took several weeks to paint the layout name in the style of LNER coach lettering. The lighting pelmet was finished in the same style with vinyl lettering produced by another member at work with the club name on.
  17. Also the BRSA clubs or similar near many major locations. Worth having a read through some historical footplate stories, in the likes of Steam World, there were a number of books (Bradford Barton?) some years ago which gave first hand accounts of footplate life as well. Regular tales of a swift pint or two at the end of a shift or even mid shift if there was time.
  18. Careful what you wish for, very much desired in banger racing circles, like Ford Granadas, still seem to be plenty to be found? Stripped and sold as a rolling shell. I was talking to a former racer last year who said he'd given up because of such things, he was disillusioned that people were paying big money for something just to wreck it. Another favourite is Toyota Supras, when did you last see one of those, but two were absolutely wrecked at a routine meeting at Yarmouth last year. Sorry about the thread drift
  19. There is some, albeit limited, interest in it. There's a thread in the collectable/vintage section of the forum dedicated to it. Someone there may be interested in taking it?
  20. Yes you're right, I was referring primarily to the MML ones. While I do take an interest in things more locally I'm not too sure of national developments and, especially nowadays, I completely lose track of time, for example how long it is since I went to Dawlish in the latter days of class 47s on XC!
  21. A former guard's instructor used to take new staff, after appropriate classroom training and careful site briefing of course, to the upside of the barrow crossing at Grantham, long since abolished. The experience showed vividly how a train can sneak up at speed relatively unnoticed. Lesson very much learned! By the time I did my PTS we weren't allowed trackside so mine was done on a dead end siding at Tyseley and on the platform at Stechford (I think). Not quite the same impact.
  22. I don't normally have a great deal to contribute to this thread, any notes being rather juvenile scribblings, but today is an exception. Very much towards the end of my 'junior' spotting days before other more 'grown up' interests took precedence for a few years. This day in history 3rd January 1970, a couple of days before the end of scheduled passenger services over Woodhead. Having travelled the route earlier in the summer when St Pancras-Manchester services were diverted this way I decided that a final trip would be in order. I noted both locos and DMUs but it se
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