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  1. Tried to enter the 'exclusive' RMweb members competition. Typical website lets me register then says my password is wrong. Gave up and deleted email, this doesn't help Warners at all!!

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    2. highpeakman
    3. highpeakman


      JUst discovered that if I type "4" on it's own it will not allow it but "Four" is OK.

    4. Porcy Mane

      Porcy Mane

      So what is this "Exclusive" & where can I read about it?

  2. Been cleaning and letting a train circulate on Deepcar, only one line at the moment but surprisingly therapeutic

  3. Has got a decent earworm for once, Back in Black AC/DC, yes!!!

  4. Feeling really restless, usually get this at this time of year, but for some reason it's worse than normal.Complete life re-think? But I'm nearly 63 not 23!

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    2. great central

      great central

      Wife, house, mortgage, feeling of responsibilty?

    3. 3 link

      3 link

      Rent it the house to pay the mortgage, and go travelling with the wife. I did this back in the 90's visited both USA and Canada, loved every minute and glad we done it.

    4. great central

      great central

      Wouldn't mind that idea, do you think a tenant would mind the wife being here?

  5. Feel a right tw%t. Bank accounts been hacked over a grand gone!

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    2. Matt


      Sorry to hear. Happened to me in various forms 5 times now... Worst is when people start taking credit in your name...

    3. Horsetan


      ....and then there's "vishing"

    4. locoholic


      Nightmare. Hope it's sorted soon.

  6. 6 years ago this evening I was flat on my back in hospital wondering if I was going to follow the person in the next cubicle

  7. Am I mad? With what I've been doing today quite possibly. Am I happy? You bet!!!

  8. Manchester Oford Road station earlier, mini brass oompah type band strike up with Christmas carols. It's 14th November!!! Felt like shoving the tuba where the sun don't shine, blunt end first!!!

  9. Lousy couple of days, had to have one of our cats put to sleep yesterday, then friends horse died overnight. you can't bury a horse like a cat. Not nice all round. No more tragedy please.

    1. Re6/6


      Much sympathy. Thoughts are with you. Lost one of mine a short while ago.

    2. Horsetan
  10. Trip to the vet tomorrow, unfortunately the cat has only got a single ticket.

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    2. great central

      great central

      Definitely, she's over 20 keeps losing her sight, but it comes back(?) and permanent diarrhea, yuk!

    3. BrushVeteran


      I'm almost in a similar position with my cat and she is only 16. She is loing weight rapidly and drinking loads of water so the kidneys are obviously failing. She is getting more in need of a litter tray but ssems to have the strength to keep going. I don't want her to suffer but it is knowing the right time which can be difficult. I do sympathisse with you though and have had plenty of cats to tell the tale about. The good thing is that they are all very different so you never really...

    4. sub39h


      Sorry to hear. Had my dog put down last year and it's very hard - have to remember that it is the right thing for them.


      BrushVeteran, when my vet was discussing my dog's final visit he said to me to look at their "good" days and "bad" days. If you start getting more bad days than good then it's time.

  11. Very very relieved, friends granddaughter home from hospital. Seem to think more of them than my own at times, is this dangerous?

  12. Had some shock news, friends granddaughter in hospital after being kicked by one of their horses. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed!

    1. Horsetan


      She'll be fine. Horse people are indestructible.

    2. great central

      great central

      Hope so, she's only 4

    3. SHMD


      Their still made of rubber at that age but still - fingers crossed.

  13. Burst a brake pipe on the Jeep, only had to drive about 20 miles to get it home. MOT due next week as well!

    1. Tim V

      Tim V

      Replace with copper

  14. Had the most brilliant day on the beach with a very good friend (nothing more), her two daughters, granddaughter and two dogs, now for Midland Railex tomorrow.

    1. Mallard60022


      Ummmmmmmmm, the K1 goes in the cupboard for a few years then!!!!!

  15. Cat's just done one, makes yer eyes water

    1. Tim Dubya

      Tim Dubya

      Personally, there's nothing like crumpet that can trumpet!

    2. Horsetan


      See status update above.

  16. Is it OK to be jealous of the car your son's bought?

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    2. Satan's Goldfish

      Satan's Goldfish

      My dad drives a 1.2, I drive a 6.2, so yes you can be jealous of your sons car.

    3. Horsetan


      If he drives a classic car, you might be even more jealous.

    4. skipepsi


      Better the car than his wife.....

  17. Feeding an addiction to Sainsbury's sun soaked tomatoes they ain't cheap

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    2. Mikkel


      Better tomatoes than sun soaked potatoes.

    3. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Tripe is cheap in certain parts of the North

    4. Steadfast


      They sure are good! Make a nice topping in a burger off the BBQ with a bit of lettuce and coleslaw during the warmer months

  18. Stupid bank, I go into the branch to enquire about something, they tell me I ahve to deal with the call centre who tell me I have to go into the branch! Arrggghhh!!!

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    2. great central

      great central

      Nope, one that split itself in two recently, they couldn't get that right either!!

    3. bgman


      It'll be a long walk to complain if you go to India then! Good luck

    4. polybear


      They're just a bunch of bankers....

  19. First bit of modelling since well before Christmas, the 1P looks like it might work!

  20. Today, 5 years ago I was carted off to hospital with what I thought was some kind of indigestion. Turned out to be a heart attack1

    1. New Haven Neil

      New Haven Neil

      Had the same years ago, turned out to be a collapsed lung!

    2. yorkie_pudd


      know how you feel fella had same 8 yr ago, I thought I`d broke some ribs again till tests proved otherwise lol. you wake up and never know what the day may through your way. all best too you.

    3. Ozexpatriate


      Glad to hear you were carted off to hospital.

  21. Drat and double Drat!! The PVA fixing insulation to my plywood removable 'wall' hasn't gone off. had to re-do it, another two day wait!

    1. naturol


      If it's foil backed use evostik.

      Done it a few times.

    2. Merc435


      Or a flexible gap adhesive like Grip fill, but use the Non-solvent version or the polyboard will melt and you might want to avoid the poisonous fumes!

  22. Me knobs have turned up! They were in a bag with towels to go to the caravan????

    1. eastwestdivide


      Knobs turned up... to 11?

    2. great central

      great central

      Not quite 40 of them to be precise.

  23. New windows now fitted, payday tomorrow (not a moment too soon). Resume work on the garage alterations soon, just got a few more days at work this year.

  24. Even on my favourite table he can beat my best

    1. gwrrob


      His disciples lead him in and he just does the rest.

    2. Mad McCann

      Mad McCann

      He's got crazy flipper fingers; never seen him fall...

  25. I've lost me knobs!

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    2. Kev_Lewis


      Did you ever find any screws?

    3. great central

      great central

      Yes, got the screws, bag from wilko's for

    4. mcrook62


      Have you looked in your pockets!

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