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  1. 6 hours ago, Bomag said:

    First time I have seen a pair of 800/2s in service (204/205) on the 07:00 Leeds to KX. There was no catering so waited for the 07:15 HST (missing a TS but with catering :imsohappy:). Saw 204 later heading south on its own, looking rather wedged. Also something damaged the wires south of Doncaster on the up  line in the afternoon - I was on 91 set going north and the first thing to come south in the gloom was a very slow bi-mode on diesel. 

    That something damaging the wires was a tractor going over Ranskill level crossing with the tipping trailer raised. There's CCTV of it on Twitter I believe, certainly was sent out on the LNER control app.

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  2. All over my mobile, makes viewing the site almost a chore and I'm not keen on chores. 

    I know that the site has to pay for it's upkeep but I can't help but feel too much of this stuff will be counter productive and actually drive people away.

    Personally I watch so little television now mostly due to the seemingly constant stream of advertising for absolutely nothing I'm interested in.

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  3. That's merely for timing purposes, XC do not have any 158s, a lot of our routes are actually timed for 156s although 158s are used.

    Most likely an historical thing going back to when the 15x family were first introduced, after all the slight increase in top speed of a 170 over a 158 could be accounted for in the marginally slower acceleration of a 170, well they always seem a bit sluggish off the mark to me.

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  4. On 22/09/2019 at 04:09, Mark Saunders said:

    Remember when Pub ceilings were prepainted with nicotine brown !

    There was a period around the late  90s when one particular pub chain was having their bars done out in a fake 'Irish' style.

    This included having the walls and ceiling liberally coated with tinted varnish to look like it was heavily nicotine stained, well that's what it looked like to me.

  5. It's not just 'modellers' who are becoming used to being 'spoon fed' it's a much more general thing.

    Hardly  a day goes by when I'm not constantly amazed by how little so many people seem able to do or even think for themselves.

    I'm pretty much convinced that once artificial intelligence becomes clever enough it will rule the world, hopefully after I've departed for another place. On current heading I don't see a long-term future for the human race.

    Sorry to be so pessimistic but if you spent as much time as I do seeing people get themselves into a right old mess because their phone or computer controlled information system says so............

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  6. 10 minutes ago, Ian Hargrave said:


    To be replaced by what,I wonder ?   The use of single units by EM is/was geographically wide ranging from Derby-Crewe to rural Lincolnshire and beyond.Noisy but characterful.

    Initially ex Anglia 156s with a few 170s from West Midlands I understand. The entire 15x fleet is to be replaced by more 'modern' units by 2022, all 170s we're told. They'll be getting on for 25 years old by then.

    Awaiting developments.


    Edit: the use of 153s was mandated in the original EMT franchise drawn up by the DFT under instructions from the government of the day. To say they were inadequate from day 1 wouldn't be unreasonable.

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  7. 18 hours ago, Davexoc said:

    I think those ends are an adopted Heritage Railway standard for propelling rather than top and tailling. They use them at the Bucks Railway Centre and also the Northampton and Lamport AFAIK.

    They might only be allowed on shorter moves/lines, somebody in the preservation movement might confirm?




    Used on the GC northern section between Ruddington and Loughborough. If it's the same there's only a brake valve and horn, used by the guard when propelled

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  8. 1 hour ago, jools1959 said:


    The four Hull Trains Class 180’s are all heading to Grand Central as they need them to increase capacity and it’s easier for a ROSCO to keep a small fleet with one operating company.

    Hope someone's told our new bosses then, according to them only a few weeks ago the HT 180s were going to undergo a thorough rework at Etches Park before replacing the ex GC HST sets........

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Tony Cane said:

    Peco sell crushed real coal, about £6.00 a bag.


    And you can buy a 20kg bag from coal merchants for £7 or £8 at most. 

    A lot of garages sell 10kg bags as do the likes of Home Bargains.

    Even a preserved railway would likely let you take a lump for a donation.

  10. Just to add a little more to the Bestwood junction/Bestwood Park junction information if I may.

    Bestwood Park junction does still kind of exist, it's a loop on the Robin Hood line used sometimes to regulate a late running service on the single line section between Bulwell and Kirkby in Ashfield. It does have one timetabled train per day as a northbound service, the 19.55 from Nottingham if memory serves, is held there awaiting the passage of a southbound one. This is to do with timetabling from Nottingham.

    It also serves as the junction to the mothballed, if not now officially closed, line to Calverton colliery part of the trackbed having been converted to a foot and cycle path.  The line had been 'unoficially lifted' in bits over several years anyway. 

    A little known fact about the junction I've seen in print written by one of our former club members many years ago was that between the wars there was a plan for a joint LMS/LNER line starting there and heading north through the then relatively recently developed coalfield. Intended as a relief to other north/south mainlines as it could be reached easily from both the GC and Midland mainlines as well as the east coast, all of which carried much which would have been required during a time of war.

    Also a friend and club member has very recently had a book covering the GN 'back line' published by Book Law, although I haven't yet seen a copy he has undertaken very thorough research into the reasons for closure and it seems that maybe Mapperley tunnel wasn't as bad as painted at the time, especially given that, at least until a short time ago, it was still open at one end and not even fenced off.

  11. Most of the 'oiks' trying to get to work with bikes are fine, I do my best to accommodate them, the most I can recall is 9 in a 158, officially we can turn away any more than 2. 

    The worst ones tend to be 'leisure cyclists' who have a great sense of entitlement, one of these flatly refused to move his bike from the aisle so much so that an 'oik' type offered to get off so we could move on! Turns out said leisure type didn't even have a ticket!!! 

    Got him off when he gave me his credit card to pay with. Walked across to the station wall, slapped his card down on it and told him to make his choice knowing he couldn't retrieve his card without getting off the train:rolleyes:. Most annoying thing was he was only going to the next station about a mile down the line and clearly visible from where we stood.

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  12. 25 minutes ago, Wickham Green said:

    There's also a London Road station in Guildford, of course - closer to London but, even today, outside.


    Always intrigues me that on-train announcements have adopted the 'London' prefix for terminal stations in - relatively - recent years as if anybody approaching Victoria thought they'd got to Manchester or anybody arriving at Charing Cross believed they were in Glasgow all of a sudden ...................... oddly you never hear "we are now arriving at London, London bridge" !


    You're obviously not used to dealing with the great British travelling public:wacko:

    Even with the London first, many people can't tell the difference between London Liverpool Street and Liverpool Lime Street, trains departing for both from adjacent platforms at Norwich.

    They run 3 minutes apart, back in Central Trains days there was even an Anglia 170 on hire so it was possible to have two trains in the same livery for the two destinations.

    Once I was even asked if the train was going to London Liverpool Lime Street:lol_mini::rtfm:

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  13. There's so much and many examples I could give around this issue, but as a serving member of rail staff and a guard to boot I'm limited in what I can place on a public forum.

    Suffice to say it's a very difficult area but children with tattoos, carrying and drinking alcohol, carrying cigarettes?

    All seen and action attempted, not always successful I'll add, just as likely to get a load of abuse and possibly worse.

    I don't doubt Pete's daughter was upset by the alleged actions of the guard in question, which do seem somewhat heavy handed, and possibly, with her permission, a complaint is justified.

    It will result in a full investigation if my experience is anything to go by and if as alleged the guard will be spoken to, certainly would be if it was my TOC.


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