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  1. There's quite a few of them about, originally done as a special for a catalogue firm train set I believe.
  2. A Clan did pass through Sheffield Midland, there's a well documented accidental tour by Clan McGregor (72005) where, if I remember correctly, it got as far south as Bristol. Presumably arriving somewhere then being borrowed for another working. I was spotting at Derby on the day it worked back towards the north, as it ran into the station from under the London Road bridge it was obviously something unusual to the area!
  3. I was thinking the same, really pleasant authentic sound
  4. It could be DJH, the B16 kit goes back a long way. I bought one on offer when the Nottingham show first moved to the Victoria leisure centre so probably late 70s. If I dig it out I can check but pretty sure it was all white metal the same as Nu cast of the time who, I think, also did a B16. Difficult to imagine nowadays that we once had duplication among kits let alone RTR. Edit: should have read what you wrote properly, you've already checked both DJH and Nu cast! D'oh!
  5. Almost every photo of NPCCS has a Southern van of some sort in.
  6. Level crossing now closed following the opening of a bypass.
  7. Level crossing under a bridge? This is the model, there's a photo somewhere in DaveF's epic photo thread of the real thing. Also the mid Norfolk railway has a crossing under the A47 at Dereham.
  8. The units approaching Carlisle are a pair of 153s, known to us as dogboxes, you can see the yellow end on the second one. Also the number on the front is legible.
  9. I think it's all to easy to be dispirited by other people's standards. There are some very fine models shown on the internet nowadays, many of them on this very thread. There are also many not so great models shown that, nonetheless, the builder is proud of, but can be then totally deflated by some people's comments. I've nothing against constructive criticism but that can very easily be interpreted wrongly if not carefully phrased, the typed word carries nothing more than the letters used, no emotional input. If you say to someone's face ' that's rubbish' but with a smile it's usually taken lightly as intended, type it and it's just taken as 'rubbish' and totally demoralising. Over 40 or so years I've assembled many kits although my output has dwindled to virtually zero in the last few years, party due to the rise of RTR but also a lack of somewhere to run anything, the last reliable one was probably a DJH 9F over 15 years ago! We can now also examine models in minute detail thanks to digital cameras and the capacity to zoom in on anything, obviously subject to the limits imposed by the technology in use, therefore seeing the slightest blemish. There are some models shown here that seem to be generally approved of, yet I look at the photo and see something that looks odd, whether others don't notice I know not but they don't seem to attract comments. Perhaps it's distortion as I use my phone almost exclusively now for the internet, our PC has pretty much given up the ghost and I can take my phone with me. What I'm trying to say, and probably waffling instead, is everyone should set their own standards that they're happy with and accept the compromises they have to make. Equally others, while offering advice and observations, should accept the original builder's standards without harsh criticism. Let's face it most of the models on this thread are running on narrower gauge track than the prototype, around corners that are totally unfeasible and they've got a ruddy great electric motor in the boiler!
  10. 73069 went on to become the last standard 5 in service and worked specials in the last few weeks of service
  11. Mentioned earlier, I have looked for my MTK standard 5 but it's being rather elusive at the moment, I have stock split between the garage and small bedroom (dump!) in the house. While looking I remembered I'd posted a picture of it before somewhere in the MTK thread in the collectable/vintage section so hopefully I've copied the picture across. The proportions look a bit off but I think it looks better in the metal than the picture, anyway it was built getting on for 40 years ago. The big gap where the firebox should be is actually an XO4 motor, hint don't take low level photos of your toy trains!
  12. I built an MTK class 5, didn't turn out too bad to my eyes. Picked it up from York show club sales many, many years ago. There was also a DJH kit on the sales stand, but at over twice the price, to someone unemployed at the time it was way beyond my means.
  13. I still have my notebook somewhere reporting that all the spotters, me included, were rounded up and put on a unit back to Nottingham one day in, from memory, 1963. As we left, Lord Faringdon, again very much from memory, came hurtling through. The last time I saw an A4 working for BR. It seems spotters were no longer welcome on the new dieselised railway.
  14. Craftsman do/did etched sides to fit the Lima 117, I've done one, got another couple to do if I feel like it
  15. I'm not sure they've had a usable cleaning plant at Crown Point in years, if the units and mk3s were anything to go by.
  16. Thank you for the feedback both, it does seem that there's now a hole in availablity of suitable motors for large heavy models. At the moment the loco is little more than a stalled project, I just asked in response to John's comment wondering if he did have something particular in mind. It could be expected to work minimum of 20 wagon trains on a large layout with gentle inclines, although that is by no means certain and it may never work a train in anger at all. Regarding the Chinese motors on eBay, I've long been very wary of anything produced in China and now would only use something direct from there as an absolute last resort, if it was something I couldn't live without. Toy trains do not fit into that category.
  17. Any idea what might fit the bill? I have a part built ex LNER O1 2-8-0 bought from a certain duck of this parish. Like most kits I've bought second hand it has a piddling little motor, Mashima 1220 I think. I can get up to a 14mm motor in the firebox but being rather mean and now, possibly, without a job as well could do with something cheaper than the remaining Mashimas if anything is available.
  18. Also some inset rails to be seen in the dip between the embankments at Sheet Stores junction near Long Eaton.
  19. Can't say I remember for sure if I travelled in non corridor stock, but have the impression I didn't, on days out to the coast before my parents had their own car around 1963-4
  20. I'm sorry, but if we are expecting to be able to hold someone responsible for someone else contracting this particular virus, doesn't that by extension mean that anyone who catches a cold or normal flu or any other number of infections could be able to hold someone responsible? Taking an example where a source of infection is easily identified, poor hygiene in a catering establishment, it's relatively simple to trace the cause and act accordingly. But with hundreds of people in a venue for any event, not just a model railway show, how can the organisers be held accountable for something passed directly from one attendee to another? To take it to your obvious conclusion I suspect you're expecting to be able to sue the person that coughed as you passed them in the street, saying they had infected you?
  21. Definitely not Shirebrook in the 4th photo. Shirebrook was only a two road shed, which, incidentally, still stands today although reclad in steel sheeting and used as part of a storage facility It's quite a narrow site on top of an embankment..
  22. If it's any help I posted this in the ghosts in the machine thread a while back. It supported a large two doll bracket just outside Sleaford. Apparently the base is buried and can be quite big, guess it needs to be.
  23. The multicoloured train arriving in Leeds must be a stock move of some sort. In the second picture the IC liveried vehicles are both MK4 stock.
  24. I suggested Carrington as a somewhat tongue in cheek answer to those who had pointed out the possible drawbacks with Victoria. I spent quite a chunk of my childhood up to about 12 years of age at or around New Basford so know the area pretty well, or should I say did, been living away from the area for 50 years or so now. Having passed through and had a bit of a look there's little left at all. New Basford would need a rather larger space than Carrington which I believe, without scrolling back to check, was pointed out as one of the drawbacks to Victoria.
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