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  1. Likely be back in Norwich before too long if the ongoing unit shortages at EMR are anything to go by. I believe 1569(4)02 made it there on Thursday or Friday
  2. Still quite impressive pulling away from Nottingham after a driver change, getting a long train of TEAs on the move again. There's often one about the time I get to work, once the loco is away the wagons slip almost silently past.
  3. Thanks for that, I hadn't looked into the details of what they are producing. Highly unlikely I'll be buying a kit, I already have at least 15 loco kits alone still in their boxes, not to mention coach/carriage and wagon kits. Then there's the pile of stuff that I need to finish properly! Given that most of my modelling enthusiasm disappeared getting on for 10 years ago now, I suspect much of the unstarted and unfinished stuff will stay in the same state.
  4. No photo I'm afraid but a vivid memory, of Lord President in Nottingham Victoria. I think around 1957. I would have been 4 and it's the first named loco I have any recollection of, running in from the south along platform 4. Ever since I've promised myself that one day I would build a model of it, maybe I'll just wimp out and buy the Hornby one. The first class 87 I renumbered for our Carstairs layout was (obviously?) Lord President. I see that DRS have named one if their class 68s Lord President as well.
  5. Tallyllyn Railway Preservation Society? Edit: posted same time as above
  6. No idea if it's relevant but we keep being told that EMR will have the 5 Scotrail 170s by May, not available for traffic but for training, possibly into traffic later in the year.
  7. A 156 is 2x23m cars so a bit over half the length of these. There must be more standing room though. About the most I've had is around 120 in a single 153 when that was all that turned up for a Nottingham-Worksop one Saturday when Nottingham Forest had been playing at home.
  8. 4 cars and only 202 seats? A 156 2 car has around 150 , not sure on total since the robobogs were fitted, not that great an improvement unless there's a lot more standing space?
  9. The 156s are required for EMR to honour their obligation to make all trains 2 car from the new year and also comply with the new PRM regulations. 156409 was at Eastcroft yesterday or Friday wearing it's modified livery, yet another one, and new number 156909 to set it apart from the existing fleet
  10. Err, Nick, Trent Lane Junction made it's debut last year, major club layout is,as you rightly point out, Deepcar
  11. We had several ex Wessex 153s, a couple were painted in stagecoach livery for the launch of the EMT franchise, I seem to recall 153355 being one of them. 153308 was black I think and we also inherited a red one if memory serves. Not long after the start of the franchise I arrived for work one Sunday morning, there was a line of units down one of the middle roads at Nottingham with no two in the same livery. It's starting to get a bit like that now again, with EMR branded stagecoach livery, Branded plain white or blue, unbranded blue and white units with different coloured doors and the soon to be added ex GA units with a purple section on each end. Then there was the EMR branded ScotRail unit we had on hire for a few weeks.
  12. The new units are supposed to have selective door opening but as far as I'm aware it didn't work properly at first. No idea if it's been sorted though, 'software issues'
  13. Actually it does seem that they might be getting cleaned a bit now but still look rather unkempt. Some of the meridians were absolutely filthy but they do have a habit of throwing oil up the sides.
  14. Hmm, if that's the case maybe they'd cope with the conditions at Dawlish better than a lot of 'modern' trains
  15. That's just general muck I think you'll find. If you look at a lot of the GA stock it's not very clean. Might have expected them to keep the new units looking better to show how much of an 'improvement' they are over the old stuff. Some of the 156s are really filthy, but it is a dirty time of year and the newly 'Abellioised' EMR units are starting to look similar.
  16. Oi! What's our new trains doing still standing there? Should be with EMR by now. That's NOT the scrap company EMR by the way
  17. C16890, interesting looking roof rack, hope it fits within the structure gauge
  18. Probably absolutely nothing to do with this debacle but I saw 37425 idling at the RTC in Derby this morning, apparently it was thrashing away on the load bank later. Completely debranded it's been there untouched for quite a while. Also 37419 was seen running a few days ago. We can but dream
  19. The current HST sets should be replaced by ex LNER sets in the near future, they may or may not run to Skegness in future years, the 15x family to be replaced by 170s in the next couple of years.
  20. Note that they mention that the 'old train' has a fault causing all the problems. No mention of the fact that the new ones barely get through a full day without failing and apart from the one with the damaged pantograph there's another parked up after a major engine failure. Very selective 'truth' about the Basils and Sybil's.
  21. Can't quite lay your track dead straight? Well, if I read this correctly no need to worry. Prototype curve radius of 50km!? Can it be measured to that degree of accuracy? Apologies to on track staff if I'm barking up the wrong tree and it means something completely different. It'd be interesting to see where the other end of the radius would be, somewhere in the York area perhaps? It's situated between Woodhouse station and junction near Sheffield
  22. Finally got a decent shot of this having been held at an adjacent signal while diverted via Beighton and Woodhouse into Sheffield this morning. As far as I know, it's the last remaining mast from the Woodhead electrification east of the Pennines situated at the western end of what was Woodhouse yard. Seems odd this one was left in place. Edit: further along there's the remains of, I think, a steam water crane, normally buried in the trees or I only pass in the dark. Was going faster by then, by the time I saw it and got a shot on my phone I realised I'd got my finger over the lens, d'oh! Was hanging on to my phone, we were doing about 60!
  23. Yesterday, today and tomorrow I understand there's a special shortened 2+4 set running for test timing purposes. 09.00 from Sheffield to St Pancras and back. I have been told the purpose but can't really divulge it at the moment. Don't know how it fared today due to the line problems around Sheffield. Yesterday it performed as expected.
  24. Apart from the addition of a Morrisons store, removal of one signal arm and some track, it's still very much the same today.
  25. As I've mentioned before they're going to have a heck of a problem shortly cos there won't be any 156s either. Front line staff working under difficult circumstances not of their making? Twas ever thus I can't help wondering if it's another 'softwear' glitch, as in use the computer on board to tell the train what to do at any given point. Our destination screens often lose track of where they are so maybe the train thought it wasn't going off the wires yet?
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