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  1. There's so much and many examples I could give around this issue, but as a serving member of rail staff and a guard to boot I'm limited in what I can place on a public forum. Suffice to say it's a very difficult area but children with tattoos, carrying and drinking alcohol, carrying cigarettes? All seen and action attempted, not always successful I'll add, just as likely to get a load of abuse and possibly worse. I don't doubt Pete's daughter was upset by the alleged actions of the guard in question, which do seem somewhat heavy handed, and possibly, with her permission, a complaint is justified. It will result in a full investigation if my experience is anything to go by and if as alleged the guard will be spoken to, certainly would be if it was my TOC.
  2. No longer just a student railcard, available to anyone 16-24 years old, by which time a lot have a couple of kids so move onto the family and friends one. If they haven't got kids there's also a 26-30 one now. When I was eligible it was strictly a full time student only railcard. Those of us working for a living, probably the majority then, were expected to pay full price even though many were on apprenticeship wages including days at college as, oddly enough a student, me included.
  3. I'm on a pretty flat straight stretch now. Outskirts of Boston to Firsby. Of course the line continued towards Louth in earlier days.
  4. I believe it was a regular thing for containers loaded with tobacco products. Means the doors can't be opened in transit
  5. You could have an underslung or very low bracket type. The one at Weekday Cross outside Nottingham Victoria was I think an underslung one, although in later years could have been a colour light. The one at New Basford to the north a low bracket from memory. There's a low bracket type at Melton Mowbray I think where the arm is mounted almost level with the walking platform on the bracket. Edit: memory just kicked in, well I've been up since 03.00, some of the platform end signals at Victoria were both underslung and very low brackets. A picture search should bring up some examples.
  6. When we first exhibited Deepcar the intention was to change the era somewhat across a two day show. Starting with black EM1s and 2s, and a few steam locos gradually moving forward to green electrics with diesels and finally to blue class 76s. Not sure if it qualifies for your criteria though as it's only 26 feet long, that being the length of the longest space in the clubrooms at the time, even then we had to rearrange a partition wall to fit it in. It only took a short time to realise this wasn't really practical, as with most new layouts there were teething problems and constantly changing the stock definitely didn't help. As a majority of the group were aligned to the blue era, due to my age and location I'm about the only one can remember regular working steam, we soon decided to concentrate on the blue era and so it has stayed pretty much. My few black and green EM1s get a run out occasionally covering for failures, mostly wheel cleaning. Our first show was in 1991, most recent being Ruddington last weekend and Stafford earlier this year. It should be going to our spring show next year and has a couple of further enquiries, one in particular looking at 2021, the 40th anniversary of closure of the line. As a club we also own Carstairs, which is about the same age as Deepcar, although that is undergoing major alterations including a complete rewire for DCC control and under the guidance of a younger group of members may move forward a little from its original timescale to include sectorisation liveries.
  7. Not being an expert on signal types I can offer the Leicester to Peterborough line as a good place to look, mostly semaphores, notably with the sole lower quadrant example at Ketton. A few in the Creswell area on the Robin hood line, Derby-Crewe also has semaphores between Tutbury and Stoke on Trent. The Hope Valley route and Peterborough to Ely are other possibilities.
  8. Pendant mode: the 05.07 is actually Nottingham-Spalding via Peterborough
  9. In emergency we go that way, line block between Nottingham, Grantham and Peterborough. We have also used the joint line but Norwich crews don't sign that way
  10. Knowing the people who organise the show, it's intended to be an add on attraction to the railway. Given the much lower profile of the GCR (N) compared to their southern colleagues the number of visitors is significantly lower. To hire a marquee would quite likely make the event unviable. The shed is no worse than other venues we have exhibited Deepcar in although for different reasons. A couple spring to mind, the slipway at Chatham was completely open to the elements at one end, fortunately we were there on a blisteringly hot summer weekend, the following year it was almost arctic. Lincoln museum was very dark and Barrow Hill roundhouse just before Christmas is very cold, not to mention the condensation involved in having locos in steam there as well. All a part of the experience, if you don't want to go it's your choice.
  11. I can't help but think people have short memories nowadays. The Norwich Liverpool service was operated using 170s in Central trains days, the units working turns about with 158s and also doing commuter runs. Personally I don't like 170s much, having spent 12 hours at a time on them in my catering trolley days. After 7 or 8 hours breathing the same air all I wanted was the doors open so I could get some fresher air. Also I think it's highly unlikely the Matlock-Norwich service will see bi-modes any time soon. The only electrified bit is between Grantham and Peterborough and I suspect that will be the case for many years to come. Interesting to note the comments and picture in another thread about a fairly recently awarded other Abellio franchise.
  12. Reports say it should be open by 22.00 tonight.
  13. For a good many years now I've used plastic trays that mushrooms are delivered in. The supermarkets used to put them out with the cardboard boxes to take away free, although I'm not sure they do now. The last lot I got from our local IKEA café a year or two back. They'll hold a dozen or so mk1s each but not too strong so wouldn't recommend them for a lot of heavy locos.
  14. There's probably a Network Rail time lapse video on line about the most recent work, often linked from Twitter somehow. Don't ask me how to find it though, I only look in the EMT feed sometimes to see what's being said.
  15. Nottingham London road low level was a parcels only station for many years being originally the terminus for trains from Grantham and the east before Victoria opened
  16. It was still there a few weeks ago.
  17. For what it's worth, if I recall correctly, it cost us something like £500 per day for security staff to patrol the car parks at our bigger shows. However it must be said there are some very variable characters working in 'security', we had cause to complain to their manager on more than one occasion. As another aside in response to the suggestion about cameras, my son has just finished fitting 4 at our house. A DIY kit of 4 cameras, with day colour and nighttime black and white complete with a 1Tb recorder cost him about £88!
  18. Regarding pronunciation of D9009, a friend in the DPS always says it as A-li-Siddon, if that makes sense
  19. That vacuum cleaner must be 50 years old My parents had one back when I had long hair. The blow end made a really good hair drier. Proper job as well, none of this bagless stuff with loads of filters to get blocked up then need cleaning out with the attendant huge cloud of dust. Thought, when I typed in blow end, why did the auto prompt suggest I used the word job? Edit: No edit changed my mind
  20. I saw a layout at Glasgow show some years ago that had used plastic for the catenary masts. The kindest comment I can give was that it didn't look good.......
  21. Stagecoach have engaged a top law firm according to the Telegraph whilst the DFT is being inundated with stuff from other operators. Sorry can't post the link but you can only read the full story if subscribed.
  22. Class 76 sides aren't flat like the 77 but have a distinct curve from cantrail to solebar.
  23. Also the first two Nottingham-Norwich in the morning and the last Spalding-Nottingham Monday to Friday. Edit: the Spalding is a bit of an adventure, Melton Mowbray-Nottingham non stop with a dog box, booked fast line as well
  24. Found out that if I hold my phone in landscape mode rather than portrait I don't seem to get the ads??? Very odd
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