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  1. Only ones left are Littleworth and Blankney (Metheringham). I understand the local community wanted to adopt St James Deeping but it was demolished 'by mistake'. There's High Street and East Holmes still in place, but disused, in Lincoln as well as Sleaford East and West in full use which is on the joint line for passenger purposes.
  2. Regarding light engine movements on my way back from Liverpool yesterday I was passed by no less than three on the Erewash valley between Clay Cross and Trowell. First up was a Freightliner 66, then a Colas 37 followed by a plain blue 66 just as I turned onto the branch at Trowell, could have been DRS or ex DRS?
  3. I got the emails but still logged in. Normally use my phone to view the forum anyway. If I do use the computer I have to log in every time.
  4. Yep at Manea, also a BR one slowly disappearing into the ivy at Ancaster on the Skegness line
  5. Will this do? Water tower base at Boultham junction just outside Lincoln. Got stopped there last week so chance to get a photo.
  6. Nottingham London Road low level perhaps. There was a GN box in the yard which would have worked with the Midland's London Road junction possibly even with Trent power box when it opened? Newark flat crossing, the Midland and ECML would have been linked both ways with both routes. Also there were connections in Lincoln between the Midland and GN or GC. Probably several in the mining area north of Nottingham along the Leen valley. Also in the Peterborough area around Helpston and North station.
  7. Oh dear indeed, we get you think it's expensive elsewhere..........
  8. They were at a shed, I forget which one, which seemed to be out of use otherwise. I still have the notes, written by my dad, somewhere Also recall watching an ancient 0-6-0 pushing coal wagons up to a coaling stage, several attempts and retreats back down the yard before they got to the top of the ramp.
  9. Sorry but Woodhead and Dunford didn't get the EMU service, it only went as far as Hadfield, I understand one was tried as far as Penistone, I think, but struggled with the climb to the tunnel.
  10. Royal Scot sat unused alongside Nottingham shed for many months, almost like a gate guardian. The story was it had cracked frames and, as such, couldn't be used. No idea if that was true or just spotters rumour. It's possible that various Annesley locos could turn up at Nottingham for repair as it was the major shed for the district since Annesley was subsumed in the great LMR line grab, previously the major shed had been Colwick. Interesting about Bo'Ness docks as well. As a 10 year old in 1963 I went, along with my parents, on a massive shed bash around Glasgow and Edinburgh. We travelled in a friends Bedford CA minibus and stayed in a hotel which introduced me to the 'nice' way the Scots do porridge, with salt Yuck! As part of this expedition our friend was chasing his last Duchess 46230 Duchess of Buccleuch (SP?) which he had heard was at Bo'Ness dump. When we arrived there was nothing at all, this makes me wonder if we were even in the right place? We did see may stored locos along the way including the first five Clans and the 'final' batch of 8Fs including 48773
  11. R F Potts in Derby if they're still trading which given the amount of customers I used to see there when I worked regularly in Derby they should be. The drive train for the O gauge 76s on Netherwood sidings came from them. Cost about £5 per loco, if memory serves, for two seven pole motors and gear sets. There's also a proper olde worlde electronic bits shop in the middle of Lincoln at the bottom of Steep Hill leading up to the cathedral.
  12. From experience at work I can assure you that many many racegoers are absolutely awful to deal with especially after they've had a skinfull while spending all day in the sun and losing their money.
  13. Black 5 built, many years ago, long before the Hornby super detail one, possibly even before the tender drive version.
  14. Possibly having found a bit of mojo after exhibiting Deepcar at Stafford, I'm looking at making some more class 76s. All my existing fleet have Lima pantographs which, although not right, pretty much look the part, are robust and functional. I already have several bodies but ran out of pans when I did my last one at least six or seven years ago. If anyone has any they don't want I'll happily take them off your hands. Not looking for freebies but reasonably priced. Thanks in advance for any offers
  15. Deepcar unloaded and stacked in my garage by 8 o'clock. It's staying crated until it goes to Ruddington in June. Despite some serious gremlins and continual track and wheel cleaning on Saturday it settled down. Thanks to Colin and all the people at Stafford for an excellent weekend. I'm sure Graham with Netherwood sidings would echo the sentiment as we share an operating crew. Only downside was the person who insisted on driving his van into the hall to load up despite trying to get down the wrong side to get to his stand then choking us with the fumes while he waited and manoeuvred!!:(
  16. Deepcar dismantled this afternoon, first outing since 2014. Hope it behaves itself and doesn't look too dated with the DC kits class 76s. I own a single Olivia's/Heljan one, in it's as bought state not usable I don't think due to the pantographs. I haven't taken it out of the box yet. Edit, better get the locos cleaned and checked over
  17. Have you got any of the Hungry Horse chain of pubs in your neck of the woods? They do a very nice steak and ale pie, you can swap the normally offered chips for mash, comes with lashings of gravy as well:)
  18. In the same way I looked forward to seeing lots of Woodhead route layouts following the release of the Olivia's/Heljan EM1s and EM2s?
  19. The owner of Netherwood sidings has several of his O gauge diesels fitted with a home made clag system
  20. Deepcar has run with that method of operation at either end of the fiddle yard for umpteen shows over 25 years or so. No damage to pans directly attributable to using the 'ramps' which are made from fairly thick brass wire. So long as your pans are set up properly and don't overstretch when running off the wires all should be ok. Deepcar will be making another couple of outings this year,28 years after it's first show, at Stafford the weekend after next and GCR(N) at Ruddington in June.
  21. Possibly a travelling fitter, looks to be wearing a polo shirt?
  22. There's a raft of new sidings surrounded by palisade fencing in the triangle at Norwich now, installation completed shortly before Christmas. To be used for stabling the new units being brought in to replace, among others, the class 37s and short coach set.
  23. Midland with atmosphere??? Not what I'd call it on a freezing cold morning at 04.00, always many degrees colder at platform level. Buildings are listed so can't be draught proofed or insulated properly, well that's what they tell us? As for atmosphere in the middle of summer on a Friday or Saturday evening, why do you think some of the trains carry security staff and there's usually a fairly visible police presence? GC looking through the rose tinted window of youth.
  24. Mentioned earlier in thread, this is an MTK standard class 5 bought from York show club sales stand many years ago when I was rather tight for money. Being out of work at the time the trip was something of a treat anyway, there was also a DJH one available, they were priced at £10 and £20 if memory serves correctly. Would have preferred the DJH one but the MTK looked quite well cast so went with that. It was around 1980 I think. It came with etched coupling rods I think, the rest of the valve gear from odds and ends possibly Nu Cast? Intended to use the then current Hornby tender drive set up from Evening Star, along with other parts of the valve gear I decided to modify it for loco drive as I couldn't afford an Evening Star to chop up. It utilised an XO4 from one of my Triang locos. Finished as the loco to work the final South Yorkshireman along the GC route, it went on to become one of the last standard 5s running in the North West. The proportions look a bit off, photo taken on a phone, it looks better in real life I think.
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