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  1. Involvement with a club WCML layout, which is currently undergoing a revamp.Multiple locos also extends to class 76s, thirteen based on the DC kit of long ago, all bar two powered by Lima mechanisms, and a single Olivia's/Heljan which I picked up when Hattons did them cheaper a few months ago. Then there's seven WD austeritys, six or seven B1s (I think, including my first kit built loco a NuCast one). The only ones to have seen significant use are the 76s, totally reliable despite having many real miles under their wheels. Edit: a quick count reveals around 200 locos in the 'railway room' including 16 kits in various stages from untouched to almost finished. Then there's another couple of dozen or so in the garage with Deepcar
  2. Maybe he doesn't want to let on too much in case Mrs Clive is looking? I know I don't admit what I have, in all truth I've no real idea. To give a small example I went looking for class 87s a few weeks ago, knew I had half a dozen or so as I picked them up when I could if they were cheap (all Lima by the way, nothing over £20). Turns out I've got 11!
  3. At some Network Rail operated stations, I believe that lost property is dealt with by the operator of the left luggage facilities, they have staff, scanning equipment and such. Having passed one of them a small suitcase several years ago it went through the full process with attendant paperwork, I don't suppose for one minute it was released without a charge being made for the service provided. I'd already found an address and phone number for the owner but as I only had 20 minutes before departure into the system it went.
  4. Any found cash has to go into the company cash system, be counted and recorded with a full paper trail. The cash is collected by a cash collection company all of which has a cost, lost money if then returned has to be fully and properly accounted for and also making sure it goes to the right person. As long as I have known there has always been a charge for found property unless the owner can get to it before it gets fully taken into the system. I have often returned property to its owner in response to a phone call asking me to bring it back to such and such station. Happens regularly with mobile phones, there's no charge, obviously,in these cases. Edit: sometimes the owner has to travel to collect their property, do they get there for nothing?
  5. . Hi Clive, After a bit of clambering I've had a quick look at it. Without taking it to bits it looks like I made up some false frame sides with a much tighter clearance slot in for the axles, but mine is a Replica one with the traction tyres on the rear driving axle. I don't know if the early Bachmann ones have the same arrangement because they have a can motor driving the middle axle, the one I can get at is in the garage at the moment. One problem I am well aware of with early Bachmanns is a tendency for the plastic wheel centre to expand and push the coupling rods out of line, it can be severe enough to lock the entire chassis up. The wheels are solid metal with these inserts, this has been discussed before on Rmweb, I suspect it's something to do with the type of plastic and possibly interaction with the lubricant in use around this time, a kind of thick waxy white grease. Standard 4MTs of similar vintage had the same problem. That may give the impression of a tyre coming loose. My 'cure' is to take a craft knife and shave off the protruding wheel centre until it's no longer fouling the rods, in extreme cases the entire centre can be removed leaving the metal wheel which is still spoked and once painted isn't particularly obvious.
  6. Would I be correct that the B1 is a Replica one? If so it has the drive to the rear wheels using a Mainline type motor. I have one that I fettled years ago. There's a massive amount of slop in the 'bearings', actually just slots in the frames. I can't remember now how I did it but bushed things to get rid of a lot of the slop and improved the running no end. The loco is buried in a far corner at the moment so can't look either although it did run better backwards than forwards.
  7. Kind of, it was an attempt by a swap meet trader to claim he had retail premises, it was his sister's cake accessory shop I believe, she knew nothing about railways.
  8. Probably mentioned this before but when we were researching Deepcar I took a photo of each mast in the area we were modelling, with my then about 7 year old son standing underneath (one line had been lifted by then and it was a Sunday), problem was I forgot to measure how tall he was at the time! The steelwork, if I recall correctly, was fairly uniform sizes depending on the size of the mast, a good idea could be gained by measuring the surviving ones on the Manchester-Hadfield section.
  9. Ordered a Golden Valley Janus from them on Saturday morning, in response to the heads up in bargain hunters. Postman delivered it this morning. Can't fault that for service
  10. Thanks for that, the one and only BSC Janus for £86 odd including postage. The other major names have it at £109.95:)
  11. Ordered three packs of Flushglaze mid afternoon on Tuesday, arrived this morning. Packed in a decent sized padded envelope with a copy of their price list, only charged £1 for P&P, postage alone was 95p! Very good service.
  12. I keep well away from the Nottingham Post website, full of ads and that will be one of the milder comments. Some real nasty stuff, often inciting violence, posted there and the paper don't police it unless you complain.
  13. On my DC kits 76s I used Lima pans as found (wrongly) on their 87s. At the time you could buy them in pairs as spares. Not quite right but certainly robust and worked, as some of my locos have done, I reckon, in excess of 50 real miles at exhibitions. They should be putting in a few more circuits of Deepcar when it appears at the Stafford show next year. Some others of the group used a Sommerfeldt pan, sorry I don't know exactly which one, with similar success, although I found them something of a faff to modify for my use, so stuck with Lima. My upgraded Triang EM2 also has Lima pans. The Lima ones are difficult to find now but I think possibly Marklin list a very similar one? Being HO they perhaps look a little on the small side and do need careful setting of the tension springs to work best but look the part to me. As for 87s I'd like high speed and cross arm pans for my fleet that may see service on our rejuvenated Carstairs layout. Edit to remove unnecessary word
  14. Not me but a friend picked up a mostly complete set of the Hachette O gauge A3 issues for £2.50!!!! Car boot sale near packing up time and seller didn't want to take it home
  15. You might be surprised how many men working on building sites in winter wear women's tights. Don't suppose they've all nicked them from wives/girlfriends? Edit to change auto correct!
  16. Although the required uniform with all the belts and buckles makes modelling something of a challenge:-)
  17. Apart from a replacement signal nothing much has changed today. The 156 would still be there but in EMT livery
  18. Not quite main line I'll admit but a lot of the rail in Boston station has been replaced in the last few months. Existing sleepers and chairs, newly installed bull head rail. No idea if they're going to do the same to the west but quite a lot of the sleepers between the station and docks junction look pretty well life expired.
  19. Once while waiting at Norwich, lady with teenage daughter asks if this train is going to London Liverpool Lime Street??! After she'd repeated it three times despite me trying to explain it was for Liverpool Lime Street, I asked where she actually wanted to go? Widnes was her response!
  20. Used to be one in Ripley as well. While we're on about risqué business names, there's a cafe in Great Yarmouth called the Wanger. Several years ago it was called the Wanger and Snatch.
  21. We were looking for something similar a couple of years ago, for an idea the wife had, since discounted. If you can find a firm that manufactures sectional buildings they should be able to tailor something to your requirements. A true sectional building is just that, many coming in roughly 6' sections and should be able to be added to almost at will. Otherwise there is the portakabin type building, you can get them second hand, although I believe they may require planning permission? Edit: Our previous clubroom was that type. Originally a portable classroom it measured roughly 60'x30' but all in 6' sections so could be made any size. The same type of building used to be used as lineside huts certainly in Lincolnshire, there's still a semi derelict one at Grantham. Further edit: Depending how much money you have to spend and whether you need or can get planning permission, you could build it traditionally. I had a garage built at the bottom of our garden about 20 years ago. Found a friendly builder, courtesy of a work contact. I supplied all the materials and he put it together. Building materials are surprisingly cheap, it's the mark up applied by building firms as well as labour costs makes such things seem so expensive. From memory I'd been quoted something like £20k+, it cost me less than £10k. It's roughly 30'x20'
  22. The semaphore at Wymondham was almost totally hidden by the footbridge. Driver could see it ok when stopped but guard for despatch had to really look hard, specially after dark, the lights weren't very good. Replaced on resignalling with LED below the bridge. But oddly Thetford had a double arm semaphore because of being hidden by the platform canopy
  23. The semaphore at Wymondham was almost totally hidden by the footbridge. Driver could see it ok when stopped but guard for despatch had to really look hard, specially after dark, the lights weren't very good. Replaced on resignalling with LED below the bridge. But oddly Thetford had a double arm semaphore because of being hidden by the platform canopy
  24. Third party cable come down on the OHLE, needed an isolation so it could be removed
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