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  1. Evening All. Would anyone know. What Colas 70 was on tonight's Baglan-Chirks Log Train? Many thanks in advance. Simon
  2. Evening All. I am travelling on Saturday Morning to Salzburg Airport. Then continuing my journey from Salzburg Hauptbahnhof to Bad Hofgastien for a Skiing Holiday. I will be at the Station for about an hour. What would I be likely, to see whilst there? Many Thanks in advance. Simon
  3. Thank you all for replays. Very much appreciated. Cheers Simon
  4. Afternoon All. Last Saturday morning, the Ninth of February. I visited Freightliner's Leeds Midland Road Depot. Looking through the fence, I managed to see a number of Loco's. 66420 66622 70006 66591 66572 66953 66570 and 70013. Plus a few others which numbers, unfortunately I could not make out. That will teach me, not to take my Binoculars with me! Anyway, 70013 was at a long line of stored 70's. Would anyone know what Locos are in that line? Many Thanks in Adavance Simon
  5. At Tata's Port Talbot's Abbey Steel Works. Steel Slab's are loaded directly onto Wagons in the Slab Yard, by very large Forklift Trucks. Newly made slabs are transported around the Works by Giant Slab Carriers. In Fact I have managed to find the very machines and the company that operates them: http://www.runtech.ltd.uk/kress-carriers/ Best Wishes Simon
  6. Popped across to Margam on Saturday morning after finishing my shift in the Abbey at 06.30am! 66509 was sitting on one of the roads. With another up by the Fueling Point, lined up with a number of 66's and 60's. It was still they're this morning. When I figure out how to post pictures from my phone. I will post them! Si
  7. Good Luck in your new job Jim. Thank you for sharing with us your experiences and all the images of your working life. Best wishes Simon
  8. So if 70801 wasn't repainted at Landore. That begs the question why was it taken there. We're modifications carried out at Landore. It seems abit strange to take to a FGW depot when you have your own Heavy Maintenance Depot at Canton.
  9. I'm pretty sure 70801 was repainted by Landore. I remember seeing it at Landore in Green. It arrived on the 1st of November 2013. Having arrived behind 56094. It was their for a few weeks. Simon
  10. The Depot has closed apparently. The last Class 43's for maintenance have departed. Whilst the 08's are due to shortly depart. Not sure if HST's are still being Refueled over night though. No fan fare, no fuss. Nothing to celebrate or commemorate the Depots closure. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e246RpB3-qg
  11. I have a copy of The Swansea Vale Railway published by the Lightmoor Press. On Page 223, their is a picture of Hercules at the Ystalyfera Tinplate Works. According to the accompanying caption. It was built in 1900, works Number 810. It went new to Baldwins Cwmavon works near Port Talbot. It was then transferred to Briton Ferry Collieries sometime around WW1. It then moved to Ystalyfera sometime around 1942, Via Loco dealer Chas Williams of Morriston. And taken into BR stock in 1948.
  12. Still operating at the moment. Don't know when it is due to close. They're is talk of reopening Landore Station, however.
  13. You have obviously never been there. The entire area around the Washery and Nant Helen Opencast is a large flat plateau. It is mainly Farmland with one Village with isolated cottages, here and they're. It has excellent road links, especially with the A465, as extremely large Mining Equipment is regularly moved up and down the valley. It wouldn't take a lot of planning transporting Rail Vehicles in from the various Ports on the Bristol Channel.
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