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  1. Hi Carl, Thanks again. This is what you should have seen: https://85a.uk/templot/donation_thanks.php cheers, Martin.
  2. Hi Carl, Thanks for letting me know -- I'm in the middle of some changes, see: https://85a.uk/templot/club/index.php?threads/admin-please-make-a-note-of-this.88/ p.s. many thanks for the donation to the Templot funds. cheers, Martin.
  3. Hi Carl, That looks a bit over-timbered. Also in the upper diamond the vee noses aren't supported on a timber. Here's my stab at it. For such short angle diamonds, I think a couple of long timbers would be enough. cheers, Martin.
  4. Hi Tom, I would look first at "thickening" the head of the check rail by soldering a thin strip (or flattened copper wire) along the side of the rail head. Then file it back to the correct check-gauge dimension. If you are quick, and use a low-melt solder such as the types used for white-metal kits, it should be possible to do it with without melting the plastic timbers or glue. Practice first on a scrap bit of rail. He said, never having done such a thing. cheers, Martin.
  5. Hi Gordon, 3mm chisel: https://www.axminstertools.com/axminster-rider-bevel-edge-chisel-hornbeam-handle-3mm-103732 Use a flat bit of scrap hardwood to support the fret. Martin.
  6. I love this form of words, I see it often on RMweb. Martin (manufacturer of sausage machines).
  7. Hi Gordon, Looking at your photos, there is no platform at Y? In which case presumably X is the terminal platform? Which means you seem to be missing a crossover to allow coaching sets from the carriage sidings/storage area to access that platform (red above). If terminal operations are taking place on that side of the station, it would seem logical to have some loco turning and servicing facilities on that side too. There seems to be room to put a turntable and a couple of spurs in the bottom corner. The purple line woul
  8. Hi Gordon, The problem is metafile break-over. Some of the boards are partially outside the boundary defined by the track plan templates. Do this: Click this button, and then draw a rectangle on the screen which entirely surrounds the track plan AND all the baseboard outlines. cheers, Martin.
  9. With 5 through platforms and no junction station it seems obvious that 2 of them would be treated as terminal platforms. Otherwise why would you need so many? So trains depart from one of them, do several laps through the other platforms, and finally terminate in the other terminal platform. Or even the same one. The train engines come and go from the MPD, while a fleet of these bring and fetch the coaches from the carriage sidings for them: linked from https://images.railsofsheffield.com It's all good fun, and you can leave trains circulating on the main lin
  10. Hi Dave, In other words carriage sidings -- which could be part of the scenic layout. But already suggested and rejected. Gordon wants a fiddle yard storage rather than carriage sidings. Martin.
  11. Hi Gordon, Here's my latest solution: Large turntable with just two 180-degree positions, so just a simple bolt to locate each way. Arriving engines remain trapped until another loco takes the blocking train away, even after they have been turned. After which they can run back to the yard entrance and back on to their next train. The train sequence will need some planning, because locos other than on the middle road will be swapping tracks after turning. But it's simple to build, quick to operate and several locos get tu
  12. Hi Steve, If you are on a computer, use the right-hand button on your mouse and click on where it says "posted 2 hours ago" or "posted on 10th January" or whatever, at the top left of the post you want to link to. A menu will appear, click with the left button Copy Link Location or Copy Target Location or similar words (browsers vary). Go back to you own post, right-button click on it and click Paste, or just press the CTRL and V keys together on the keyboard. If you are on a mobile device, I'm sorry I don't know. Someone does. Marti
  13. Hi Gordon, Did the coach sets running up and down the ECML get turned end-for-end overnight? So you don't need to turn the whole train round. You need 3 trolleys, all 2ft-6in front to back, with 15 tracks on them. Which fit end to end. 1ft long + 6ft long + 1ft long. The locos are on the short 1ft trolleys. The short trolleys can be pulled out, turned end-for-end and/or swapped with each other. The coaches are on 15 tracks on the long middle trolley, which can move endways just enough to get the loco trolleys into position, but does
  14. Hi Gordon, Does that mean that you are going to manually extract an object 8ft long from a shelf somewhere near your knees? And then while keeping it perfectly level, lift it up and place it on top of the trolley? I suggest first trying that with a dummy cassette to prove that you can do it. For added interest, lay a couple of yards of track on it, and add a dozen golf balls. cheers, Martin.
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