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  1. Hi Merf, It's a shame the Peco toolmakers don't get to post here to moderate the excesses of the Peco advertising department. You can't just conjure up a mould tool overnight, however nice the CAD looks on a computer screen. Especially if the trial shots throw up some issues. But I think the official Peco line is that if you need something urgently, you can use the existing Code75 Streamline item instead. That after all was the reason for staying with the traditional Peco geometry. cheers, Martin.
  2. Hi John, The last one is best -- much better than before. It would have been the middle one but for the loco being underexposed. As Kevin says, a bit of reflected light from a white board or some such might have improved it. It's always a good idea to crop away any out-of-focus foreground -- we don't naturally notice anything being out of focus out of doors. If you have some perspective/rotation controls on your computer, it's a good idea to correct for any lens distortion as far as you can, and make sure that everything which is supposed to be vertical, such as the bridge pilaster here, is vertical in the pic (unless it is intended to be a view at an angle, such as looking down off a bridge). There is less distortion, and less out-of-focus, if you can move the camera further away, and then crop out the middle of the picture on your computer. The hard edges in the sky can be got rid of by using the blur controls: The grass colour on the embankment is a bit dominant there. You might prefer to reduce the colour saturation, although it spoils the GWR green a bit: Or maybe in monochrome: cheers, Martin.
  3. Hi John, It's possible to improve the weather: Have you tried doing a factory reset on the camera? I feel sure you have inadvertently changed something, but without the camera to hand and knowing all your settings, it is difficult to advise. The loco needed a bit more light this side. Just a large piece of white card behind the camera would make a difference, it doesn't have to be hi-tech. cheers, Martin.
  4. Have you muddled up two different issues of RM? I think the review page was in the March issue. The new advert is in the April issue. Martin.
  5. Full page advert for the bullhead system in April edition of Railway Modeller. Slips and long crossing labelled "coming soon". Martin.
  6. No, I'm up to 32, see: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/142780-multiple-emails/&do=findComment&comment=3484830
  7. See: https://peco-uk.com/collections/track/products/turnout-medium-radius-right-hand16 The bullhead turnouts are drop-in replacements for the existing range on the same footprints. Martin.
  8. Hi Stu, Ordinary copying and pasting is supposed to work - HTML codes should be parsed out of URLs. Unfortunately we are lumbered with Invision's programming, which is always buggy and never gets properly fixed. For example we have the very same problem with the links in notification emails, for those who sensibly read their email in plain text. cheers, Martin.
  9. Hi Stu, The link should contain plain ampersand characters, i.e. "&", not "&" which is the HTML code for an ampersand, not valid in URLs. i.e. it should be: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/42093-from-a-carriage-window/&do=findComment&comment=49432 https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/42093-from-a-carriage-window/&do=findComment&comment=49432 Use the link icon to insert it into your post (5th from the left). cheers, Martin.
  10. This looks as if it might be of interest to a RMweb member: https://www.civilservicejobs.service.gov.uk/csr/jobs.cgi?jcode=1620972 (I've no idea where this should go on RMweb, I will just plonk it here and then report it.) Martin.
  11. Hi, Single and double slips, and long diamond-crossing, are all promised for this year. Medium-radius turnouts are shown as future plans in the current issue of Railway Modeller. The range also includes a buffer stop, and some neat rail joiners which have been taken up by many builders of handbuilt track, including in P4. Martin.
  12. Hi Jeff, Set the text colour to white. Martin.
  13. Hi John, I tried reducing the blue cast, corrected the diverging verticals, and cropped off the out-of-focus foreground: There is an option in the TZ100 settings to reset the original factory settings. If you are not sure what changes you have made, it might be worth trying. It's in the Setup menu (spanner icon): cheers, Martin.
  14. Hi John, I have been looking at the TZ100 manual. It seems that the camera has a 4K burst mode, which uses MPEG image recording (similar to a video) instead of normal full-colour. It looks to be easy to turn it on accidentally -- just press the 4K button. That would override your slow shutter speed and produce dark results and colour patches/banding. It's intended for capturing fast-action sports and similar pictures. Not so easy to turn it off -- press the button again, select the option I have ringed red, and press MENU/SET: cheers, Martin.
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