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  1. There was never any need for that in the first place. Just make Electrofrog only, with a frog polarity switch in the tie-bar. Martin.
  2. Hi Ben, Yes, that's right. We are really going back to basics now. Although if all folks have ever known is Peco, they would have no means of knowing: Plain track has sleepers. Traditional wooden ones are 10 inches wide, 5 inches thick, 8ft-6in long. (254mm, 127mm, 2591mm). A century ago, some of them were 9ft long. In 00 gauge they are usually modelled as 8ft long. Pointwork has "crossing timbers", or usually just timbers. Traditional wooden ones are 12 inches wide and 6 inches thick. (305mm, 152mm). The lengths start at 8ft-6in and increase in 6-inch steps as needed. In 4mm/ft scale (00, EM, P4) sleepers are 3.3mm wide and timbers are 4mm wide. You can buy lengths of plywood and copper-clad strip in these widths for making them. Modern concrete and steel (and plastic) "sleepers" and "bearers" differ a bit, but are broadly similar sizes. cheers, Martin.
  3. You don't need an adblocker in Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Just set tracking protection to strict.* Putting stuff on page 1 won't make any difference to RMweb. Folks will still misread information and re-post it wrong. *but subscribe to Gold first. Martin.
  4. Yes. It's necessary to allow the use of mixed-gauge pointwork. This is Larne Harbour, with mixed 5ft-3in and 3ft gauge tracks: linked from: https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/8752-freelance-mixed-gauge-handbuilt-trackwork/ Martin.
  5. Sadly my local store doesn't have the 800 magazines in the back-number archive. I shall mention this failing to the manager.
  6. Of course. Perfect nutrition on the go, in its own environmentally friendly packaging.
  7. But have you tried asking for a boiled egg in most shows? I keep one in my pocket just in case.
  8. WoR and WoR Plus appear to be two entirely different things. Martin.
  9. Folks have been saying that the World of Railways Plus magazine archive (800 magazines, searchable) doesn't interest them. But it sure interests me and makes the Gold sub well worth the cost. And it obviously interest others, because Railway Modeller magazine have today announced that their digital subscribers now have access to the entire back number archive of Railway Modeller, back to the first issues in 1949. Over 800 searchable magazines. All those classic issues, all those CJF track plans, loco drawings -- I may be gone for some time. Martin.
  10. On YouTube you can "skip" an ad after about 5 seconds, so that's presumably the point at which payment for the ad has been made. The usual payment for ads is a small amount for a "page impression" -- i.e. it appeared on the screen, and a much larger amount for a "click-through" -- i.e. you clicked on it to visit the advertiser's web site. And presumably an even larger amount if you actually buy something. Martin.
  11. Hi Wayne, I don't fancy assembling your slab & bracket "A" chair, the bolt has a bend in the middle! The slab is rectangular, skewed at half the crossing angle (sorry about the scruffy mash-up) : The same applies to the "B" chair -- it's a one piece chair with a rectangular base, skewed at half the crossing angle. cheers, Martin.
  12. Hi Paul, Have you thought that you might be posting on the wrong forum? For example Western Thunder is primarily about actual model building in the larger scales, and has no advertising: https://www.westernthunder.co.uk/pages/about/ cheers, Martin.
  13. Hi Andy, No it doesn't. The forum software allows them to be merged into a single topic. All combined posts will be re-arranged in date order. Alternatively, if someone starts a new topic exactly duplicating an existing one, the new topic should be deleted rather than locked. When content is deleted, the forum software can send a message to the contributor(s) explaining why: Martin.
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