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  1. Note that the NLS web site uses two different projections. The "Find by place" maps are direct scans of the original County Series maps. On the "Georeferenced" slippy maps, those scans have been resampled to match modern georeferenced aerial images and other maps such as OpenStreetMap, so that they fit together at the boundaries and can cross-fade to a background map or aerial image. What this means is that the individual scans are often found not to match the corresponding slippy map exactly. Sometimes a station platform, say, which you know to be dead straight can appear very slightly curved on one and not the other. Even the modern OS maps have to be resampled for georeferencing. If you look at the OS Landranger maps on Bing Maps, on a wide-screen monitor, you will notice that the OS grid lines are slightly curved and run across the screen at an angle. cheers, Martin.
  2. Had you written "interpreted" it would have made a telling change of wording. Simply having an uninterrupted view of something doesn't necessarily mean that you can interpret what you are seeing. cheers, Martin.
  3. Hopefully not copied and pasted? Otherwise whoever wrote "uninterpreted" several times instead of "uninterrupted" is in the wrong job. Martin.
  4. Without speculating about the tragic incident, it does seem surprising to me that workers were "loosening and tightening large nuts" on pointwork while traffic was running over it at 73mph? How much maintenance activity is allowed on live track before a speed restriction is required? Martin.
  5. RAIB update today on the incident: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/fatal-accident-at-margam Martin.
  6. Earlier in this topic I suggested ear defenders playing music. When the music stops, danger. Wearer could have a choice of music tracks. A warning sound could be added, but simply having the music stop would fail safe. Martin.
  7. Hi Mark, You wouldn't have had all this trouble with a long piece of string. Have you considered a pressure-sensitive door mat? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pressure-Alarm-Detect-Intruders-Burglars/dp/B06XQLYNM3/ A twin-wire flex down the garden, a bell and 12v off the layout. No running costs. What's to go wrong? cheers, Martin.
  8. linked from http://img.radioparadise.com/slideshow/720/63824.jpg
  9. When criticising the work of others it is usual to post something constructive. For example in this case, you could suggest a means of adding the track fixings, a link to a supplier of the parts needed, and perhaps include a photo of your own work. cheers, Martin.
  10. RAIB report today on a previous track worker fatality. It makes uncomfortable reading. I didn't know that any p.w. staff were on zero-hours contracts: https://www.gov.uk/raib-reports/report-07-2019-fatal-accident-at-stoats-nest-junction-purley Martin.
  11. Hi, Try this: More about knuckle bends: http://templot.com/companion/knuckle_radius.php cheers, Martin.
  12. It's been reported that the track workers were wearing ear defenders. If true it's possible they were using some significant piece of equipment, which could have damaged the train or the track. Martin.
  13. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Iron_Bridge_east_side_in_February_2019.jpg The bridge today. Had events turned out a little differently, this could have been the northern terminus of the SVR. The famous Iron Bridge across the River Severn in Shropshire has been restored twice. The first restoration was to mark the bridge's bicentenary in 1979. Here is some writing by Anthony Blackwall, Shropshire County Bridgemaster at the time, about events on 5th July 1979: from "Historic Bridges of Shropshire", Shropshire Libraries, 1985 The bridge has recently been restored again, a multi-million pounds project by English Heritage: https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/local-hubs/telford/ironbridge/2018/12/06/cast-iron-praise-as-iron-bridge-is-reopened/ Martin.
  14. Not with the affected crew surely? Presumably you need a replacement driver with route knowledge? How long would that take and from how far away? The interviews with passengers on the news all said they didn't mind the delay once they knew the circumstances. Martin.
  15. Preliminary press release from RAIB just now: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/fatal-accident-at-margam
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