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  1. Or 'visionary' and 'instructive'. Tis a big dictionary full of words of duplication...
  2. I haven't had a chance to watch all of the content as of yet but there clearly has been a lot. of work put in. Very interesting mix and something for everyone I'd hope. Good mix of layout features, competion engagement, demonstrations and interviews. I enjoy the layout footage and features but the interviews I've watched so far have been entertaing. On the whole, and in the face of overwhelming restrictions, I highly commend the efforts of the cortributors, organisation and execution by all involved. Not brown nosing here. Firstly it's nice
  3. Trees make photography tricky mind, even in macro. I'd squeeze a few more compositions in before broccolifying as necessitated by location. Er, Mac. But the other one....
  4. Let me know if I can assist with any info. I've a huge archive of photos and plans, maps, structural drawings and so on. I'm building Hawick in 4mm on a slow burn, amongst other Waverley subjects for a virety of people/groups, with much of the route sat in CAD for creating animations as educational/historical resources. Feel free to ask, Iain MacIntosh.
  5. It's been debated amongst many of my friends and I over on the Waverley threads and with the old guards of Hawick and Gala. No one has any confirmation of a P2 getting any mileage over the route, even via Kelso - St Boswells. I've seen a photo of Deltic, the prototype, siting in Stobs Camp siding on its way to Leith for trials.
  6. It is indeed the A2/1, my mistake on misrepresenting the class. I could blame the phone or fat fingers but alass, I'll hold my hands up. The tooling for the bells and whistles P2 price point is so close to the railroad version that no amount of under bonnet gubbins makes up for the fact that to get a model you'd hope for the bells and whistles version expense is an "I saw you coming" sales pitch. Or words to that effect I believe were used. Moulded hand rails and coal load being amongst the desired changes. Items seperately applied on the pacifics and not difficult to assume (I'm a C
  7. "With Hornby's P2 available, who needs to do this sort of thing now?" Anyone wanting a decent P2.... My pal has had all sorts of issues with his D B. Version and regrets not just plumping for the railroad 'bog standard' version to cut about and improve. Spec and features wise it was very much a case of Hornby plumping for the "ah, but I saw you coming" reasoning. He's also just recieved an A2/2 of Waverley, PDK kit and feeling sorry for himself with Hornby announcing their forthcoming. I don't know why myself, even ex-crownline beats rtr hands down. Parti
  8. What about 18? Now. I'll chip another few in if it helps?
  9. I noticed and edited presumably as you wrote this....
  10. An observation witnessed by many a study of historical photos for my chosen prototype, too young for many of the grouping age vehicles but remember well single load stock into the early 80's ahem, 42 yr old pup here. I would say the representations present on the video do follow the prototype of "up's and downs" well. Very subtle at 1:76.2 mind but the lineside footage captures the variety very well. I've got half way through and shall watch the rest tomorrow. Couldn't see any of the dints/bashes in the LMS period lll stock mentioned on the M&GN service
  11. As you correctly state, the gentleman is facing traffic. Looks to be an early LWR site, down line only, so very likely an Inspector checking fixings. Old rail in the 6' perhaps but the LWR doesn't look particularly recently installed for the 60's to still be lying aside for recovery.
  12. On the gable end of the original building inside the 1913 extension Bruce. The boarding is the diagonal return of the forecourt elevation. Hope you and family are keeping well Bruce. The Arran ferry will be running from Troon for a couple of years from next year. Coffee and cake available if you're heading this way. Mac.
  13. A man of my own heart. Knowledge is based on constodianship not ownership. To those reseponsive of receipt it is free. And I believe we all have something to learn from everyone to a degree, be it interest. Or CWS yearly's, centripetal force, close coupling, the list is indeed inclusive and vast for which my knew knowledge is grateful. We do have to have financial capabilities for life but for me, my hobby will provide mutually beneficial symbiosis I would hope at most (least? Trying to get across benefit not fiscal so whichever suits appropriately) I've know
  14. Setting skill set value not aside, considerably more. The barter economy and challenge are the real attractions I'd suggest. Other than that truth should be foremost. "I can't help and I earn more by other renenue streams per hour. Sorry".
  15. The commission requests can be a bit of a conundrum I've found too. I have been requested to produce buildings (Perth Station and more of a sizeable nature) on various occasions. I have to ask if there is a budget to work to, which sets the standard of work or. It's a 300+ hour job to a standard I'd put my name to so what would the person commissioning consider a fair hourly rate? Intended to distance the probability of recieving a commission in all honesty. I am working with a like minded modeller in producing Hawick in 1 :76.2. Time given materials recieved. I
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