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  1. Weird what you find on a family day out. National Museum of Rural Life, Wester Kittochside farm East Kilbride. Looked an original.
  2. Bit late to the party here but some useful info/photos for you Richard. Chainage of curves running north to south was 24 chain radius onto the viaduct, 27 1/2 radius over the viaduct and through the platforms, transition from left hand to right hand curve, 27 1/2 radius onto 28 and then you're probably off model. I have a photo of Matt's gradient board in situ but with no identifying landmarks to pin an exact location down. I can't see it present in any of my archive photos with the wider railway in view but going from the negative sequence it's near the retaining wall in the cutting. My gradient profile has it between the footbridge and the ramp end on the up but not according to the photos in my archive. All photos are my own and taken with permission at a site visit. I sort of knew the owners. Mac.
  3. This should probably go in the structures section but it crosses several discussions. 25" Maps and the whole route going through CAD currently and matching the scaling to Geolocation. Lots of other Waverley related items but just getting back into Rmweb so they will follow when appropriate. Mac.
  4. Hi bud, remembered my log in details for this site, eventually. That's a carflat mate, but I'd attest to your other synopsis that it's gained access via the up & down connection from Kingmoor Yard box to Stainton. Possibly a Currock shunt for the wagon shops. Mac.
  5. Nobody has done Gorebridge Richard if that helps as a suggestion? It means buying another book mind..... It lends itself extremely well to 2mm N or finescale and can be extended either way as space allows domestically. Shank bridge to the north for example and maybe part of Borthwick bank to the south. Gorebridge platforms were on the level too. Iain Mac.
  6. Wellies guys. Didn't think of that! That would of insulated us fae all those electrocutions I got for my troubles of recording it, although that did explain my hair in bladderspoons Chard!!!!! Never known anyone saved from a shire horse by choice of footwear yet so would of still got that particular gubbing at Hassenden. ......... Mac. Two of the new foot bridges in Gala are now open for business. We can see why the save Plumtree Brae campaign was such a non starter. Also shows how the station and interchange are developing. Also the next section of the out of Hawick takes us as far as Hassendean. You will need wellies for this one. This was filmed in December 2014
  7. 2nd attempt. Further progress. Not great photos and I cant be a**ed to write my full post out again thanks to this system dumping the original. Mac.
  8. There is a series of very useful photos in the Darsley/Lovett Waverley Route books. Hawick-Gala and Gala-Edinburgh. The shape of the canopy on alteration suggests that the top of the 'A' frame was cut off while the main girders seen spanning were retained, the original structural reason being to prevent the overall roof spreading being lost and the new canopies fabricated on top. Email [email protected] and I'll point you in the right direction for a few useful things and supply a wee diagram to better demonstrate the above explanation. I'm in the process of scale mapping the route and have Gala minus townscape complete. Mac.
  9. 'Default setting' relates to drawn work only, still a grumpy b*****d in all other respects! Mac.
  10. More 'Semi shuffty' works leave the page. Hawick south box. Yes, south gable windows have now been altered. Thankfully I noticed that one before ink was committed....... Mac.
  11. They're Johnathan Andersons Alastair. He emailed me the photos but hopefully he'll give me permission to use them on mile by mile.
  12. I've just emailed but for the benefit of everyone here are some I'm waiting on copies of. LNER proposals for extention of Hawick shed facilities but shows the track layout well. Mac.
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