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  1. NSE for me. Loved the 104s. As well as the Gospel Oak to Barking line, they were often seen on the GWML.
  2. Thanks. I'd seen those though having got myself a Minitrix DB 120 in festive colours i'm going down the German route.
  3. Hello. Looking to make a small festive layout, and am after some N gauge Christmas style wagons. I know that Minitrix and Fleischmann have produced them in the past. If you have any that you no longer want or know any where that has any for sale, please let me know. Many thanks,
  4. Sorry yes I realise I was not clear. When I said the sound and lights were fine, I meant they were functioning and when I was referring to the loco stuttering and stopping, I was referring to the lights sound and motor, not just the motor.
  5. I have not soldered the motor supply wires and probably won't as I think it seems OK. The sound not being reliable was the issue which I would say has been rectified. "How well do TTS decoders respond to capacitors on the motor?" Not sure I know how to answer that question i'm afraid!
  6. Thanks. Will have a play around with the settings and see what happens!
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I think that's what it's set as but will check. I have come to the conclusion that the issue is with the loco and the pick ups. The wires are connected to the pcb with plastic plugs so I have removed them and soldered the wores directly to the pcb. That has made a huge difference. It's not perfect but is much better.
  8. Thanks for the tip. Sadly it hasn't made a difference. I have tried the chip in a different 66 and it's the same. Have tried it in a Hornby 50 and it runs perfectly. Is there a known pick up issue with the Bachmann 66?
  9. Looking for a bit of advice here. Installed a TTS decoder in a Bachmann 66 (66200 with 8 pin) thinking it would be a straight forward plug in and go. Sounds work fine as do lights. Problem i'm finding is that the loco stutters and stops (cuts out) when moving at slow speed. Seems like a dirty track / dirty wheels however I have cleaned both the wheels and the track. I have forced the brass pick ups so that they are connected. As the bogies were of the older type with only 8 of the 12 wheels having pick ups, I swapped for a pair of bogies with all wheel pick up.
  10. Has the Belle had it's shoe gear removed? Maybe already out of service but brought in for display?
  11. I'd also file the edge of the plates so that they are completely smooth. I can see a lump on the lower right side of the depot plate.
  12. Zooming in I reckon the last two coaches are a USI (penultimate) and UIC (last carriage) in the standard green/grey livery. Both coaches are different with the USI coach having a lower body than the back one. the loco looks to be BB7322 so a dc only one. Either heading to Paris or, if heading towards Strasbourg/Metz would require a loco change at Dijon.
  13. Thanks for that. You can see how livery applications have improved over the years!
  14. Yes 33033 didn't look right at all. Would be interested to see 050/051 next to 207.
  15. The railfreight ones look lovely. How does the livery match to previous examples? I have the original 33207 produced many years ago. I then got 33033 and the liveries are very different.
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