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  1. Zooming in I reckon the last two coaches are a USI (penultimate) and UIC (last carriage) in the standard green/grey livery. Both coaches are different with the USI coach having a lower body than the back one. the loco looks to be BB7322 so a dc only one. Either heading to Paris or, if heading towards Strasbourg/Metz would require a loco change at Dijon.
  2. Thanks for that. You can see how livery applications have improved over the years!
  3. Yes 33033 didn't look right at all. Would be interested to see 050/051 next to 207.
  4. The railfreight ones look lovely. How does the livery match to previous examples? I have the original 33207 produced many years ago. I then got 33033 and the liveries are very different.
  5. I can tell you that 9016 made it to Reading. I remember seeing it come in with 31101 on the front. Think it was in a rake of about 5 coaches. I was so surprised to see it, it's something I have never forgotten! It came in from the Didcot direction so I imagine it will have worked its way through Birmingham. Around 1990 I think.
  6. From the pictures the NSE version looks like the roof is too light. Shouldn't it be a far darker grey? The SWT and Southern versions look fantastic to me but I wonder how well they will sell. They don't have the flexibility that others have in terms of use.
  7. Thanks for that. The Trains Sud Ouest site shows that 67420 and 67585 were withdrawn - both after separate incidents in 2013. http://trainsso.pagesperso-orange.fr/BB67400.pdf
  8. Nice photos. Do you know what the numbers of the 67400 were?
  9. One loco is address 3, one is 67 and the consist is address 50. Both locos have CV19 set to 50. When selecting 3, all functions work but the loco won't move. Ditto when selecting 67 for the other loco. When selecting 50, none of the functions work but the locos will move simultaneously.
  10. No they don't move when using their unique addresses, however the sounds and lights all work.
  11. Evening all, I have 2 Hornby SNCF 67400 diesels, both with sound that I would quite like to double head. When running them on the same address, whilst they run nicely together, the sounds are identical (not surprisingly) at the same time. Setting them to different addresses I can independently switch them on. As I have 2 controllers I can attempt to run them separately though (not surprisingly) it is difficult to get them accelerating or decelerating together without them fighting each other. So, modifying the locos so that CV19 is set to the same value means I can operate the sounds separately, but can double head them as a consist. Starting up the locos at a different time, they seem to be more out of sync noise wise( which sounds better). However... I am not able to then operate the locos separately (eg uncouple them and move them away separately). So, question is, is there a mod that I can do so that I can control them separately as well as together? Having searched a few posts I am thinking the answer is no but thought i'd ask just in case it is!
  12. Sorry for late reply. In the end I did 7. 5 TSO and 3 BFK. Typically Bachmann then brought out the lighter shade of blue on their mark 2 coaches but I have stuck with my rake which are currently sat in a yard behind 47715!
  13. Very little in 6 years i'm afraid. The layout is still there and is used. The main change is that the inside branch line is now DCC so that I can run sound stock. I have a few British Sound fitted items as well as some HO French items. I have got to the stage where the actual detailing of the layout is not important to me and all I am interested in is running stuff. A lot of stock has changed with the Turbos no more but more SR based units. I'll try and put some photos up when I have some time.
  14. I had the pleasure of riding behind 67523 between La Rochelle and Bordeaux last year. I had read that it had been transferred to the Boulogne services after the Nantes - Bordeaux line was taken over by units. Here are a couple of videos I took of 523 at La Rochelle before boarding and also at Bordeaux as it returned towards Nantes. I have a few other French videos that I uploaded last year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0wYIXK7KrE
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