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  1. I've squealed my way around Skelton Jnc with many a 142.
  2. Great memories, I used to live in Woodhousee Park so not to far from yourself, Im a member of the Manchester Model Railway Society so I run my ICIs on 'Dewsbury Midland' , I moved to York 3 years ago but I still make the journey for club nights, or .at least I will do again when all covid restrictions are lifted.
  3. They should at least provide you with a new motor.
  4. Love the ICI hoppers, I have a full 18 wagon rake myself, as a driver at Northern Man-Picc until 3 years ago, I signed parts of their route, Chinley, Northwich as well as Buxton. Always loved driving through the Peak district.
  5. The OLE on the layout is permanantly fixed except the wire at baseboard joints, these can be unhooked once the tension has been eased. The tensioner assemblies are made by me from brass and are dully working. I propose to do an indepth article on installing, tensioning and building the parts needed. Lookout for a more indepth article on the layout itself in the August BRM magazine as well as videos on the BRM youtube channel. I will be at the show at sometime after the 17th of July. Aron
  6. The so called 'snowploughs' that are fitted to 150s, 153s, 156s are not snowploughs as they aren't low enough, they are called obstacle deflectors which are supposed to stop things like shopping trolleys and bicycles etc that are deliberately left on tracks by idiots from going under the units and causing damage. As a train driver I've heard them called snowploughs many times so I'm taking this opportunity to explain what they are.
  7. This is a schematic drawing of the cross arm in the lowered position showing the the diagonal bracing
  8. I have just completed the Judith Edge cross-arm pantograph kit. I see in the posts some of you have give this kit a go with mixed results. I did alter the upper arm configuration from the kit instructions in that I didn't use 4 pieces of wire and the cross bracing parts on the etch. I made the upper arms from 2 pieces of wire, bending each wire as a back to front 'N' , use the upper arm double pivot jig on the etch to form the first arm but instead of cutting the wire, feed it into the pivot on the lower arm, bend it up diagonally to the other side of the pan head, through the pan head pivot.
  9. Tube masts were used on Cheadle Hulme to Macclesfield line, part of the Manchester to Stoke route, they look about 12" in diameter.
  10. A free to download book is available on the internet all about OLE in the UK called 'Overhead Line Electrification for Railways' by Garry Keenor, its pretty much up to date , 5th edition 2018
  11. The option I use is to completely isolate any diamond crossing be it long or short from any adjoining track. As I use Peco streamline crossings then to control the feeds, I use the Peco DPDT switch that connects straight to the point motor that controls the route through the diamond crossing. I wire it so that when the point is set through the diamond [reversed] only that route has power, when the point is reset [normal] the other route through the diamond has power. This ensures no shorts even when shunting at crawling pace.
  12. I emailed PH Designs last week to see if the pantograph base was still available, he replied he hasn't done any for awhile but he can still get them etched but isn't sure of the cost. If you contact him either by email or phone I'm sure he can give you that information.
  13. A 323 would be a great unit to produce, drove them for 17 years , a driver's unit, known as the GTI of the network with 8 asymetric motors on, 4 on each of the outer vehicles and as I can model fully tensioned OLE either live or cosmetic it would be good to see one running around a layout.
  14. Looks impresssive, I'm sure when you've sorted out the maths error it'll be a popular detailing kit.
  15. Thank you, I saw it as a challenge to make all the working parts and enjoyed the experience. I should be able to get it working on DCC in the future and display it working on either 'Dewsbury Midland' or 'Barton Road' both Manchester Model Railway Society layouts. I'm currently working towards a fully working container gantry crane for the 'Barton Road' layout which is based on containerisation from the beginning to the present day.
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