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  1. Been there...done that...I find a wooden skewer is the least intrusive way of poking my rolling stock.....
  2. I don't know if you intend to do any exhibitions but I find the visible KD magnet between the rails is useful in actually explaining the delayed uncoupling etc. I put it down to "play value"...
  3. Tom On Dock Street I have simply used one (Code 83) magnet - set between the rails after a bit of experimenting - not as subtle as the below track version but I found that caused the wagons to shudder as British stock mainly has steel axles. US stock - designed for use with Kadees tend not too and the stock is longer anyway leading to fewer such issues. I did have a few magnets dotted around but eventually settled on just the one with at least one wagon length of straight track either side to assist reliable operation. Chris
  4. Just a reminder that Dock Street mk I will be at Monmouth on 16th February 2020
  5. Try these - satisfied customer of all 3... http://www.besttrains.com/ https://www.barmillsmodels.com/ http://www.downtowndeco.com/site/
  6. T I think there is a left luggage facility - £1 per item...(my advice....put your coat in your bag)
  7. 28/2 28-29th according to advert in programme ATB Chris
  8. My layouts are often operated by various helpers during shows and I find the NCE a very good system both for them and me. It is also easy to use for basic programming and I've got hold of a reasonably priced (Tam Valley I think) booster from Digitrains for use on my 7mm layout. I have a heavier duty Lenz system (both LH100s and 90s) but it rarely gets used. I'd like to get hold of an NCE Procab but they currently appear to be in the rocking horse p** category in terms of availability atm.
  9. Try this - especially if you like Craftsman kits http://www.railroad-line.com/
  10. GdeB will be at the Thornbury show this weekend. http://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/events/19898-Event?utm_source=UKMS-Newsletter&utm_campaign=202ae87b65-my_google_analytics_key&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5793ec7d3f-202ae87b65-107689413
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