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  1. Please don't encourage him....he'll be zooming it before you know it...
  2. Couldn't agree more...it would be nice to find a recent version in BR early or late totem available..
  3. If you enable the option button on an NCE powercab (my weapon of choice) it can go up to F29 IIRC Chris
  4. I'm sure they could have easily achieved the outcome of a cycle path etc and preserved the iconic stonework....and it would probably have been cheaper...
  5. I agree completely John - I've just tracked down, painted and fitted a set of etched front steps to my Class 50 to replace the poorly fitted and fixed, vulnerable and easily lost Hornby parts which are not available as a spare...and don't get me started on easily damaged Class 31 bogie side frames..
  6. FWIW it's built on SMS boards designed to fit in the 77L RUB - as is the next one...
  7. Looks even better now its fixed down and bedded in! I agree btw but it needs careful handling.... I have not really posted much on Lockdown Fen ......I must get round to it...quite a bit of weathering required....
  8. Good call but Lockdown Fen was my first "Lock in" project.....sorry...
  9. The Missenden Railway Modellers virtual Autumn Weekend has drawn to a close but all the content remains on line here: https://www.missendenrailwaymodellers.org.uk/index.php/virtual-missenden-autumn-2020/ The weekend included a number of live zoom sessions which have been recorded and are available here: https://www.missendenrailwaymodellers.org.uk/index.php/virtual-missenden-recordings/ If you have a few minutes and whether you are a Missenden regular or not we would be very keen to hear any feedback which you can leave here: https://www.missendenrailwa
  10. New layout is at the testing stage....don't read too much into the 50 - it was on the workbench having new steps fitted...
  11. I think that was my first ever wishlist post but the 8F reference made me weaken...
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