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  1. 66719 Metroland with 6M42 0920 Avonmouth Hanson Sdg Gbrf to Penyffordd Cement Gbrf getting a little assistance from D1015 today at Bristol Parkway
  2. Thanks to Andy Y for letting us publicise our next event. We are now planning to return for a modelling weekend at Missenden for the first time since March 2020. Booking is now open and over half the places have gone. We currently have spaces available on all courses, however some are filling up faster than others. There are still some bedrooms left at the Abbey so if you want to stay on site and fully enjoy the social side of a Missenden weekend, don’t leave it too late to book. https://www.missendenrailwaymodellers.org.uk/index.php/autumn-weekend/ The full list of courses is: 4mm Locomotive Kit construction - Tony Gee and Jerry Clifford 7mm Locomotive Kit construction - Kevin Wilson Introduction to DCC - Pete Brownlow Track Building and Laying - Norman Solomon Improving Ready To Run Rolling Stock & Kits - Karl Crowther Weathering - Andrew Thompson and Chris Hopper Therer are some changes for 2021: There is an exciting new course from Karl Crowther - Improving RTR Models & Kits. If you have ever wondered how to improve that old stock you picked up as a bargain to today's RTR standards, you want to improve the looks or running qualities of that humble wagon kit or how to convert an existing model into that rare prototype that nobody manufactures, Karl will be offering advice and encouragement. If you are considering moving to a more accurate gauge then Karl will also be covering re-gauging of rolling stock. Karl will also provide advice on that vexed subject, couplings and in addition to his course will be providing a demonstration about Alex Jackson couplings. Following the unexpected and very sad death of Mick Bonwick the Autumn weathering course has been reorganised. We had been working with Mick on a handover of the course during the 2021 Autumn weekend but sadly that will now not be possible. This weekend will focus on non-airbrushing techniques using a variety of materials including oils. It is led by highly accomplished modeller, Andrew (Kiwi) Thompson. Andrew has a wide range of interest including US HO modellng. Although this time we won’t be running a formal airbrushing course I will be co-tutoring in the weathering room and will advise and instruct with airbrushing techniques for those who want to bring their own equipment. My weathering is quite varied in techniques and is mainly done to provide stock for my range of small exhibition layouts - some of which have their own threads here on RMweb Although when you book we do ask you to opt for one course some of the tutors will provide short demonstrations of particular topics during the weekend and you are free to wander around and see what goes on in the other courses or seek advice from any of the tutors. We have worked with the Abbey to minimise Covid risks in order to maximise your enjoyment at the Weekend. Details of the measures in place can be found here: https://www.missendenrailwaymodellers.org.uk/index.php/news/autumn-2021-weekend-covid-19-precautions/ If you want to know any more, please use the Contact page or just drop me a PM https://www.missendenrailwaymodellers.org.uk/index.php/contact-us/ Happy modelling Chris Hopper
  3. Filton Abbey Wood today - 2 services out of Avonmouth
  4. Some Severn Tunnel Junction action from 8 September including some locos featured a few days ago by other posters Wentloog - Tilbury Tilbury Trostre Hayes to East Usk
  5. LDF is to get a photo visit so I decided I had better weather some of the stock....work in progress on a J15 ( I know but its the right region...) and a J70 - which despite how it looks in the photo is lightly weathered!
  6. https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:C18721/2021-12-14/detailed
  7. Is this a training run? I'm sure I did read that service trains will "avoid" York https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:N20128/2021-09-10/detailed https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:C41681/2021-09-10/detailed Chris
  8. If you have access to Railcam there has been activity at York South Yard with departing trains and I think a DB 66 is due there now.
  9. I completely agree but just wanted to model it that way. It will be in use as a single wagon in a layout mainly used as a shunting puzzle with examples of all sorts of rolling stock I remember from my more active spotting days in the 1980s. The Scimitar is pure nostalgia - I first built a version of the kit over 40 years ago... Chris
  10. We have now been able to create a tribute page for Mick on the Missenden website which showcases his contribution to the hobby and will also remain as a valuable resource for anybody with an interest in improving their weathering skills. https://www.missendenrailwaymodellers.org.uk/index.php/mick-bonwicks-weathering-masterclass/ Landrovers get a page of their own.... https://www.missendenrailwaymodellers.org.uk/index.php/virtual-missenden-land-rover-series-1/ Chris Hopper
  11. I've just watched his box opening of an airbrush kit. If anyone has contact with him they need to tell him to get an extractor or good face mask suitable for fine particles etc. Acrylics are just as bad as enamels in that respect. He was spraying into a cardboard box indoors with no apparent ventilation and no understanding of the risks. I'm not a Youtuber so could not leave a comment on the page but a lot of people seemed to think he'd done a jolly good demo......
  12. I was actually a little surprised his coffin didn't turn up in one for the funeral - I'm not joking! C
  13. Likwise even now...and..... One outcome of interests develped during the last 18 months is that I have a small collection of DRS locos that do not "fit" on my current layouts so I'm tempted to build a small layout inspired by the "The Sidings" concept. Chris
  14. Reportedly 1 line is usable at 5mph 1A76 appears to have gone up the down past Laira... Bristol TM has work so GWR curently has a HST castle running between Bedminster and Totnes
  15. I'm happy to buy a ticket in advance but I've heard mutterings about time slots...I'll be coming a long way by train and bus which is never straightforward and as the train fare is a significant multiple of the admission I'd prefer to spend as long as I like..does anyone have any idea what is planned? Chris
  16. I must have been lucky as I've quite a lot of photo references for BR steam era in colour. (Mainly Somerset and Dorset but I can use these as proxies for other projects) I think B&W is useful as it can certainly give an indication of levels and density of weathering. This is a useful site https://davidheyscollection.myshopblocks.com/pages/david-heys-steam-diesel-photo-collection-53-rail-cameraman-greenwood
  17. Whatever techniques or references you choose I would recommend some research on a specific project. My first principle is to normally use a photo reference for any weathering project....it actually makes life a lot easier. When you get a bit of experience you can do light "generic" weathering on stock based on your previous projects and experience. Chris Hopper
  18. The chocks need careful handling - a couple of mine were broken in the packet but I only needed 8
  19. ScaleModel Scenery straps and the T4U chocks https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/ax031-oo-ratchet-straps-orange-pack-of-94-oo4mm176-1340-p.asp
  20. and out and about today...reportedly https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:K01035/2021-08-26/detailed
  21. Still doing the business... Blue Boys Pathfinder Tour a few weeks ago..
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