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  1. Sadly experience in general (today during essential shopping and later during a dog walk in a busy park) suggests there will still be many who are oblivious to the requirements of social distancing. I love and miss exhibiting - including the social aspects - but currently I feel no great urge to stand in front of the public for 6-8 hours a day....( I do operate from the front and the interaction is an important part of the fun) Chris
  2. With thanks to Ian I offer my "box-opening" photo. All looks good and arrived swiftly.
  3. I've tried the surface but not back - I'll give it a go. Thanks
  4. I'll be happy with standard 00 - as will many I expect. Chris
  5. I'm hoping these kits may provide a relatively easy solution in 00...
  6. Electrically - the (uni)frogs are so short the wide Hornby wheel cause a short circuit at the heel end of the point. Very noticeable with sound sadly...
  7. I'd like to re-ask this question as despite all my efforts on B2B etc my two relatively recent 31s will misbehave on the Peco C75 Bull head (Unifrog) points because of the relatively wide treads and the way the axles move from side to side. I'm very pleased with the points but would like to run the 31s reliably. Both Gibson and Ultrascale used to do 31 wheels but no longer... Chris
  8. Major works on our local GWR mainline today. Track replacement in Saltford Tunnel meant a few trains were parked up near home.
  9. While looking for something else in my Flickr I stumbled across this photo. S&DRT at Midsomer Norton in 2016
  10. Thanks - the cut off NEM was a good call. I've had a go and although not layout-tested yet this looks like it might work. As its good to see when people have actually found a post useful I offer some photos: Front has a 20 fitted to the top of the bogie using the existing hole with the nem legs gently filed to creat a recess for the screw plus a smaller screw to provide a firm fixing. After I'd fitted it to the loco I realised the bogie has a bit of give built in so I may go for a fitting slightly further back. The tender has a cut off #20 fitted to the
  11. I think the point (sorry) for me is that I woould not set about point building as described but these kits look as if they'll put decent looking points in the hands of many more modellers - including me. I care how track looks - almost as much as how it behaves - for example I used Marcway ready to lay points on my Pixash Lane layout.
  12. I'd worked that out... My other response could have been.....Yes:
  13. I didn't think we needed them for these kits - apart from electrics....
  14. I agree and as an enthusiast of the "micro" layout I think when slightly shorter realistic points are available in 00 this will also be a game changer. I needed 1500mm to make a viable micro using the PECO BH points (Penmaenbach) but once we can do something in 1200mm or so with decent track it may have quite an impact. Chris
  15. Thanks - I will have a look but everything looked very tight......
  16. I'll use any Kadee I can - I have the full range in my stash and a couple of height gauges and I'm not constrained to #17-20s. I thought I could sort it but is "difficult" to be honest. No NEMs - its a very old design and I am prepared to modify if necessary - its not much use to me as it is frankly.
  17. Does anyone have any experience of or suggestions for installing working Kadees on the Hornby 8F. I have a nice model with DCC sound installed but unless I can get some Kadees on it it will be a shelf queen...or even worse...sold... If I was just using it for single ended shunting I could use a brake van as a "go-between" but I'd like to use it for shunting, running round etc. Thanks in advance for any ideas. Chris
  18. That's enough about PP ....what about you!?
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