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  1. 1 minute ago, SD85 said:

    Good suggestion and I did consider it, but having looked at the relevant pictures of that layout it definitely doesn't match in terms of period. The one I remember at the show was definitely set in the 1970s or possibly later.


    The general concept of an industrial/freight shunting yard with a double slip in the loop and the lines going offstage behind buildings is about right, though.

    Pity..I just found the article!

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  2. 28 minutes ago, durham light infantry said:


    Still going strong Rob, although she has had some strange visitors recently...




    And finally combining your first and latest endeavours...



    All looks perfectly normal to me....

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  3. 35 minutes ago, Phil Mc said:

    Just got my Revolution/KMRC IZA cargowaggon out of its box. It's a lovely looking wagon. :D

    I went for the tail-lamp fitted version, and there's plenty of room to carry out the same modification as I did to a tail-lamp fitted MMA recently.

    The NEM pocket was removed from the lamp end, which left a convenient gap into the body to pass the wires through.

    The wheelsets have got a 'live' axle, so DCCconcepts pickup springs were slid onto each axle.

    Wires were fed through and connected to an anti-flicker/rectifier unit.

    Same as the MMA, a resistor was soldered to the inside connector of one battery holder (still not sure if it's necessary, but not risking trying it without!!)

    -ve wire soldered to the resistor, +ve wire soldered to outside connector of other battery holder.

    All bare wires covered with heatshrink tubing as I went along.

    After testing, the wires were tidied up, and jobs a good'un.

    The underfloor switch still works if needed, but I reckon once it's weathered, the wagon will be a permanent fixture at the rear of an enterprise rake, so I can just leave the lamp permanently switched on.



    I know I could always dig out the instructions ..but how easy was it to remove the body? I have an un-lamped version but would like to add a bit more weight..


  4. 10 hours ago, AY Mod said:


    Don't forget, due to your golden halo, you can offer it for sale on here.

    Thanks again Andy - I have placed it in the Classifieds - its 00 scale DCC and sound - plus stay alive - BR two-tone green livery.
    Cat No. 2407 Running number D5040


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  5. Just now, 37114 said:

    Hi Chris, yes it was, it was a few years ago,just after I sold Peafore Yard so 2017. The model was 24081, I had weathered it but it was otherwise standard.

    Thanks Rob

    Mine is pristine so hopefully I'll get a significant contribution to my 25 purchase!

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