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  1. 1 hour ago, sb67 said:

    I've finally finished the fencing at the backscene so I thought I'd actually 'play trains'  and run some stuff! 








     I might go for an LNER concrete hut and associated junk. 



    SMS scrubs up well - I have two on different layouts..



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  2. 52 minutes ago, Huw Griffiths said:


    Whatever the score, I suspect that any sequences involving this guy really need prominent warnings - along the lines of "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!"

    Don't hold your breath..

  3. A second power cab with a 4 wire cable is an option...I favour this as I frequently have "guest" operators on my layout at shows and the powercab is reasonably intuitive - at least for functions 1-9 .....and ......you have a back up  system...


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  4. I apologise if people think this is a pointless topic but I thought it was worth pointing out that the issue is out there - I did my order via the web but could equally have done so at a show. I did not know the sound-fitter in question did not have a Bachmann warranty arrangement but he has now stated he has ordered replacement bodies.

    His lack of comms both when the issue arose and when the bodies were imminent did not give me confidence hence my approach to Bachmann who have acted well by agreeing to provide the body (and it has arrived) but pointed out they were not under an obligation to do so. That's it. I was trying to be helpful to the buying public i.e. you lot.


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  5. Rob/Colin

    I would respond to a PM if asked - however  I think my warning is sufficient to make people think if they want to check the status of a supplier in future prior to an expensive purchase.

    In defence of the trader concerned I have had an email in the last few days to say that he has the bodies "on order".

    I have told him that I've had a replacement direct and won't need one when he gets them.


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  6. 1 hour ago, Tim V said:

    What is the problem with any trestle is the enormous amount of room they take up when being transported.


    I made my own that interlocked for transport - took up about 1/4 space they used to take.

    The Screwfix ones do fold down a bit - in addition a number of us have them which often means one of the team who is not transporting the layout brings a pair.


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