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  1. Todays jaunt - these remnants of what looks like Broad Gauge Rail appear to have been used as part of some sort of hoist across the River Chew near the GWML in Keynsham. This is on the other side - I'll try for a better look when weather is kinder and river is lower! This is the GWML bridge over the river. Unusually it appears to be a round arch not a gothic version like everything else I've seen on this stretch.
  2. I thought we were the wrong side of the channel these days....I'll get me coat..sorry.
  3. There are probably many veterans of the "Lima wars" of the 1980s on here who may think the Bachmann 25 is a gem so I suppose it depends on your expectations...
  4. I appreciate that accuracy as with beauty is subjective but that does seems a little strong?
  5. We have now added a large section on layout planning to the material for the weekend.
  6. I will place my cosh and knuckle dusters next to the Mute button....
  7. Its probably worth checking out the February issue for Diesel content, Sound in a Dapol 08 in 7mm and a small contemporary station and wagon works in 4mm. The advert for April includes images of a DMU(N) and a Class 24 (00 - and on my mainly Blue Dock Street so I will declare an interest) plus a very old steam engine... The relatively recent 4mm project layout by Chris Ford was blue diesel.
  8. No - I just remember it. I think there's stuff on the web and it may be owned by Bentley Group now.
  9. Zoom sessions have limited numbers and are filling up surprisingly quickly - they will be recorded and linked on the website if you miss out on the live session. Chris Hopper
  10. The Spring Virtual Weekend page has been updated including details of the live Zoom sessions. The dates are 6/7 March opening at 10am: https://www.missendenrailwaymodellers.org.uk/index.php/spring-2021-virtual-event-plans/ Material from the Autumn weekend is still available on line: https://www.missendenrailwaymodellers.org.uk/index.php/virtual-missenden-autumn-2020/ Chris Hopper
  11. I suspect that along with other periodicals material may be affected by the current pandemic....
  12. That's Mrs Mick sorted....what are you having?
  13. Sir is very kind....its a Sparkshot print and I managed a fair bit of resin abuse during the build...fortunately one side is reasonably viewable...not a difficult task if you're not a clumsy oaf...be very, very careful.... Out of interest you've reminded me I have a digital subscription to Model Rail but can't remember when I last saw a copy!
  14. I'm sure you can also see several rail-served industries in South Wales from there too!!
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