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    not that far from the 1883 (SAR) Belair Railway Station, South Australia
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    LNWR, LMS, Camden Passenger Engine Shed, 1B, Camden Bank, Primrose Hill, and Camden Goods Station 12th June 1936.
    LMS locomotive, passenger and goods rolling stock for that time.

    The exhibition layout is a scale* end to end viewing across the goods station yard, across the main lines, onto the shed, bridge to bridge.
    *scaled back after the goods station proper, as it heads down the bank.

    The date is specific for a number of reasons, and is intended to control the timetable and the stock being run as authentic for that day, although being a Friday has resulted in some train formation difficulties, mainly in both fiddle yards, which are already (on paper) each six metres long.

    The scene is post LNWR, prewar LMSR, Stanier 'Princess Royal' class, and Fowler Royal Scots provide the mainstay motive power, with Claughtons, Patriots, engines picking up intermediate express work, and Prince of Wales, and George the Fifth types working outer suburban services along side LNWR DC sets.

    The shed has been recently upgraded with a new roof, turntable, coaling and ash plants in service.

    The LMS were busily working towards 16 November 1936 and the famous scottish non-stop express run, with 6201 Princess Elizabeth at its head, and with Tom Clark and Fireman Charles Fleet and Passed Fireman Albert Shaw on the footplate, it reached Glasgow Central in 5 hours 53 minutes 38 seconds, what a time in history that year must have been.
    So why the interest in the LNWR, LMSR and Camden.
    Born in Liverpool, I grew up near Old Swan, my station was Broadgreen, now the oldest operational passenger station in the world. My Christmas presents were of course Dinky and Gorgi, but also Triang and Hornby, later including Minic Motorway, so special we’re these gifts, I still have all of them, slightly worst for wear, today. When emigrating to Australia we passed what was left of Camden Shed (nothing) but sidings.
    As is normal in life, relationships, cars, family, career took precedent, but my interest never dwindling. In later years, while researching for a layout design, a copy of BRILL illustrated the perfect mix I was searching for, and what had been lost basically without trace.
    Later and so encouraged by the work achieved others such as Iain (92220) Camden Shed (rmweb), and Vincent Worthington who are well along their journey, I also aim to capture my version of this iconic location for those interested.

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  1. I’d be interested to hear about your laser cutter experiences, and the brickwork
  2. What a fantastic layout, prototypes are the best.
  3. You are probably correct, my recollection of a British winter was November-December, but I guess January-February is still winter, and a February 2020 release is far better than December 2020. Better start getting those pre orders in. Thanks for the correction for those out in the colonies, we rely on you guys so much.
  4. Hornby.com has slipped the release date to Q4 (winter) 2020. Which in my mind is no big deal, we have waited this long. Just hoping Simon gets it right, and of course he will, we are counting on it.
  5. 1BCamden

    Camden Shed

    Hi Iain, Still thinking about arranging this into the space available ? Well after my last effort (not good) please consider - "how would a fiddle yard under the scenic section" work; sorry about the picture quality. The problem has been bugging me since December, and I know I said (among others) no gradients, but this would be <0.5%. I've not considered compacting it or curve radius and I've only looked at the down fast line, with the arrows showing red to green - down under scenic area. The fiddle yard would be "at the front", directly under the shed. Just a thought.
  6. Hi Mike, really admire your attention to detail with regard to the prototype, a very nice and possibly overlooked touch, was that you have pulled in Tue Brook into the scenic area, great little cameo. Ha, my mistake, it’s the subway !! perfect. Good thing I checked again.
  7. Not wanting to sound negative, but the standout item which time stamps each class member is the tender type. As previously highlighted, this class as built, and throughout its life experienced numerous alterations, and yes the boiler is important, but doesn’t come close to the tender as instantly providing the date, which hopefully Hornby will provide a map, so we all don’t rush out and buy the 10t tender, only later to find that a 9t example is coming next year.
  8. Oh, I was hoping you weren’t going to say that, but I shouldn’t be surprised considering the flak it has had.And, there is ebay to recover some of the original outlay. Coal pusher, and the multitude of variations over the years, could be an interesting opportunity for Hornby.
  9. Thank you Hornby for considering and listening to enthusiasts and forums such as rmweb, and retooling this legacy model. While I have five still in the box Hornby princess class (R.2313) waiting to be modified and renamed to suit my layout date, which just happened to be while the whole class still had 9t Stanier tenders. I did however hold off getting a 6200 and 6201 donor models hoping this retool would eventuate. My challenge now, and that of a few others within this forum I think, and with some excitement, will be to bring my existing pretooling class examples up to this new tooling standard. Thankfully suppliers such as brassmasters are already on the journey regarding these requirements and will further improve this great class type. Hopefully my NRM copy of LMS Locomotive Profile #4, The Princess Royal Pacifics, by David Hunt, Bob Essery, and Fred James will be off the shelf a little more often.
  10. 1BCamden

    Camden Shed

    Not too much I hope, it really depends on how you want to operate the layout, prototypically or something that represents it.In either case, I’m not sure the cassette will deliver either, even my 1936 express and suburban timetables are proving a challenge, the DC sets alone are a stand alone system, and I’m doing an end to end arrangement for simplicity.
  11. 1BCamden

    Camden Shed

    It is a large project just ask Vincent.... Your realisation is well founded, and yes it is a small site in real terms, but massive in 4mm scale, but it offers so much as you well know. After I did the cop out line “it will sort itself out” the other day, I think I owe you more, so.... As you have it laid on the floor as posted is the best arrangement, because (a) it maximises the off set curve radius possibilities , while (b) maintaining the all important on set overall long prototypical main line curve into and out of the off set reverse curves. Notwithstanding the workshop area, the fiddle yard and the reverse curves could go hard up to the walls, access to each of the curves would be through the inner curve radius area. Fiddle yard proper, not including yard end point work if possible, and similar to your mk1 photos back in 2012, and noting that a standard express was about 4m (13’) long, and your mk2 has about a 6m (20’) scenic (on set) length, which could allow the fiddle yard straight line area to push out to carry long and short distance expresses, plus local service stock, and through lines, in a tight but do able 600mm (2’) width. The goods yard scenic backscene could push right back to the fiddle yard (no access gap, except at each end) Access to fiddle yard, while increase stock capacity has been done elsewhere, by making the fiddle yard a multi-level cassette system, constructed as a stand alone module, with the through lines (fixed) passing behind and in front of the cassette module, the fixed lines behind (against the wall) bring the module forward, which will allow the lower cassette to raise up to track height without the top cassette touching the raked ceiling overhead. It could be designed as a three level unit, aluminium square tube framed, electrically driven through full (fiddle yard) length geared drive shafts. The scenic break hides the cassette. Yes you still need to get on your hands and knees to access the fiddle yard, but this would be only to sort a rail fault, or derailed train, could also be reduced by employing full length aluminium angled strips in place of standard track, which continuously “rerail” the train. Stock change over could be managed either by adjoining lower level run rounds, or at the reverse curve at the workshop end. Yes it’s got arms and legs, but it is do able, but complex solution, you could even make the cassette lowerable, and on wheels, drawing it out to the viewing area to carry out set ups and work on the module. Possibly crazy complex, possibly not.
  12. 1BCamden

    Camden Shed

    Buffer Stops (again) way back in 2014, (http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/52339-camden-shed/?p=1418152) we where looking at the two loco roads behind the ash plant, and what type of stops were they. Well the fantastic photo that Jeremy posted back on the 02/05/2018 stirred it up again. PECO (bless their little wagon wheels) brought out (to compliment their bullhead range) SL-1140 Buffer Stop Rail Type, they looked the part, so Hattons delivered 5packs (10 stops) earlier this week, very nice. They are great, excellent detail, and will do OO or EM, I tested one onto my code83 Tillig (don’t go there) track - perfect fit, although sleeper spacing is important, and good lighting while fitting is recommended. Result a perfect scale solution to most of the stops required on this side of the main running lines.
  13. 1BCamden

    Camden Shed

    hi Iain, Wow, I have photos just like those (haha) unfortunately not in a space I own. However, I’m so happy for you, what a great space, to recreate a great piece of railway history. The layout scaling will sort itself out, through the simple process of “what is negotiable, and what is not” As always, and my very best Christmas and New Years wishes to you both, now get that Christmas tree decorated, and toast your beautiful new home.
  14. Check out - [http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/52339-camden-shed/?p=1418085], this type is discussed in more detail, earliest example appears to be mid-thirties.
  15. Hi Lime Street Station Team, well done again guys. Regarding the lack of movement “comments” I would say based on the attendance, and interest shown by the viewing public, it is not an issue, keep up the great effort.
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