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    not that far from the 1883 (SAR) Belair Railway Station, South Australia
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    LNWR, LMS, Camden Passenger Engine Shed, 1B, Camden Bank, Primrose Hill, and Camden Goods Station 12th June 1936.
    LMS locomotive, passenger and goods rolling stock for that time.

    The exhibition layout is a scale* end to end viewing across the goods station yard, across the main lines, onto the shed, bridge to bridge.
    *scaled back after the goods station proper, as it heads down the bank.

    The date is specific for a number of reasons, and is intended to control the timetable and the stock being run as authentic for that day, although being a Friday has resulted in some train formation difficulties, mainly in both fiddle yards, which are already (on paper) each six metres long.

    The scene is post LNWR, prewar LMSR, Stanier 'Princess Royal' class, and Fowler Royal Scots provide the mainstay motive power, with Claughtons, Patriots, engines picking up intermediate express work, and Prince of Wales, and George the Fifth types working outer suburban services along side LNWR DC sets.

    The shed has been recently upgraded with a new roof, turntable, coaling and ash plants in service.

    The LMS were busily working towards 16 November 1936 and the famous scottish non-stop express run, with 6201 Princess Elizabeth at its head, and with Tom Clark and Fireman Charles Fleet and Passed Fireman Albert Shaw on the footplate, it reached Glasgow Central in 5 hours 53 minutes 38 seconds, what a time in history that year must have been.
    So why the interest in the LNWR, LMSR and Camden.
    Born in Liverpool, I grew up near Old Swan, my station was Broadgreen, now the oldest operational passenger station in the world. My Christmas presents were of course Dinky and Gorgi, but also Triang and Hornby, later including Minic Motorway, so special we’re these gifts, I still have all of them, slightly worst for wear, today. When emigrating to Australia we passed what was left of Camden Shed (nothing) but sidings.
    As is normal in life, relationships, cars, family, career took precedent, but my interest never dwindling. In later years, while researching for a layout design, a copy of BRILL illustrated the perfect mix I was searching for, and what had been lost basically without trace.
    Later and so encouraged by the work achieved others such as Iain (92220) Camden Shed (rmweb), and Vincent Worthington who are well along their journey, I also aim to capture my version of this iconic location for those interested.

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  1. congratulations on the Templefield article in MRJ273, such a great layout considering the constraints. The large surfaces are so well executed.
  2. “twenty years” that’s priceless.
  3. Hi John, Absolutely, it’s a specification issue only, Hornby don’t provide a carriage number or weight, just a minimum curve, which it should be able to negotiate with a reasonable load, in this case, nominally 6-10 for the consumer, 8-12 for the enthusiast. These forums continually criticise Hornby and its steam haulage capability. The Rebuilt WC design does not featured among this general opinion. Traction tyres had crossed my mind, Hornby have been there, but I know Bachmann Spectrum don’t employ either, and they are very impressive. Do not underestimate the Japan,US, and Canada.
  4. Hi John, Thanks, interestingly, there appears to be additional driving wheel weights fitted on non decoder models, althoughI might be reading the service sheet wrong. Anyway, I hope you are right.
  5. Hi John, The rebuilt west country, is quite different externally and under the skin, than the Coronation and probable Princess type. The driving wheels are larger again then those of the Coronation type, plus the nearly solid Bulleid style wheels would be weight plus over the traditional wheels. Under the skin the additional weight block under the decoder, together with the motor positioned well back would all certainly add to improved traction. Interesting to weigh off both, my guess the west country balance and overall weight would top the Coronation type.
  6. Hi Robmcg, Criticise, no, but fact is these are the probable issues based on the Hornby journey to date, when hoping that the Princess Class out of the box will live up to current consumer and enthusiast expectations. Both you and Jason commented within the thread - Hornby Princess Coronation Class (Duchess) Being over 90 pages, and with no sign of slowing, which well describes the positives and negatives of this similar pacific type. I don’t need labour the point regarding weight tending to not being centred correctly, build quality, and the ever popular pony truck discussion to name a couple of points. So when the Hornby Coronation type is compared to the soon to be Princess type, we have to acknowledge the smaller boiler casing (narrower) and the smaller driving wheels on the Princess will not help weight installation and traction, unless Hornby move away from prototypical specification. Weight=traction, motor=capacity, 3rd radius, of course not, but that’s one size up from Hornby pacific types are cataloged. So we get Hornby to revise their spec and catalog as 4th radius, it’s still a challenge. Much has been written within these forums, all acknowledge some form of modification is required. While ROCO FLEISCHMANN, TILLIG and near every american company (including their Bachmann) do not, and up to 2% grades to boot out of the box. Again, I know they are at it, and I know they will read this, and justify why “what is, is” and throw in the “budget” word to close it out. Hornby is in our blood, and we must succeed in a global market, not just a the local hobby shoppe, where modifying is common place and expected. Fingers crossed, this model will cement Hornby as a global supplier of quality model railways.
  7. Hi Robmcg, Yes, the tenders, it’s problematic, but important, and I suspect not originally a budget driver. Couldn’t help the footplate crew thing, but for pre war and immediate post war versions they are perfect, as good as modelu3d is, the figures contained in the super detailing pack when viewed closely are great, body weight, cap, and importantly no bib and brace. Sound, well it needs to be considered in the build, and weight distribution over the main driving wheels will be critical. I guess like you, I know they are on it, but not to succeed based on their recent history will not be good, product review can be unkind to the bottom line. Agreed, it not impossible, with the on hand tech, and with other companies to reflect on, things such as prototypical drawbar systems as achievable, even if they have to go under licence. nice jpeg.
  8. Hi Hroth, Yes, quite correct, but I thought sixty year was enough to make my point. Don’t you just love those spring loaded pick ups, now there is something lost, which could be of benefit. Step change, absolutely, hence all the banging on about this that and the other. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I never leave the carriages sitting on their bogies for long periods, seems to have worked, I guess time will tell.
  9. Hi Jason, thanks for taking the time to consider the points raised, The current model (assuming you mean the Duchess as they haven't even made this model yet and the previous version is over 20 years old) - no I mean the Princess Class, I’m not discussing the Princess Coronation Class, so we can park that one for another time. This includes the fixed coal load, and your Comet/BSL stock weight (lucky you) NEM sockets, we are talking about the model as being produced, not individual preferences. The drawbar, is not calibrated, and is outdated compared to industry standard, Bogie wheels again, we are talking about the model as being produced, not individual preferences. Fixed trailing truck? No big deal just replace the wheel with a flanged one, I didn’t dispute this point, as it looks prototypical, but again, we are talking about the model as being produced, not individual preferences. If it's then not good enough then Brassmasters make a kit which is probably the ultimate. They even sell a 1936 tender. But all together that's going to be over £400 before you even build it when you include wheels and a decent motor, and again, we are talking about the model as being produced, not individual preferences. Summary, how good is the model “out of the box” how good is it, for the enthusiast, you and I, the consumer, and importantly for Hornby. Will it deliver on life cycle investment.
  10. Hornby, don't forget the tender types, As outlined below, and while obviously a much shorter timeframe, the Stanier styled nine ton, curved sided tender were attached to all members of the class, including 6202. Noting: (a) none of the class entered traffic with Stanier styled ten ton, curved sided tenders, and (b) the tender frames were essentially the same. This said, Hornby have a couple of options, do nothing. offer retrofit kits, which contain the actual tender body types, minus the frame. build out the class over time, liveries, modifications, tender types, and possibly 6202. General tender summary; 1932 - mid 1935: Derby styled nine ton, straight sided tender: (9000/1) 1935 - late 1936: Stanier styled nine ton, curved sided tender: (9065/66,9124/25/26/27/28/29/30/31/32/33) mid 1936 onwards: Stanier styled ten ton, curved sided tender: (9344/45/53/54/59/60/61/72/73/74/75/76) 1936: Stanier styled ten ton (coal pusher) curved sided tender: (9359) 1947: Coronation styled ten ton (coal pusher) curved sided tender: (9816) Recommendation; Continue as per schedule and current budget, but review/revise budget to (a) offer retrofit kits, which contain the actual tender body types, minus the frame, within twelve (12) months of initial release date, while (b) continuing to build out the class over time, incorporating liveries, modifications, tender types, and possibly 6202 in later releases. Hornby, don't forget the consumer, Hornby is the emotional "go to" model railway company in our lives. The Hornby Princess Class was first realised in 1955, and except for a period in the seventies, has been cataloged through to 2011 (about sixty years), in many different variants. As a boy, if their was a drop of LMS blood in your veins, or your family, you either dreamed, wanted or had at least one example. Unfortunately, in retrospect every example lacked detail, quality and affordability when compared to the RTR industry standard then and now. But given all that, we still want them to succeed, and Simon and the gang are back, and now with this watershed make or brake consumer informed challenge, the long awaited Hornby Princess Class retooling. Today all the reference documentation, technology, real life cloud point examples, global manufacturing capability, are available to succeed. So, whats the problem, please don't say (a) budget, or (b) consumer sales forecasting. This is one of the great iconic faces of Hornby Model Railways, Simon needs to do what ever he need to do to get it right, we can wait, we will never forgive him if he gets it (millimetre, colour, detail) wrong. Budget, increase it now, 50% address what is currently not right with the new model, and 50% to advertising, its that important. What is currently wrong with the new model, probably; train capacity, the package doesn't weigh enough, and the motor isn't powerful enough to corfortably handed a load at least ten (10) LMS P3 carriages around a standard third radius layout the tender has a fixed coal load modelled into it, should be modelled void of coal. the package is not prototypical between the engine and tender, and the solid beam is supplied not graduated or scaled. no power pick ups on the tender the NEM pockets are to low and too prominent the package super detailing pack, does not include figures and footplate tools. the package super detailing pack, does not include all numbering and nameplates to cover the specific variant type. the package colour (livery) does not match the more recent LMS and BR livery P3 carriages. the bogie attachment system is outdated, and demands to much main frame clearance, adopt integrated or sprung attachment method. the decoder and sound speaker are mounted in the tender, both should be mounted in the smoke box. Advertising, get the Hornby marketing team to address the dismal coverage on facebook, instagram, and on the Hornby web site and YouTube channel, or get somebody in who can. retail budgets are driven by forecasting consumer interest, forecast are driven by advertising take up, and pre order activity reflecting consumer interest. Hornby, rethink current hard copy publication strategy, to web based real time investment 25-75 ratio. Story, were is the story. No television, even free to air investment, rethink the YouTube coverage for global exposure, facebook and instagram for local, and partly international coverage. Sort out the Hornby YouTube channel, again really wanting, only 18K subscribers (176videos). Everard Junction 54K subscribers, (205 videos) one enthusiast, with a family, a day career and a mortgage, what are you thinking. Modelling railway is a complex genre, demanding a lifetime investment, in both time, and money, constantly suffering from internal and external criticism. As is Bonsai to the Japanese, nothing short of perfection will do. I want Hornby to succeed with the Princess Class more than I care to admit, so we can get on to the overdue Postal Express vans (haha)
  11. I’d be interested to hear about your laser cutter experiences, and the brickwork
  12. What a fantastic layout, prototypes are the best.
  13. You are probably correct, my recollection of a British winter was November-December, but I guess January-February is still winter, and a February 2020 release is far better than December 2020. Better start getting those pre orders in. Thanks for the correction for those out in the colonies, we rely on you guys so much.
  14. Hornby.com has slipped the release date to Q4 (winter) 2020. Which in my mind is no big deal, we have waited this long. Just hoping Simon gets it right, and of course he will, we are counting on it.
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