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    7mm scale, narrow & standard gauge, the more esoteric and decrepid the better!

    Like most, my interests have been formed through child hood memories. Whilst the BR sectorisation and sprinters of the 1980s left me cold, the fortnight's holiday in mid Wales each year where we camped alongside the Talyllyn Railway left a lasting impression. The sight of a small tank engine trundling along with a train between two hedgerows will forever be with me.

    Up til now I have mostly built locos and rolling stock to run on our group layout of the 'Henmore Dale Light Railway' http://www.ngtrains.com/Pages/TVG/henmore.htm but now is the time to build a layout of my own. The trick will be deciding which silly idea to actually build!

    I live in Tutbury, Staffordshire. My day job is driving tin rockets and HSTs for CrossCountry. In my free time I enjoy homebrewing and spend large amounts of my spare time driving the antique kettles on the Talyllyn Railway. I also rarely go anywhere without a camera. http://www.flickr.com/photos/pandaonetwofive/

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  1. Thank you, if I want the wagons to tip stone into standard gauge wagons then I think there will be a compromise to be made between prototype fidelity and robustness to be made. Have just done three so far and have yet to run any trials to see if they work.
  2. The valley is rich in granite deposits, with the stone having a slight yellowish hue, which is believed to be the source of the naming of the river running through the valley as the Avon Melyn (translates as Yellow River in English) I have the book you mention, it’s a cracking little book and my copy is well thumbed. Whilst not quite the same as the Betchworth wagons, I have some Bachmann side dump cars which have received new chassis to anglicise them somewhat. There will also be some low sided open wagons for setts and kerbstones.
  3. Second modelling project has been to complete my trio of Fletcher Jennings tank locos. In need of somewhere for them to run, might have to factor in an Upper Melyn Tramway into the layout. ‘Sir Jasper’ is back running on the modified Branchlines Talyllyn chassis. The green one (currently can’t find the plates) is a standard kit as you would receive it from EDM Models, built as intended. ’Quarry Maid’ has had a few modifications to ring the changes and make it look a little different. Really rather pleased with how they’ve turned out. Think it’s fair to say that my Fletcher Jennings itch has been well and truly scratched! Next bout of modelling will be layout based...
  4. Been an inordinate time since the last update on here. It’s fair to say that I’d underestimated quite how tiring having a small person in the house would be. Whilst there was time for modelling, the energy for concentrating on it was lacking. The modelling mojo also took a hit last summer with the passing of Tim Allsopp after his battle with cancer. Plus, as one of Tim’s executors, sorting out Tim’s affairs has taken up a large amount of time. However, hopefully, that should be concluded within the next month or so. The current pandemic has increased modelling time slightly due to us not being able to go away (should be driving Talyllyn steam locos currently but can’t!) Work has been pretty hectic throughout the pandemic keeping trains moving and being one of the Union Reps has entailed a fair bit of work too. Plus, I’ve been working on a TUC Diploma in Occupational H&S at work for the last 18 months. The modelling... have completed the two Kirk Gresley carriages forming the push pull set to run with the G5 built for my Dad’s railway. Quite glad to finish those as I realised fairly quickly just why I model in 7mm scale rather than 4mm scale! Here they are at their new home:
  5. Looks superb Chris & Chris. I had hoped to resist this one, but resistance is waning.... Whilst you’ve succeeded in getting it round the set track curves, for those of us with tighter than prototype curves, what’s the overhang like for coupling up to vehicles? Cheers, Andrew
  6. Is there any evidence to back this up? The Dapol Reps at Kettering said they were awaiting a delivery of Zimo chips so they could fit them, Dapol shut down not long after due to the COVID19 measures. Nothing was mentioned about not having recorded one yet. Andrew
  7. Excellent service from Titfield (as expected) and issue 278 arrived today. The bonus gift is well received here (I was 13 at the time) and more than makes up for paying postage for MRJ when I usually purchase in store. MRJ looks good too. Superb photos of Sherton Abbas. Followed the layout build on RMWeb and was fortunate to see the layout at Guildex last year. Andrew
  8. Hope you’ve got plenty of copies... usually pick up a copy in the local Smiffs, but think you’ll be getting my order once you put it on your website. Looks to be another good issue. Andrew
  9. Great to see that work has restarted at Royd Hall. Hope they’ve hit a rich seam of coal and they remain active for some time. Andrew
  10. Thanks, I’m aware of that project and did wonder whether they were for that, but always best to ask. It’s going to be an excellent and inspiring model when completed which will probably put me off Modelling the TR completely. But then I do get to play with the real thing... (well virus’ permitting)
  11. Those Talyllyn slate wagons are exquisite. What scale are they?
  12. And great fun it was too! Thank you. Have spent this evening trying to decide on how I can fit a working digger into my embryonic layout or whether I need to build a separate industrial layout...
  13. Spoke to Dapol at Kettering and they’re awaiting a shipment of Zimo decoders. I’m not aware of where they’re made, but if it’s China then delays are unsurprising...
  14. Whilst the RAIB have now published their ‘Urgent Advice’ four months after the tragic event at Tyseley, my employer (our drivers go on Tyseley too) had already written to each driver shortly after the event about personal safety on depots. The subject of safety on depots had been on our safety briefs over the last twelve months following a near Mids at another depot (along with improvements to the crossing points at this other depot). Train movements on depots can be almost silent and when the first crossing point you come to is blocked by a stabled unit, there is the temptation to go for the gap that’s there. You really do need to have eyes in the back of your head when walking about any depot as just the slightest lapse in concentration can have tragic results.
  15. XC is far more likely to get the 221s off West Coast when they come off lease than anything else. I don’t expect XC to get any more HST trailer cars due to the cost of fitting the sliding doors and fixing the corrosion that the stored trailer cars apparently have. The intention with the XC HST fleet was to have them maintained at a depot where they would visit at night. With the changes at Craigentinny and Neville Hill, this is no longer possible. The swap over diagram will I believe remain for the foreseeable future, far more robust than relying on an ad hoc move with the box! Yes, 100% trailer utilisation has just about worked, but is it sustainable longer term? I don’t think so as sooner or later they’ll be due heavier exams. Two additional power cars and sending four sets out each day makes far more operational and capacity sense. I agree that something needs to be done. The franchise was a minimum growth one when it was let and would barely cope with passenger numbers for the intended length of the franchise let alone extensions that will nearly double its length. Whilst bi-mode IET style trains would be the logical replacement for Voyagers (similar to those EMR are getting) and would resolve the fume issues at New St for a start they’ll not be along any time soon. The first step would be to re-start the franchise letting process. The other aspect to consider with lengthening XC services is where to put them platform wise. You can only get four car sets in the 9-12 bays at Newcastle. As a result, the new TPE sets are having to run through to Edinburgh. As for the 170 fleet, not sure there’s anything out there currently that would be suitable to replace them in terms of speed, weight and comfort level. The infrastructure needs to be put in place first and none of it is cheap or easy. It all comes back to the DfT deciding what they want to actually do!
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