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  1. If that. It entered service in April 1990 and was renumbered in July 1991.
  2. 90037 was numbered 90137 from 1991 to 1999. This is what it looked like in August 1998.
  3. Great news, love these wagons. Transition from old to new Castle livery actually started as early as 1998 as this great picture on Flickr by Bill Atkinson shows.
  4. Sounds like these wagon conversions were a bit of a white elephant in the real world - trialled a lot but never settling down on a single flow for any length of time. I note they are still in the current Bachmann catalogue however.
  5. Nice one. Anyone know when the BBAs received Railfreight Metals livery?
  6. Bachmann TTA chassis and scratch built body.
  7. By the way, here is one of the Liquid Chlorine TTAs my Step-Father has converted for the same train. I'm well happy.
  8. My Step-Father is kindly building me some tank wagons to form a typical Almwch to Ellemere Port chemical train from the 80s & 90s. We need to choose the barrel colour for the Ethylene Dibromide TTA/Bs as per Paul Bartlett's excellent photos below: https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/associatedocteltankwagon/hbd14942#hbd14942 https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/associatedocteltankwagon/h15788f76#h15788f76 Anyone any idea what the name of this grey was? Was it a standard colour? Many thanks.
  9. From memory there were only three 86s put into EWS livery; 261, 401 & 426. Here's a minty 401 at Crewe in May 1998.
  10. Thanks Ben. 25912 in its special livery will keep me duly occupied until then but great to hear they are in the plan. Here's a shot I took of 904 and 903 passing through Shotton in late 1986 just as I remember the 25s from my early spotting days.
  11. Yes, definately some late surviving banger blue versions would be most welcome. Obviously you cannot please 'all of the people all of the time' but I was a little surprised at the blue TOPS domino versions chosen in the first batch being relative early withdrawals; 093 withdrawn in 1982 and 252 in 1980 respectively.
  12. Just found this picture I took at Eastleigh back in 1998. Looks to be a mix of warflats with yellow ends (at the front) and those without. Gives me enough of an excuse to order some in both liveries.
  13. Just found this thread as I am too trying to find out what the (T) stands for on some of the Bachmann NSV TPO Sorting Vans? There wasn't a definitive answer above? Could these coaches run with airbraked stock? Thank you.
  14. Would make a good Collectors Club model. Weren't the London Transport Museum already considering producing a limited edition in this livery however or did that idea die?
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