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  1. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, fingers crossed, but I thought from the pictures on Hattons website that they got this detail correct at least on BOC16 (0014)? https://www.hattons.co.uk/450705/heljan_boc16_100_ton_boc_tank_in_boc_liquid_nitrogen_livery_with_red_stripe_and_gps_bogies_0/stockdetail.aspx
  2. But why is it so pointless to try and have a reasoned debate about product prices? My earlier comment on the price of the 58, which got badly bounced on, was in part trying to understand if there were any improvements over the previously issued Heljan model to help justify the significant increase in price (given there are no development, tooling costs etc.) over the normal inflation factors. Is it so wrong to debate such a thing on an open forum such as this? Is it really off topic to the new announcements? I can imagine it is frustrating to be a moderator sometimes when they're d
  3. That's part of my point though, even given Olivias 'interesting' pricing strategy, a Heljan Railfreight one would cost you £135 from them whereas with full allowable discount you are talking £157 for this EFE Railfreight release (noting it is also weathered).
  4. It's unfortunate they could not have been more competitively priced for an old tooling. I wonder if there are any upgrades against the Heljan version still available at Olivias Trains that appear to have been slow sellers? At least the number font on the Railfreight liveried version looks right now.
  5. Hattons have promptly come back to me and confirmed the models mentioned in their emails are still being produced however their expected allocation has been lowered so they have to cancel some pre-orders. They apologised for the situation and confusion caused.
  6. I think you are right about very limited use but it appears if you paint anything yellow it sells well.
  7. Given the various comments since I posted this I am beginning to think that, although explicit, the emails from Hattons are incorrectly worded and what they really wanted to say is they have pre--sold their allocatioon and will not be able to get anymore of these particular items. I've emailed them asking for confirmation.
  8. Thanks. Corrected my original post.
  9. Just received an unexpected email from Hattons saying Hornby have cancelled their forthcoming Network Rail Mk3 DVT R4990. I only managed to pre-order one a couple of weeks ago as many retailers were saying they had sold out their allocation on pre-order already! Strange? Licencing issue?
  10. I don't understand the logic of keeping existing pre-orders open but not accepting new? How will you know if or when there is enough interest to make the project viable? I had/have 2 on pre-order.
  11. I've done a bit of that in the distant past but I also liked the slight variations in label details & positions you also sometimes got. As discussed above however I have regretted this approach with Bachmann as I'm now strugglng to assemble rakes of some of the most popular wagons that 'Tugs' post above generally lists (not to mention that some are now 5 times the price of when they were first released!).
  12. Yes, if you click on the picture it takes you to the Flickr page with description.
  13. To answer my own question after an epic trawl of Flickr, this picture shows the ICA tanks in use from new in 1989 in the UK despite them not being used on the Burngullow to Irvine 'Silver Bullet' workings which were TIA wagons. Phew!
  14. I've been trying to work out in which year did Dapol's version of the 'Silver Bullet' china clay wagons first enter use in the UK. This has proved to be not as straight forward as I'd have thought. The original 'Silver Bullets' used from 1989 on the famous Cornwall - Scotland services were, from what I can make out, British registered TIA wagons (originally supplied by Tiger Rail numbered in the UIC 33 70 7890 XXX-X series). The wagon version produced by Dapol, whilst very simlar to the TIAs, are actually ICAs and whilst they too were bulit from 1989 they remained French registered
  15. Yes, that's the big question, how much would they need to be to be economically viable for Bachmann and still sell in reasonable numbers? Still less then £130 each I'd hope.
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