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  1. I have a couple of the Hattons 1990s Warwells with TOPS code KWB. I'd like to get some of these Warflats to go with them but I'm not sure which version I should choose? PFB or KFA? I believe these flat wagons were coded KFB in between PFB and KFA (I assume not for long though?) so should I be waiting for a release in that guise?
  2. One of the good things about these wagons is you don't have to have a long rake to be authentic.
  3. Hoping the 'Minimodal' decals come off easily on 030 so I can recreate this....
  4. Got my 'Combined Volume' yesterday. Half of it repeats the information on 00 items that I received in last year's catalogue and the other half information on models in scales I have no interest in. On that basis I fail to see the point of it and it's gone straight to recycling!

    Heljan Class 27

    029 could also be improved by painting the window surrounds black although they were not black on all 27s.

    Heljan Class 27

    Rails now changed to 27033 so that's clear now. Weathering on the front ends of 27030 is a bit naff I'm afraid.

    Heljan Class 27

    Thanks. Rails still showing as 27012 (albeit with picture of 27033), hence the confusion.

    Heljan Class 27

    Could someone please also confirm product 2717 is 27033 and not 27012 as originally planned? Thanks.
  9. Hmm....I'm not asking for an exact match of every minor mod made by VSOE but the omission of the trusses is a fairly significant visual issue as discussed above. Promoting the pack as the modern Belmond Pullman then taking a 'they'll do' attitude to the outdated coaches is a bit disappointing. Also don't forget that these coaches are working out at nearly £50 each so we are not talking Railroad here.
  10. Thanks again. Given the premium nature of this product (and price) it's a shame Hornby couldn't have made a little more effort in the name of general accuracy in my opinion.
  11. Thanks. Could Hornby not however have used the trussed underframes from their none All Steel version? (Assuming the coaches are the same length?)
  12. I've recently taken delivery of this pack but not knowing too much about Pullman coaches, other than it is a complicated subject, I have some tenative queries. The three All Steel coaches in the pack (Zena, Ione & Lucille) have completely different underbodies than their prototypes currently have in service. Particulalry noticable is the lack of trusses and different bogie types. Hornby do however appear to model a Pullman underframe much more in keeping with those actually used today, as per their none-all steel version of the coaches (Ibis, Minerva etc.). Could they have not used these underfames to provide a more accurate model? Are the coach bodies interchangeable between the All Steel and none All Steel versions?
  13. My '789' arrive too this morning. It just has one displaced axle cover that although is in the box is proofing very difficult to relocate as it doesn't simply push back in. Coincidentally I'm driving past Hattons later today so will pop in for a swap.
  14. What's any of the above posts got to do with the latest Bachmann Collector's Club model? Please don't hijack this thread.
  15. Ignore - was asking for link to hi-res then found it!
  16. Not quite the consist in the above illustration but here is 09107 passing through Newport in 1998 with a Lllanwern-Newport ADJ trip.
  17. Thanks Fran. Don't envy you on having to make a shade decision based upon that photograph!
  18. Yes in 1992 at least. https://www.flickr.com/photos/8a-collection/39373652725/
  19. Looking good. I'm sure you guys know better than me but were the Cawoods containers ever that bright yellow? I remember them as having more of an orange tint but that might just have been weathering as I cannot recall seeing them new.
  20. So here's a dilema. I pre-ordered 37025 more or less on the day it was announced and at a discounted price from a well known Merseyside retailer. For reasons discussed elsewhere I'm now a little bit worried that I wont receive the model from that retailer. Do I pre-order from somewhere else (presumably at full price due to the popularity of the model) and more importantly do any other retailers have any allocation left to pre-order anyway??
  21. Thanks for the information. Wonder which miserable sod painted them out? Do you know how long 37419 had its unofficial name Mt Pinatubo? Appears it may have been even less than 416? Like 426, 415 still carried it unofficial name Mt Etna into summer 1995 at least...
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