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  1. Thanks for the feedback RFS, I'll check my setting then. I've got a Lenz 23151 which I'm trying to connect to through the LAN port. At the moment I cannot connect. I've checked connections with the CV editor program, that works fine.
  2. I've just received my new LZV200 from Lenz. I use Traincontroller Silver, I'm unclear on whether I need the Hardware Plus licence for the latest version of Traincontroller? Can anyone help/update me? Thanks
  3. Hi, thanks for the links. I've already purchased an LH101 controller, which is a great piece engineering, so the trade in is the better option for me. Thanks again, R
  4. I've looked on the Lenz website to try and find details on the trade in program but unfortunately I cannot find a link. Would anyone know if the offer is still active? I have an LZV100 unit I'd like to swap. Thanks
  5. So, thought I'd chip my Dapol Northern Cl142 today using the same setup as before, LaisDCC in the dummy and Zimo in the drive unit. Programmed the the CV's as above (after I realised my typo for CV52) checked the lights and function were all OK, then pushed the bodies back on securely. Now I'm not sure if the LaisDCC was playing up as it reset itself to factory default, so I re-programmed, checked, pushed the bodies on a small puff of smoke appeared..... The LaisDCC chip has gone pop, melting the plastic cover. I'll return it to the supplier, but given the cost of locos these days I'll probably steer clear of these for the time being, shame as the price point was great for use in dummy vehicles or as a function only decoder.
  6. Hi Iain, Thanks for your reply. I fiddled around a little longer and found that connecting the USB cable as you suggest solved the problem. Not ideal as I was hoping to just connect by Ethernet cable but works as it should. I'm wondering if the DR5000 can be connected directly to a wireless router eliminating the LAN cable? Will have to read the manual....
  7. I've just purchased a Digikeijs DR5000 controller. I've connected via LAN through the DR Command protocol and now want to connect my Ipad with the Z21 App. I would like to connect via my normal WiFi router, not the WiFi interface built into the DR5000 - is that possible? I saw a video online with the DR5000 connected to both the Z21 app and Railroad & Co's Traincontoller software, that would be my long term objective. Thanks in advance for any pointers.
  8. Having been given some pointers by Jeremy at Digitrains (no affiliation) and a copy of the LaisDCC manual I've re-mapped the lights to operate from Function 0 on the dummy car. I used the following settings: CV51 was 32 not 0 CV52 was 32 now 16 CV35 was 4 now 1 CV36 was 8 now 2 and invert direction This worked with my Lenz setup and the LaisDCC Next 18 decoder chip. Hopefully it will work with other chips.
  9. I've fitted a new Next18 chips to the Dapol Class 142. I've used a Zimo in the power car and a Laisdcc chip in the dummy car. All is OK and works as expected, operation of both power and dummy car are fine. Something new for me on this DMU is the dummy car lights do not work on function 0, but function 1 switches on the white light and function 2 switches on the red light so you can switch all lights on at once. The power car works fine, function 0 switches the lights on and off and the direction changes the colour. Is there a way of programming the dummy chip to operate the same as the power car? Thanks in advance, regards, Richard.
  10. R1ch1ew

    Dapol 142

    I rarely post on this forum... I have to ask, who here has a perfect layout? A perfect replica of a time and place? I certainly don't. I've been looking forward to adding this DMU to my collection of Regional Railways DMU's. My Cl142 arrived yesterday, sure I can see a wire and a circuit board when I peer closely. I'll tidy that when I convert to DCC. Most of the time I'll be looking from at least a metre away, for me it looks good enough and fits into my in-perfect world. I'll be adding a couple more to my collection. Thank you Dapol for delivering!!
  11. Phone pic from the Farish N Gauge Collectors cabinet.
  12. Couple of shots from the Dapol stand, phone pictures so forgive the quality. The lights in the cabinet were against me hence the reflections.
  13. A&H do have the new controllers in stock, I've collected mine from the post office today, sent late last week - not had a chance to test it out yet. I didn't try and trade my LH90, trying to decide if it's still required. Also the Lenz CV Editor software has been updated, version 1.5 is now available to download. I've installed on a Windows 10 PC without issue. Richard
  14. Thank you for the replies, quick update. I fired up the Lenz CV editor program, place the locos in question on the programming track and read back the CV info. Both locos had retained the new ID's I'd applied but for some reason applied 1's against all the other CV's, so the maximum speed was set at 1 rather than the default 254. So the locos were maxing out at 1 no matter how high I accelerated to.... A hard reset on CV8 restored the settings to default, then a quick change to the ID's. Hope that makes sense? I did think it would be something daft. Thanks again for the comments.
  15. After using Lenz silver 6 pin chips for years I thought I'd try the cheaper Zimo MX622N 6 pin decoders. I've installed and set new addresses without issue but I cannot get the loco, a Dapol Class 67 to accelerate. Lights function correctly but I cannot get the loco to accelerate past a very slow crawl. I've also picked up a Farish Class 37 split from a set with DCC pre-fitted. I'm assuming that the chip fitted is a Zimo/Bachmann 6 pin, again I've got the same issue with no speed other than a crawl. I've re-checked a Dapol/Lenz Silver combination, that's working fine. I've swapped controllers, even tried operating using the Lenz PC interface and changing the speed steps, unfortunately no change. I'm sure I'm doing something daft, if anyone could offer a clue it would be greatly appreciated!
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