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  1. Well it seems that the model railway gods were listening to my question. It seems that the green monster will be done by Heljan I believe.
  2. This gives me chance to create the East Leake Station as well as having already got the Rothley buildings (all of them) plus the platform parts. I did get the waiting room whilst at Loughborough model show.
  3. iankemp

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    These maybe an ideal donor for a conversion to the class 41 metal moulds that I have. And if they are dcc then that makes it better
  4. These also had the Craftsman model Peak beam detailing set added to the loco.
  5. Here is a Peak that i gave a remodeled nose on. And 3 peaks to show the difference.
  6. Starting to really come together now. I weather up a class 20 and it looked pretty good. Shame i sold it but it was a lima and i didn't want to go chopping a dcc chip just in case i blew the chip.
  7. Well done for getting in the BRB magazine! Saw an advert for it in one of the model railway magazines! Keep up the great work mate!
  8. There were times when i went in there i would end up talking to Neil for a few hours after purchasing items. We would talk about railway stuff, the holidays Neil had been on. He loved his trips to Scotland by boat and would travel near to where i live now. I lived in Long Eaton for almost my life until the last 10 years when i moved to Loughborough, but i would always make a point of going in to see Neil when i came back to Long Eaton. I now live in Scotland just north west of Glasgow. When visiting friends and family i would always go in and see how Neil and Betty was. Neil will be sadly missed. R.B.S was the beacon for the modellers of the East Midlands and it will never be the same now. If the shop does close for ever Long Eaton will have lost a shop that has seen many shops come and go over the years. We just hope and pray that someone who has a great interest will come and rescue the shop from being another one of Long Eaton's ghosts. When i say that i meant that it would be good if it could be taken on and be kept as a legacy to Neil and his whole family.
  9. It is with great regret to report, that the owner of Rail and Barter Shop in Long Eaton has sadly passed away. Neil the owner passed away on the 30th May at 11.10 am from suffering an illness. He was 86. He owned the shop in Long Eaton, his extensive knowledge of repairing models and making them run again will be missed. Neil was such a kind man and always had time for people, shared his knowledge of what would be best for young people who were just starting up in the model world. The modelling world has lost a great man and a true gent of his time. May all our thoughts go to his family and people who were part of his life.
  10. Sorry for your loss Dave, i know how you feel. I lost my father at the beginning of May.
  11. Nope Bachmann are a british firm based in Leicestershire. They employ Chinese workers. They are doing the same as Hornby! Cheap labour and ship it over here to the UK!
  12. When i messaged Bachmann about the GCR building that goes for silly amounts of money on eBay, i asked them when they would be receiving their 2nd batch of the building, they explained that they had to wait for a shipping slot. That came from the horses mouth itself, i am just repeating what i was told by the manufacturer. They also told me that they had to cover the shipping costs to get it from China to the UK as well as the wages and the materials. SO if they were to be made in the UK shipping costs would be not included so by my calculations the price would be either just a bit less or roughly the same as they charge now. There would be more chance of them being released in the time frame that they say they will be!
  13. Don't forget it takes 2 -3 weeks to be shipped over and they have to wait for a shipping date that takes well over 6 months! So you will be waiting forever! It is just the same with Hornby! If they made them in the UK it would not be so long to release them to the shops!
  14. Is there a 12LDA28-B 2500hp for a class 45 available on the website, if so how much? (done this via phone)
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